Destiny 2 – Best Snipers to replace Revoker or Beloved in Beyond Light (Replacing Sunset Weapons)

Beyond Light is rapidly approaching and with that comes sunsetting some of our favourite weapons in the game. This means these weapons are no longer going to be viable in end game content as their power cannot be increased above the current power level, meaning we’re going to have to learn how to use some new weapons. Today I am going to be focusing on Sniper Rifles, and two weapons that we’ve all be using a lot of in the past year or so – Revoker and Beloved. The following is a guide for the best snipers to replace Revoker and Beloved in Beyond Light.

Revoker and Beloved have dominated at the PVP and PVE game modes in the past year as they are both fantastic snipers for different reasons. Having both makes for a versatile combination as Revoker sits in the Kinetic slot and Beloved sits in the Energy slot, meaning you can pretty much pair up these snipers with your favourite weapons across the board and be very deadly in any activity whether you prefer PVP or PVE.

Revoker was originally introduced in Season 7 and its power cap is 1060. It sits in the kinetic slot and although it’s a slower rate of fire Sniper at 72 rounds per minute it comes with one of the best perks in the game for a Sniper Rifle called Reversal of Fortune. This means missing a shot returns the bullets to the magazine after a short duration. This is super powerful in PVP, as if you miss, then you’re going to get that bullet back. This is a Pinnacle PVP weapon meaning you had to go through a fairly lengthy quest to get this, but it’s dominated the PVP charts, particularly in Trials of Osiris since it’s returned. As well as Reversal of Fortune it rolls with Snapshot Sights, which is one of the best (if not the best) perk for a sniper in PVP.

Beloved is another fantastic sniper. This one was also introduced in Season 7, so that was a great season for Snipers, but this one is in the 90 rounds per minute archetype of Snipers, so it’s a little faster than Revoker. It deals Solar damage and could roll with various perk combinations which are great for PVP or PVE. This one comes from the Menagerie, which is an activity that’s going to be put into the Destiny Content Vault alongside the Leviathan come November 2020 when Beyond Light releases.

These two snipers are definitely going to be missed, but there are some pretty good options in the game right now that are going to be with us for some time. Rather than focus on Exotic weapons, this list is purely Legendary weapons that you can get in the game right now. I’m going to go through the Kinetic and Energy slot options, go through the pros and cons of each option and then an overall recommendation for each slot so you’re ready to jump into Beyond Light and carry on using a sniper successfully when Beyond Light releases.

First up, let’s have a look at the options in the Kinetic slot.

Long Shadow

Long Shadow is an adaptive frame sniper that was originally introduced in Season 4, but it’s part of the current season loot pool meaning it’s not going to be sunset until Season 15 and has a power cap of 1360. It’s got 70 for impact, 50 for range, 48 for stability, 46 for handling and 46 for reload speed. This one is a 90 rounds per minute sniper with 4 in the magazine.

The curated roll comes with Ambitious Assassin which overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading. For PVP you want to look out for Moving Target and Snapshot Sights. For PVE Firmly Planted and Rampage would be a great roll.

This is a random drop in the game right now so you can get this from engrams and drops at the end of matches, but there is no sure-fire way to get this one so it’s a little bit down to luck.


  • Good range of perks
  • Good all-rounded


  • Rate of Fire could be better
  • No way to farm this one efficiently

Bite of the Fox

Bite of the Fox is an aggressive frame sniper rifle which means it has high damage and high recoil. Originally released in Season 4, this one is also in the loot pool for this season and won’t be sunset until season 15 and has a power cap of 1360. It’s got 90 for impact, 73 for range, 28 stability, 32 handling and 32 reload speed. It’s 72 rounds per minute sniper with 3 in the magazine.

The curated roll comes with Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot. For PVP Snapshot Sights and Moving Target would be good and for PVE Rampage and Rapid Hit is something to look out for.

To get this one you have to play Iron Banner and turn in Iron Banner Tokens to Lord Saladin at the Tower.


  • Hard-hitting
  • Good range


  • Low probability of getting this one from a big Iron Banner loot pool
  • Slow rate of fire



Supremacy is a rapid-fire frame sniper rifle meaning it has deeper ammo reserves and slightly faster reloads when the magazine is empty. Originally introduced in Season 4 this one isn’t going to be sunset until at least the end of Season 15 and has a power cap of 1360. It’s got 55 for impact, 39 for range, 44 for stability, 71 for handling and 66 for reload speed. It’s a 140 archetype of sniper with 5 in the mag.

The curated roll comes with Rapid Hit where precision hits increase stability and reload speed and Kill Clip where reloading after a kill grants bonus damage. For PVP you want SNapshot Sights and Rapid Hit, whereas PVE Ambitious Assassin and Triple Tap.

To get this one you’ll want to run the Last Wish raid and you can get this to drop from chests or throughout the raid.


  • Fast rate of fire
  • Great perk options


  • Trick to get from the raid and dependant on luck

Eye of Sol


Eye of Sol is an adaptive frame sniper originally introduced in Season 10 and isn’t going to be sunset until season 14 and has a power cap of 1310. It’s got 70 for impact, 55 for range, 54 for stability, 51 for handling and 46 for reload speed.

The curated roll comes with Box Breathing and Outlaw. For PVP you’ll want something like snapshot sights and celerity, whereas PVE you want something like Outlaw and Box Breathing – you can’t go wrong with the curated roll here.

To get this weapon you have to run Trials of Osiris. Rewards for Trials rotate each week and you can find out which weapons and armour are dropping by looking at a website like or something similar when Trials is on. You don’t necessarily have to go flawless, there are rewards for all players via the trials engram.


  • Great perks – including Celerity which is tailor-made for Trials
  • Great stats


  • Some people don’t like trials, so can be a chore to get this one

Those are the options for the Kinetic slot. Overall I like Eye of Sol the best so this would be my number one pick for replacing Revoker.

OK that’s the Kinetic Snipers, next up lets have a look at the Snipers in the energy slot.

Distant Tumulus

First up we have Distant Tumulus, this is a rapid-fire frame sniper that was introduced in Season 10 and deals Solar damage. It’s got a power cap of 1310 and won’t be sunset until the end of Season 14. For the stats, it’s got 55 for impact, 36 for range, 37 for stability, 57 for handling and 51 for reload speed. It’s a 140 rpm sniper with 5 in the magazine.

The curated roll here comes with Opening Shot for improved accuracy on the opening shot of attack and Pulse Monitor for automatic reload and improved handling when critically wounded. For PVP Dragonfly and Snapshot Sights is good and PVE something like Clown Cartridge and Outlaw would be great.

This is a random world drop at the moment from engrams like Crucible, Vanguard and when you rank up vendors at the Tower, so there’s no way to farm this one.


  • Good rate of fire
  • Good perk options


  • No way to farm this one
  • Not great stats

Widow’s Bite


Widow’s Bite is an energy sniper that deals Solar damage, which also sits in that 140 archetypes of Snipers (Beloved, Supremacy etc). The stats for this weapon include 55 for impact, 36 for range, 42 for stability, 69 for handling and 60 for reload speed. Its also got 5 in the mag as standard.

The curated roll comes with Quickdraw where this weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast and Firmly Planted where the weapon gains increased accuracy, stability and handling when firing while crouched. Its also got steady rounds for the increase in stability and a slight decrease in range and Arrowhead Brake for an increase in recoil control and handling speed.

For PVE something like Demolitionist and Lead from Gold would be good and PVP you’re looking for Quickdraw and Firmly planted.

To get this weapon you want to head into the Prophecy Dungeon. I got this one to drop for me at the end of the first encounter, then again at the first secret chest in the heaven/hell section. This may be different for you as there’s a set loot pool for the dungeon, but head-on in there and good luck for getting this weapon to drop for you.


  • Fast rate of fire


  • Not great stats

Ikelos Sniper


This is a legendary energy sniper rifle that deals solar damage. It’s a rapid-frame sniper, which means deeper ammo reserves and faster reloading when the magazine is empty.

Looking at the stats we have 55 for impact, 37 for range, 45 for stability, 70 for handling and 61 for reload speed. This one is 140 rounds per minute with 5 in the magazine.

The curated roll here comes with Box Breathing were aiming with this weapon for a short time without firing grants bonus range and precision damage. It also comes with Triple Tap where rapidly landing precision hits will return 1 round to the magazine. It also has Serpah Rounds, which I think is unique to this Sniper Rifle, and Full bore which increases range decreases stability and handling speed.

Looking at the perks on the weapon there’s plenty of good options as in the final perk slot you can have Box Breathing, High Impact reserves and Quick Draw. In the third slot, you can have Fourth Times the Charm, Triple Tap, Feeding Frenzy, No Distractions, Moving Target.

For PVE I would go for something like Box Breathing or High Impact Reserves for that increase in Damage and pair that up with either Triple Tap or Fourth Time’s the Charm. For PVP Quick Draw and Moving Target would be your best bet, as we don’t have Snapshot Sights.

To get this weapon you’ll want to get your hands on an Exodus Engram for a chance at a drop. You can farm this one by getting exodus engrams and focusing them down at the prismatic recaster.


  • Fast rate of fire
  • Easy to farm
  • Good perks
  • Great design


  • None

Those are the available options for the Energy Snipers right now in the game. Overall I’d go for the Ikelos Sniper as it’s easy to farm and you can pick uo great rolls for PVE and PVP too.


Finally we have Adored. This one isn’t available before Beyond Light, this is going to be the Persuit Weapon when Beyond Light releases. Yes, this looks like Beloved with a little Scarf on it, but I think this is going to be one to look out for. We don’t yet know the perks or the stats, but this one is going to be available through Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit next season. Like I said, not something available in the game right now, but it’s something to keep an eye on and I’ll be sure to release a guide when this one does come out.

Let me know down in the comments which snipers you are using to replace Revoker and Beloved and what are your top picks for each slot.

That’s it for this guide for the best snipers to replace Revoker and Beloved in Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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