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Destiny 2 – How to get The Summoner (Legendary Trials Auto Rifle)

Auto Rifles have been all the rage in PVP and PVE the past 2 seasons since they had a buff and The Summoner is one of the best out there. This is the Trials Auto Rifle which sits in the 600 rpm archetype of weapon, meaning it’s one of the best right now. The following is a guide for how to get The Summoner in Destiny 2.

Gnawing Hunger has been dominating PVP and PVE this season due to its abundance via Umbral Engrams in Season of Arrivals. One of the reasons is that 600 rpm auto rifles got a buff in Season of the Worthy, meaning weapons like Galliard, Gnawing Hunger, Suros Regime and Hard Light were very sought after weapons.

The Summoner was re-introduced back into Destiny 2 in March with Trials of Osiris as part of Season of the Worthy and it’s quickly become my go-to auto rifle for PVP in the game. It’s versatile too and has some decent rolls so if PVP isn’t your thing and you prefer PVE then you can also get a roll that suits you there.

Let’s check out The Summoner in a little more detail. The Summoner is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle. It’s an Adaptive Frame meaning it has a well-rounded grip, plus it’s reliable and sturdy. It’s in the 600rpm archetype of auto rifle, meaning it’s best in class at this moment in time (Season of Arrivals) up there with the Galliard Gnawing Hunger.

It deals Solar damage and its power cap is 1310 meaning it’s going to be sunset in Season 14. The stats on this one look like 21 for impact, 46 for range, 47 for stability, 73 for handling and 60 for reload speed.

The curated roll comes with Rampage for that extra damage after kills (which stacks up to three times) and Dynamic Sway Reduction, which improves accuracy and handling when you hold down the trigger. It also comes with Armour Piercing Rounds for extra damage and range and Smallbore for increased range and stability.

Let’s have a look at some rolls for PVE and PVP. First up, let’s check out PVE. Arrowhead brake is great as this is going to keep things nice and stable and allow you to keep that reticle on the target. Appended mag and high calibre rounds are good choices in the 2nd slot. High calibre rounds is going to be good for that extra kick. Overflow is a great choice for PVE Summoner fans out there as you can instantly refill your magazine by picking up special or heavy ammo crates. This means you could, in theory, you may never have to press the reload button in PVE if you’re running around an activity like Altars of Sorrow or a seasonal event like Contact Public event. Rampage or Dragonfly are both great choices for the final slot here, with my personal preference going to Rampage.

Next up, let’s have a look at PVP. When looking for a good PVP roll you probably want to focus on the range with this one as you can get good range, PVP opponents are not going to be able to escape in time. By the time they start running, they will be dead. Extended Barrel and Ricochet Rounds are going to be good here. Dynamic Sway Reduction is very powerful since the buff in Season of Arrivals and then Rangefinder or elemental capacitor are good in the final slot. I would say Dynamic Sway is a must-have for PVP if you can get it.

How to get The Summoner

To get this weapon you’re going to have to run Trials of Osiris. This is the PVP game mode available every Friday and the rewards rotate each week. You get rewards at 3, 5, 7 wins and when you go to the lighthouse (flawless run). If you don’t like PVP, then you can still get these rewards through the Trials Engram. Go and speak to Saint-14 in the Tower and pick up the Trials bounties and one of the weekly bounties has the Trials Engram. All you have to do is complete 10 matches for this and you’ll get the 3 win reward. You can check out websites like for the rewards each week.

This week the 3 win reward happens to be the Summoner, so if you want this weapon now is the best time to get it. If you don’t have a fireteam or friends who play destiny, then try the LFG sites on Bungie or Reddit (or check out the This Week InVideo Games Discord).

The Summoner Lore

Join the dance of fire and birth.

She awaited signal lock, hands loosely bent around flight sticks, sun to her back. Trestin’s sight sank into a stupor and stretched far across the outshined lights of distant possibilities. Flanking starlight pushed her jump ship’s shadow outward into space. It was what it was, and nothing more.

Mercury hung beneath, buried in a storm of solar wind like a dark pit enveloped by ripe flesh. She hadn’t returned in years; previous iterations of Trials and constant exposure to the Crucible had sated her curiosities of quietus. None of that mattered anymore. Not after the Moon. It was over. Finality was coming.

Trestin’s return was a pretence for preparation; a living funeral to find a conclusion on one’s own terms. She had begun to see the sense concealed in wanton dissociation, the seriousness underneath the dressings of the Menagerie, the truth in the word ringing through its halls. It was over. Time to make peace.

“Saint-14 is going to be watching us. No pressure.” Sadhij twisted a faded purple ribbon through the plates of his gauntlet and flexed his fingers.

“No pressure at all.” Trestin mouthed the words, barely producing a sound before Yara’s voice cut into the chatter.

“Look alive team. We are the thin line drawn before the Darkness. We are Guardians. No holding back.”

Thin. A line to be swallowed in scope. No holding back.

Burning Shrine… Lock… Transmat firing…

Let me know what you think of The Summoner down there in the comments.

That’s it for this guide on how to get The Summoner in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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