Destiny 2 – Weekly Interference Conclusion (Nokris, Savathun and Darkness powers on Europa)

The Weekly Interference Mission recently concluded with an exciting finale that included a long-awaited showdown with Nokris and a vision from the Darkness. This is the conclusion to the Season of Arrivals story, which leads us nicely into Beyond Light. The following video is a look into the Weekly Interference Mission conclusion including Nokris, Savathun and Darkness powers on Europa.

Since the start of the season, we’ve been doing the Weekly Interference Quest. This was a weekly 3 part mission where we’d have to pick up the mission from the Prismatic Recaster, take part in the Contact Public Event, collect Umbral Traces (normally by taking part in Menagerie, Gambit, Crucible or Escalation Protocol) and then finally head back to the Cradle on Io to finish the Interference quest.

This Interference mission has three different versions as part of a ‘loop’ – the Ritual encounter, the Relic encounter, and the Crystal encounter – which cycle round each week. Once we’d defeated the enemies as part of the mission we’d have a chat to Eris and she would unveil a message from the Darkness each week.

From the very start of Season of Arrivals, Savathun has been trying to intercept or block the messages from the Darkness to us. We found out in the earlier cut scene with Eris and Zavala in the Tower that Savathun was part of the narrative this season, with Savathun’s Taken appearing each time we took part in the Contact Public Event. This is because the Darkness is reaching out to us, trying to offer us something… perhaps something that Savathun wants for herself.

Back on June 10, Bungie released some lore called False Idols. This is well worth a read itself, but I’ll read a few excerpts from it here. It details the meeting of Nokris and Savathun. Nokris is the firstborn son of Oryx, the Taken King of the Hive, imprisoned in the icy depths of Mars by the Warmind Rasputin. Savathun is the Sister of Oryx, and the likely focus of the upcoming Witch Queen expansion in the latter part of 2021.

Let’s have a look at their meeting.

A singularity throne perverted the space before him. The Queen of lies, wrapped in distortion and gravitational lensing, sat within its inestimable depth. Her voice was distant red-shift discord and all around him. Her presence: the realm itself, boundless and willing to take.

Savanthun’s words spewed forth. “Breaker of pacts. A heretic stands here. What denial has yet to be given that you would return to me?”

“I fed the Worm, and still it faltered,” he said. Nokris stared directly into the empty point of space, continually caving in on its form. He could barely define her silhouette within the warp.

“To falter is its nature,” Savathun’s words were tinged in curiosity, “though not by your efficacious methods.”

Nokris preened the flesh of his face back to display a skeletal smile. “The Sword bears no truth. The Worms are gods of thin ambition and reign vast nothing.”

“Brave words in this place. Do you not think they are watching?”

Nokris bowed his head for the first time since he was drawn here. “The Queen is clever. You did not share my father’s single-minded ambition, nor my brother’s taste for glory.”

“You wish to serve me?” The thin image twitched within the backlit accretion glow.

“My life is spent: servitude to those who cast me away. Our blood is all that remains of the old pact.”

“Then let us make use of each other.”

Nokris raised his gaze. “What use would I be to a god?”

“No gods.”

He nodded. “So it has always been.”

Savathun’s voice converged onto him from every direction. “You, a usurper: the first tug at the end of the chain.”

“To act as distraction or await slaughter?” Nokris’s voice sunk with disappointment.

“No. As a thorn, you have circumvented the Deep through forbidden sacrament, and so you shall continue. The Deep fears me, as we feared you. Ignorance keeps. Knowledge usurps. In this, you have found purpose in my court.”

The High Priest’s shoulders straightened. “You feared me?”

“In a younger time, intents were narrower. I see your value, as we should have then. All who denied you, blinded by the Sword, let them fall away as grains from the scythe.”

“I am the implement?”

“You are the mechanism by which we sever their chain.” Savathûn’s voice filled his skull with silken promise. “Teach me your necromancies, usurper of the ordered way, so that together we may circumvent the anchored logic that drags us into the depths. Serve as foil to scatter the pieces of their grand game across the cosmos.”

“As Xol did for my heart, I offer a trade. Knowledge for knowledge. Grant me sight into the Dreaming Mind’s talent, and I will teach what you ask.”

“A rebellious bargain in the midst of Dark tides; it is bound. Under my symbol, reborn and made in my image, our bargain will set new beginnings in motion.”

“The Masters convene here?” Concern dripped from Nokris’s words. “Do we mean to move against them?”

“Not so directly. Arrival is imminent. A Shadow will reach out and make itself known.”

“I am to obscure the connection?”

“Where Sky meets Deep, you shall be the screen that sows dissonance, and for it… we will walk unhindered by the parasitic inclinations of those who believe themselves mighty.”

Nokris saw the scheme. “The will of many bent to our hand. No longer do they draw upon us.”

“Freedom. They are beset against each other. We walk the space between.”

“An accord is struck.”

“Speak my name.”

“Savathûn, Subjugant to None, Sword-Breaker, and Queen to the Taken Throne.”

“To me, you are bonded. Go forth an enact my will.”

Nokris was cast out of Savathûn’s court as suddenly as he had been ripped into her presence. He drifted in the Ascendant Plane, no longer directionless.

Behind him, the court faded, and its shimmering illusion fell like curtains upon a stage. The dark core of the singularity wavered; sunken within its gravitational well was a lone Thrall and no other. Its death spread over aeons of deterioration, mouth agape to utter words at the Taken Queen’s whim as patsy, and nothing more.

Her presence had been but a mirage, soaked and sold by the lie of her mouthpiece puppet to whom Nokris unknowingly spoke. In truth, only a Thrall stood within the orbit of the singularity, for the Queen would not be so foolish to reveal herself.

Savathûn looked upon her charlatan court from distant transcendent hollows. Her nascent alliance had produced power twin-fold, in that of Nokris’s devotion, as well as his deception through her mouthpiece Thrall positioned within the singularity. She breathed in his desperate agreement and prepared for the struggle to come.

Savathûn is making a pact with Nokris – knowledge for knowledge. She wants to understand his knowledge and skills for necromancy, in exchange for “sight in the dreaming mind’s talent”, which is likely to be the ability to “Take”.

As the weeks have gone by Nokris has been speaking to us in the court of Savathun and also trying to prevent the messages from getting to us. Each time we speak to Eris, the message appears to be blocked in some manner… this is likely to be either Nokris or Savanthun attempting to intercept the message.

The whole story is detailed through the Lore book The Singular Exegete. Each week as we completed the Interference mission we’d get a new lore entry open up, slowly revealing the story. It’s a really good read and you should check it out either in game or through a website like Ishtar Collective.

In a very short summary it’s an ettempt by the Darkness to persuade us away from the Light. Rather than come in all guns blazing, they want to grant us powers. There are lore entries like Eggshell, where the Darkness paints the Light and the Traveller as something to be outgrown, something for us to come of age and be our true selves.

‘Contrast’ demonstrates the persuasive power of the Darkness speaking to Eris.

There are jaded Guardians, strangers to true loss, who claim that the Traveler has ulterior motives, and the Darkness is a natural force. They worship grey. For them, the line between right and wrong is fine as silk and just as easy to cut.

Fools. Evil is real, even in a world of grey. It must be named and fought, because left unchecked, it takes everything. Those who excuse and deny evil’s existence are its greatest allies; those who mistake its causes for moral justification are its favorite pawns.

Yet the Pyramid challenges me. Would not the Light destroy the Darkness, just as Darkness would destroy the Light? Why do we call a change “evil” when it is natural and inevitable, like Earth’s winters or the sun’s spots?

Because some changes must be resisted. If we did not prepare for winter, we would die in it. We would cease to exist.

…so now I find myself using the enemy’s philosophy to justify my opposition to the enemy. A neat little trap.

Is winter evil? It CAUSES evil. It leads us into evil choices through scarcity and pain. But winter is the result of natural circumstance. Even if it had a mind, it could never choose to become an endless summer. It would always hurt us, simply by being itself. Does that make it evil?

And if we were to build shelters and weapons out of ice, would we become evil?

Survival in winter requires wintercraft. Survival in darkness requires… a new idea of good and evil. One that will not collapse into moral indifference.

Or we will all be Dredgens in the end.

This past week we experience the final message. But before the final message from the darkness we had a showdown with Nokris in a familiar location – what looked to be the Court of Oryx, now named the Court of Savanthun. Similar to the original Court on the Dreadnaught, Nokris appeared through is portal feeding us more lines once again, much like he has been doing all season.

When Nokris was defeated, we had a message from Eris. She gives us some encouragement in regards to the defeat of Nokris, and then attempts to teleport us back… however, something intercepts once again. A familiar voice.

This is a new place. The Pyramid Idol in the middle of the room with the different races of the Destiny universe focused on the centre in worship. We have the Cabal, Fallen, Hive and humankind here… but the Vex are absent. The Darkness tells us to journey to Europa, to find our new Darkness power there. It’s a great scene with some fantastic imagery and storytelling here.

Once we are teleported back to Eris, the final message is perhaps we’re not the only ones the Darkness have been speaking to…

“Our enemies are turning to the Darkness. The Red Legion is broken; the Almighty destroyed. The remaining Cabal will either join Calus’s death cult or seek his daughter, Caiatl. And the Fallen—we have driven them to the edge of survival. Turned them against each other. How many will look to the Whirlwind for an advantage over their rivals? By pushing them from the Light, we have groomed more supplicants for the Darkness. We are in an arms race. If we do not learn to use our greater enemy’s power, our lesser enemies surely will.”

It will be interesting to see what Zavala, Ikora and the rest think of this. We have roughly 4 weeks to go before Beyond Light, and we still have to get there. We know Eris, The Drifter and The Stranger will meet on Europa, perhaps meet us there? We’ve seen Eris with something similar to what could be Stasis abilities summoning the ice from the ground as The Drifter and Stranger watch on… So there’s bound to be a few events left that will lead us to that.

Let me know what you think down in the comments. What did you think of the weekly interference mission conclusion and how do you think we’re going to transition to Europa for Beyond Light?

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