Destiny 2 – How to complete the Signal Intercepted quest for an easy Exotic Cipher

This week Bungie has added a short, unique quest into the game which honours a former colleague and also provides a catch-up loot incentive for us players. If you have missed out on weapons like Bastion, Eriana’s Vow, Devil’s Ruin, Symmetry or Leviathan’s Breath – then this is the video for you. The following is a guide for how to complete the Signal Intercepted quest for an easy Exotic Cipher.

Before we get into the quest, it’s worth touching on why this is in the game. Bungie informed us of all this last week in This Week At Bungie and it said:

“Next week, we have a tribute going live in-game to honour one of our dear friends at Vicarious Visions who passed away last year, Matt Helsom. The weekly reset will include a director message that will send you to Mars for a short quest to honour Mr Helsom. He worked closely with teams at both Bungie and VV on various projects during our partnership and we wanted to memorialize his contributions in the Destiny universe. We wish all of his family, friends, and everyone he impacted during his life the very best. Thank you to everyone in the community who joins us in remembering this warm soul.”

Matt Helsom worked with Bungie and Vicarious Visions during the Activision partnership, where Vicarious Visions was instrumental in helping Bungie expand the world of Destiny 2. While assisting Bungie with multiple expansions and content releases, Vicarious Visions was perhaps best known for the development of the Warmind expansion, including the Mars destination. Vicarious Visions also did a lot of the work for the PC port and had a large part in Season of Opulence, arguably one of the best seasons Destiny 2 has ever seen. It’s a sad story, but this is a nice touch for Bungie to put something in the game – particularly on Mars, as the Warmind Expansion was the start of the turning point for Destiny 2.

That’s a bit of the background, next up let’s have a look at the mission. It’s worth doing this mission because you’ll get an Exotic Cipher at the end. An Exotic Cipher can be traded (plus 100,000 Glimmer, 3 Enhancement Prisms, and some planetary materials) for a seasonal exotic weapon at Rahool in the Tower.

To find Helsom’s work station, land on Mars and make your way toward the Mindlab — north of the Braytech Futurescape landing zone. Follow the path until you reach the small computer room with a ton of Thrall. Defeat them and crawl through the tube toward the Mindlab proper on the map.

Immediately after you get out of the tube, turn right. There’s a new door opens, and inside is a little work station with a glass of water, a sticky note that says “Hot Dog!” and a red keyboard. When you walk through the door, you’ll get an investigate prompt. This can be kinda finicky, especially if you’re in a group. Orient yourself until you find it. Investigate and then go back to Ana — there is no dialogue or special sound.

Here’s the dialogue between you and Ana.

“I can’t believe you found this,” Ana says “It’s Helsom’s Journal”.

“Helsom was a xenoarcheologist during the Golden Age. He believed there were instances of contact between exosolar species and humanity, long before the Traveler.”

“By all accounts, Helsom was a cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking explorer who hated flying. He refused to use jump ships for planetary exploration. Would just hop in a rover and drive halfway across mars to do his research”.

“In spite of all that, every log entry I’ve ever heard made it sound like he was the happiest guy in the room. His laugh was just… “

Ana seems lost for a moment “I don’t know if Helsom ever found what he was looking for. According to this, he stayed here through the collapse, because he believed in something”.

“I guess I’ll have to make that choice too.”

Then you simply have to accept the reward (you can only hold on exotic cipher, so if you have the one from the season pass already then you may not be able to collect this one util you have spent the other).

Exotic ciphers have been available in the past at level 55 in the Season of Arrivals Season Pass. It’s available on the free track, so all Destiny 2 players earn one. Once you have the quest you can go back to Rahool in the Tower and pick up the exotic weapon of choice. In his menu, you’ll see Rahool has Exotics from Shadowkeep seasons. During Season of Arrivals, you can pick up: Eriana’s Vow, Leviathan’s Breath, Devil’s Ruin, Symmetry, and Bastion.

But some of these Exotics are much better than others, and with such a rare material, you want to make sure you choose correctly.

  • Eriana’s Vow (useful in Nightfalls, all activities with Champions)
  • Devil’s Ruin (useful in activities with Champions, fun and powerful)
  • Bastion (useful in PvP)
  • Symmetry
  • Leviathan’s Breath

I would pick up Eriana’s Vow, then Bastion if you are able to get two. I picked up the seasonal exotics along the way, so I am going to keep one of these Exotic Ciphers just in case they come in useful for next season (I’m thinking we have an Exotic Kiosk coming, and we don’t know yet how we’re going to be able to acquire these).

So there you have it. It’s a nice short quest, you get potentially powerful rewards at the end and it’s a very nice way to commemorate a former colleague from Vicarious Visions who clearly meant a lot to the people working there.

Let me know down in the comments if you have any questions about Exotic Ciphers, and if you do pick up one of the weapons, let me know which one and what you think of it. Honestly, I’d leave Leaviathan’s Breath and Symmetry and prioritise Eriana’s Vow and Bastion. Both are great for different reasons – Eriana’s Vow being very useful in PVE and Bastion is an underrated PVP weapon.

That’s it for this guide for how to get a free Seasonal Exotic Weapon through the Helsom quest. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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