Destiny 2 – Free Beyond Light Emblems, Future In Shadow, Cryonautics plus lore & character trailers

There have been a couple of really interesting developments today in Destiny as the collector’s edition has started arriving ahead of the release of Beyond Light. Among the artefacts delivered with the collections, edition are Beyond Light Emblems, which appear to be available to everyone as long as you have the codes, which I’ll go over in this video. Also, some new character videos have been released which are a nice insight into some of the main characters for Beyond Light, so the teasers and lore snippets ahead of release have really started to ramp up.

First of all the emblems. There’s a journal provided with the collector’s edition, plus a statue of one of the Pyramid Ships. This lights up when you connect it to USB and there’s a mode on there called CODE, which provides codes that can be turned into emblems through the Bungie website. Here are the codes




If you then enter these codes on Bungie’s website you are free to collect these emblems once the game launches on the 10th November 2020. Simply go the website and link your account via the UI and redeem the codes. They will then be available to pick up in-game when Beyond Light releases. That’s a nice little free gift provided by Bungie, so make sure you go and grab those free gifts.

There’s a whole bunch of lore that has been revealed in the journal too, and I’m sure I’ll be going over this in more detail over the coming weeks and months. The good people over on /raidsecrets have been breaking down the lore and some of the highlights can be found here. Spoiler warning, if you want to go in completely fresh then I’d suggest skipping ahead to the character trailers coming in the next segment of the video.

  • There appears to be living under the surface of Europa, much like there is on Titan
  • No signs of Ahamkara on Europa
  • Ghaul appears to have got the Light suppressing technology from Oryx, which he then used on the Traveler in the original Destiny 2 story
  • Exo memories of ice sheets and Jupiter in the sky suggest Europa as an origin, the birthplace of all Exo’s
  • Mithrax appears to be sending us communications saying there’s a no-go area on Europa that “cannot be stolen from”
  • The Exo Stranger is confirmed as Elsie Bray (Ana’s Sister), as she refers to her Grandfather, Clovis Bray travelling to Europa to seek immortality. His experiments were ‘hideous’ but she still worked with him.

Lots of really interesting snippets of Lore that will be unveiled throughout Beyond Light for sure and I can’t wait to jump into that. I’ve been covering more lore on the channel in Season of Arrivals and uncovering the rich story of the Destiny universe, so stay tuned for more in the not too distant future.

There were also some character trailers revealed today on the updated Bungie website with Eramis, Variks and The Exo Stranger featured… all key characters in the Beyond Light Story. Let’s check them out back to back.

Finally today there also seems to be another puzzle available. This was discovered in a pattern on the Beyond Light Wallpaper, and for a short time, there was a website up which had a bunch of rotating codes. The website has gone down for now, and it appears as if the puzzle is supposed to start on 5th November, so I’m sure we’ll get more on this one soon.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the lore snippets, the emblems and the puzzles.

That’s it for this quick look at the Free Beyond Light Emblems

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