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Destiny 2 – Secret Arrivals End-of-Season Event? Calamity Protocol and moving the pieces for Beyond Light

We’re currently enjoying Festival of the Lost, the last scheduled item on the roadmap before Beyond Light releases on November the 10th. However, there are clues that point to a secret end of season event that may be about to happen. The following is a look at the clues to an end of Season event looking at Calamity protocol in Destiny 2.

We’re pretty much done with Season of Arrivals now. We’ve had the Weekly Interference Mission Conclusion, we’re deep into the Haunted Forest with Festival of the Lost and we’re in the waiting room for Beyond Light. We know Eris, Drifter and The Stranger are going to end up on Europa… But what’s going to happen to everyone else like Zavala, Ikora, Ana Bray and Rasputin? There are clues in the database that points to a possible end of season event coming before Beyond Light lands on November 10th, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Back in June Beyond Light was delayed to November 10th, originally slated for release on September 22nd 2020, but due to factors beyond Bungie’s control, the release date slipped a few months to November. That meant reworking the roadmap slightly, as we suddenly had approx seven weeks to fill given the delay. We’ve had extra Iron Banner, Triple Infamy, Double Nightfall rewards – we’ve had a bunch of things, including the rescheduling of Festival of the Lost. That’s where we are now, stuck in the Haunted Forest hunting for 450 rpm Autorifles and trying to get our hands on 45 Cipher Decoders.

There are clues though that we may not be done with the season entirely. Festival of the Lost is scheduled to finish on the 3rd November, one week before Beyond Light and we still have a few chess pieces to move before everyone and everything is in position for the new DLC.

For example, we know the Director is going to change and 4 locations (Mars, Titan, Io and Mercury) are going to be removed from the map. Originally I thought these planets may have been ‘blown up’ by The Darkness, but with news this season that these destinations may be coming back in a re-worked state makes me think they are simply going to be inaccessible, rather than destroyed.

Here’s the biggest clue that an event is coming. Posted approx 4 months ago by Reddit user Leopard Avenger, they found the Calamity Protocol emblem. This is a legendary emblem and it says “Source: End of Season Event”. It’s highly likely that these two previous subjects are tied to one another with the definition of calamity being “an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster”. An event, perhaps like 2 planets and 2 moons going away?

It’s not clear at the moment what type of event this could be. We’ve had the evacuation quest this season, where we’ve helped out on each of these locations pack up and ship out various bits and pieces. We’ve also had some great lore letting us know what happened to all the location vendors – with Sloane battling the Darkness all by herself, Asher Mir taking one last step in the Pyramydion and Brother Vance, well… strangling himself.

Ana seemed to get the best deal and will be welcomed to the tower with the remnants of Rasputin in what could be described as a Destiny External Hardrive. It could be Rasputin is involved somehow, as the second word of Calamity Protocol sounds very Rasputin-like, although I think at the moment he’s struggling a bit since his disappearance at the start of Season of Arrivals.

With the events, we have a number of options. We could have a cut scene or two, perhaps spread out over the week. We know that Season of Arrivals finished on November 9th, with Beyond Light starting on the 10th. Festival of the Lost finishes on the 3rd November, giving us a week to move the pieces into position.

Here’s where we know we’re going to get to – Eris, Drifter and The Stranger are going to meet up on Europa, and it’s likely we’re going to meet them there. That means we have to fill in the blanks a little bit in terms of Calamity Protocol. What’s going to happen to Zavala and Ikora? How and when do Eris and Drifter decide to go to Europa together, and do they get called there by someone (or something)? From the trailers, it looks like Eris is already there when Drifter arrives, so she must leave first.

As well as a cut scene, we do have the option of a live event. At the end of Season of the Worthy, Bungie ran their first live event with Rasputin springing to life and shooting down The Almighty from the sky in a spectacular (albeit slightly slow) live event. I thought it was a great success given the conditions we’ve all been in over these last 6 months, and it’d be great to see Bungie iterate on this first pass and do something better. As to whether they have the capacity to run another live event in lockdown remains to be seen, especially when they’ve already had a few months to develop and finish Beyond Light. Or that’s what we’ve been assuming…

I would love to see a live event and Bungie build on what they have done before, but I would prefer them to focus on making Beyond Light great. I imagine with Stasis, the new exotics, the returning Cosmodrome etc there’s A LOT to test and make sure it’s ready for the big day on November 10th. We’re pretty much locked in now and Destiny is one of the biggest games that will be available day one for Xbox Series X.

The last time we had a live event we got an emblem, so many have pieced together the clues to point to a potential live event. However, at this moment in time, we don’t know just yet. We do know there’s a week to fill, and we do know there are some chess pieces to be moved… and it looks like Calamity Protocol could be the way we transition from Shadowkeep to Beyond Light.

Let me know what you think though down in the comments. What do you think the end of season event is going to be and what would you like? A cut scene or a live event? How would you improve on the last live event?

That’s it for this look at Calamity Protocol and the potential end of season event in Season of Arrivals. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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