Destiny 2 – Progression and Economy changes coming in Beyond Light

Bungie gave us some more info related to progression and economy changes coming in Beyond Light in their recent This Week At Bungie update. We’ve got info related to progression, powerful rewards, tokens, economy, materials, bounties, Spider and everyone’s favourite… The Eververse. The following is a look at progression and economy changes coming in Beyond Light.

Let’s check out the update from Bungie.

Progression Changes

The start of any new Destiny expansion begins with a Power climb as you experience the campaign and play through the story missions. After finishing that up and completing some additional quests and activities, you’re usually around what we call the “Soft Cap” and will need to start earning Powerful rewards to continue to increase Power so you can tackle some of the more aspirational activities in the endgame. After you reach the “Hard Cap” then there is an additional 10 Power you can earn through earning pinnacle rewards if you choose to hit the “Pinnacle Cap.”

Here are the new Power Caps you are aiming for when the next Season begins on November 10:

  • Soft Cap: 1200
  • Hard Cap: 1250
  • Pinnacle Cap: 1260

When you first log in next Season, all of your weapons and armor will be at 1050 Power or higher. If you have anything already over 1050 it will be unchanged, and anything under will be brought up to 1050. All new players will start at 1050 as well.

Powerful reward changes

We’ve heard a lot of feedback from players for more opportunities to earn Powerful rewards from the activities you enjoy most. We have a change coming that will allow you to have a chance to earn Powerful rewards from strikes, Gambit, Crucible, and from Seasonal drops all the way up until the Hard Cap. It will still be much quicker to continue to complete all the Powerful reward sources each week, but if you just want to play strikes or Crucible matches all day every day, you can continue to earn Powerful rewards.

We hope this helps you to continue increasing your Power during the period when you are still close to the Soft Cap and may find completing some of the Powerful sources like The Ordeal very difficult.

Token and collections

Destiny is at its best when you are shooting aliens, getting loot, and becoming more powerful. That gameplay loop breaks down when the best way to increase your Power can be standing in the Tower, handing tokens to Lord Shaxx.

Starting next Season, gear received from Collections and turning in tokens will have a lower Power than in previous Seasons. Gear earned through token purchases will be 20 Power below your Power Level and Collection buybacks will be capped at 1050 Power.

Economy Changes

Some currencies and items have changes coming either at the end of this Seasons or in the near future. Here is what to expect when you login next Season.


With several destinations going into the Destiny Content Vault, many of you have been wondering what is going to happen to the currencies found in the areas currently underneath the Pyramids. The simple answer is that there are no changes to these currencies in Season of the Hunt, and you will be able to continue to spend them at vendors normally.

Starting in Season 13, Phaseglass Needles, Alkane Dust, Simulation Seeds, and Seraphite will be no longer accepted by vendors. For those of you that still have unspent stockpiles at the end of Season of the Hunt, Spider will be kind enough to offer a small Glimmer exchange to take them off your hands. But you’ll realize the best value by spending them before that point, so make sure you turn in your stockpiles before the end of next Season.

There are other items that will be removed from your inventory at the end of Season of Arrivals. Some, like Faction Tokens, have not had a purpose in quite a while, and others, like Expired Ramen Coupons, never really had a purpose but held some sentimental value. We know that it might hard to part with those, but it’s time to let them go.

Check out this Help article for the full list of items that will no longer be in your inventory at the start of Season of the Hunt.


Back in late April, we shared some plans on how to tackle the problem of “bounty fatigue.” We have made some shifts to seasonal bounties and reduced their importance on earning seasonal currency and seasonal progress. We’re happy with these changes, but still want to continue to improve the bounty system overall.

One of the plans we previewed was to eventually replace weekly bounties with a new mechanism to provide players with a set of non-expiring and account-scoped objectives each week that will grant lots of Season rank progress. We’re still working on that system and will share more on it before its targeted release of Season 13.

Season pass

The Season Pass you’ve come to know since Shadowkeep is largely staying the same. There will be new weapons and armor to earn off both the free track and the owned path. One big change we are making is adding Bright Dust to the Season Pass.

As mentioned before, we wanted to change the way you earn Bright Dust and move more towards account-specific paths to give players with only one character significantly more Bright Dust than they’ve been earning over the last year. Here is the high-level look at the changes coming next Season.

Season Pass free path will now offer 7,500 Bright Dust
Season Pass owned path will now offer 3,000 Bright Dust
Weekly Bounties will now award 100 Bright Dust

With these changes, the vast majority of players will be earning more Bright Dust than before. One of our goals here is to not have a system that pushes you to try to grind out every weekly bounty on all three characters every single week. Whether you are a three-character player or only play a Hunter, Bright Dust will be more available when earning ranks on the Season Pass. We will also be making a change to the timing of Season Pass rank purchases which will be available starting in week five instead of week nine.

We have more plans for improving how you earn Bright Dust coming in Season 13 and will continue to monitor your feedback.

I’ve been talking a lot. Let’s change it up. Here is Design Lead Justin Dazet to tell you about some changes Spider is making to his wares and to answer a question we have been seeing about the customization updates we are making to your Ghosts.


Justin Dazet: Spider is going through some changes in Beyond Light. Though a notoriously savvy black-market dealer, our favorite four-armed friend has been largely the same for quite some time now. But the impending journey to Europa has finally given him a reason to tune up the materials exchange and make two key changes.

First, Spider will no longer be selling Legendary Shards. This exchange was removed mainly because it was not seeing enough use, particularly when compared with the other exchange offers. After reviewing player balances and the frequency with which this exchange was accessed, it was an easy decision to free up the space for something much more interesting.

In place of the Legendary Shard exchange, Spider is now selling Enhancement Prisms. These highly valued items come at a cost – 400 Legendary Shards per Prism – and he’s stingy with them so you can only purchase three a week. But we wanted to give those of you with higher balances a way to transmute your Legendary Shards into something a little more valuable than planetary materials and Upgrade Modules.

Second, we’ve taken another look at how the Enhancement Core exchange works and made some changes. The ascending cost mechanism has been removed, and in its place, Spider will now sell you five Enhancement Cores a day for fixed price of 30 Legendary Shards each. While this does limit the number of Cores you can acquire from him each day, we feel a consistent price is a clearer experience with less chance to accidentally spend large quantities of Legendary Shards.

More importantly it’s also cheaper. In the old purchase model, you’d pay 310 Legendary Shards for five Enhancement Cores (10, 20, 40, 80, and then 160). In the new model you’ll only pay 30 Shards each, which equals out to 150 Legendary Shards for five Enhancement Cores. So, while it does limit your acquisition rate, it actually will save you 160 Legendary Shards every five Cores!


Finally, we’ve seen a few people wondering if you’ll be able to equip the Ghost mod Speed Demon with other mods like Guiding Light in the new system, and we have some good news for you: You won’t need to. Starting in Beyond Light all Sparrows, both Legendary and Exotic, will innately summon instantly, even without the Transmat Preloader perk. As a result, there is no need for a Ghost mod to impact this functionality, so Speed Demon was not carried forward into the new system.

If you’re already driving around a Sparrow with Transmat Preloader, you can keep using it and it will work just fine. Or you can pull it from Collections again and get two new perks. Newly created Sparrows will no longer roll on Transmat Preloader, so you have a chance to get yourself an extra perk and still retain that instant summon speed.

Hop on that newly instant-summoning Sparrow and zip on over to check out Spider’s new offers. He’s ready and waiting to wrap those four greedy arms around some of your wealth and make you a deal you can’t refuse.


Starting in Season of the Hunt, Bright Engrams will now contain all Eververse content from Season 1 to three Seasons prior to the current Season (excluding content from special events like Festival of the Lost, the Dawning, etc.). Here are some practical examples:

Season 12: Bright Engrams contain all content from Seasons 1 through 9.
Season 13: Bright Engrams contain all content from Seasons 1 through 10.

As always, as you open more Bright Engrams, your chances for earning things you don’t own increases. There will be instances of duplicate drops, but the Engram will be weighted to grant you things you might be hunting.


Getting powerful rewards is going to be the fastest way to level up, but now it looks like Bungie are going to be providing ways to get powerful rewards if you only want to do one type of activity, for example if you just want to sit in the cruicble all day then you’ll be able to do that. However, we don’t know the frequency of the powerful drop rate from a single activity, so it’s likely to be more efficient to level through multipl acitvities as always.

Changes to levelling from Vendor token rewards is an interesting one. Now these drops are going to be capped at 20 below your current power level, which is going to essentially disable one of the standard methods of levelling. This got pretty out of control during Season of Arrivals, where the abundence of Umbral Engrams, plus AFK farming plus vendors allowed everyone to max level within a few days of the season being out.

It’s dissapointing to hear that bounties aren’t going to be changing as soon as we wanted the system to change. Bungie say they are working on it, with an update planned for Season 13. This is why we haven’t heard anythign about it, and an issue because bounties were cited as one of the main pain points from the community. Hopefully the extra time means a more robust and overall better system coming in the season after next.

Weekly bounties now only rewarding 100 Bright Dust doesn’t feel like a good move. This seems like a penalty to more dedicated players who grind for weekly bounties. Bungie did mention they wanted to change things previously, but this detail wasn’t highlighted before.

Spider’s changes make sense. I did use the legendary shard service there once in a while, so will be sad to see that go. It’s good we’re getting a source for Prisms, but boy are they expesnive AND you only get 3 per week.

Finally, probably the best change in the whole TWAB for me was the instant summoning sparrows. If I have a sparrow that doesn’t instantly summon, I normally get rid of it instantly, unless it’s the little toy one which looks hilarious. This is a great move and makes sense, as once you use an instant summoning sparrow, there’s no real point in going back.

Let me know what you think of the changes down there in the comments.

That’s it for this look at progression and Economy changes coming in Beyond Light.

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