Destiny 2 – Europa Trailer released ahead of Beyond Light

Bungie dropped the trailer today for Europa, which is going to be one of the two destinations we currently know about for Beyond Light coming this November. The new trailer shows off the new snow and ice-covered moon of Jupiter as well as a bunch of new weapons, plus a returning character. There’s plenty to unpack, so the following is a look at the Europa Trailer ahead of Beyond Light.

Before we get started, let’s check out the trailer in full.

Pretty good stuff right there. The trailer appears to confirm Variks as a returning character and we’ve not seen him since Destiny 1. Varik’s appears to be narrating the trailer in that very familiar voice. Variks, a Fallen Kell and former Warden of the Prison of Elders. He belongs to the House of Judgment and has no loyalty to any members of the House of Wolves or any of the Kells. He is one of the few Fallen who has remained loyal after the Wolf Rebellion to the Queen of the Reef, acting as one of her advisors. He’s indirectly responsible for the death of former Hunter Vanguard, as he released all the prisoners in the Prison of Elders, leading to Uldren killing Cayde-6. Given we’re going to be battling the Fallen in the upcoming DLC is makes sense that we’re meeting up with Variks again.

“What have you seen out there? Look beyond the frozen wasteland” Variks says. We see a huge stone structure, with icicles hanging off it and perhaps a coffin or a chest in the centre. One of the Darkness structures then seems to reform in front of our eyes from nothing. We then see a sparrow crossing the baron and frozen surface of Europa, with Varik’s stating “Europa is a place of many mysteries”. This then cuts to a shot of the vex prowling around a structure that could be underground, or perhaps in the Deep Stone Crypt – the birthplace of the Exo’s. That is bound to be at least one of the mysteries we’re going to discover here on Europa, but there’s surely going to be more.

We then see some very creepy architecture that looks vast and spacious followed by a shot I am presuming is Eramis, The Fallen who we have seen in previous trailers and Bungie has indicated we’re somehow going to be gaining Stasis abilities from. Some of the new weapons are being shown off and we can see down a scope of what looks to be a rifle of some kind with figures highlighted in the distance, which appear to be a mix of Fallen and Vex. We see a shot of a Guardian running across a bridge and then another of a Guardian taking a huge leap across an icy cavern with a big Obelisk in the background.

We’re asked what lies under the ice. It looks like The Deep Stone Crypt and we switch things up to the Exo Stranger narrating the trailer, where we can see all kind of BrayTech with what looks to be some kind of assembly line. The new armour is looking very nice indeed and it appears as if we’re fighting alongside some AI bots. It looks like Exo’s are being built and developed as we race into a battle with what looks to be modified Fallen. One even plunges it’s fists into the ground like a Titan ground slam attack with stasis powers, sending shards of ice in our direction. We cut to our Guardians fighting the Fallen on what looks to be a bridge and then there are sparrows flying around the corner with a huge tank that nearly lands on top of them.

Some of the new weapons are clearly being shown off here with this machine gun looking weapon towards the end of the trailer. There’s a load of Vex surrounding us, which could be a clue to a new activity. We then see the Exo Stranger create a darkness object in her hand, which is absolutely wild. In one of the final scenes we’re fighting a huge Fallen Mech, similar to what we’ve seen in Scourge of the Past, but this time it looks like he’s had a nice white paint job. Then we see what appears to be some new Vex that appear to dive in or reach out and grab the Guardians. The closing scene we see a huge Vex portal or door to something, perhaps the Asterion Abyss or maybe even a gate to somewhere?

It’s all good stuff and I wasn’t expecting this trailer out today. However, today is 22nd September, which was the original date for the Beyond Light release until it was pushed back to November 10th earlier this summer (which no coincides with the release of the Xbox Series X). One of the biggest details of the trailer which we only had hinted at before is the confirmation of the return of Varik, now Kell of Kells. From the trailer it appears to be setting up the fact there’s going to be a done of secrets to discover under the ice. As to whether this is simply going to be the deep stone crypt or something else too… it’s too early to tell. I would imagine we’re going to get another trailer for the Cosmodrome too in the coming weeks, where we could learn more about another long lost character in the form of Uldren, Cayde-6’s murderer.

As well as the trailer Bungie has updated its website, which includes a map of Europa so we can start to get a sense of how big this location is going to be. In the north, we have 3 zones – Eventide Ruins, Cadmus Ridge and Asterion Abyss. Eventide Ruins says once home to thousands of settlers and now all that remains of Clovis Bray’s colony. I wonder if Ana Bray is going to come into the story at some point? We know she’s left Mars now with Rasputin reportedly being transported in experimental tech. It has been to a potential plot point for her to meet up with her ‘Sister’ The Exo Stranger. Asterion Abyss is a Vex structure visible on the surface, but apparently is only the tip of the iceberg. Much like we have the Pyramidion on Io, this sounds like a similar structure and perhaps could be home to a new strike. We’ve also got Cadmus Ridge which is a snowy landscape and the last known location of the buried Bray Exoscience facility. There’s bound to be a ton of stuff to discover here. Then we have Charon’s Crossing where Varik’s sent his distress signal, then finally we have Beyond – where we’re likely to meet The Exo Stranger at the start of Beyond Light, perhaps with the Drifter and Eris too.

That’s the trailer and the updates to the website we’ve seen today. I’m liking the look of the weapons and the potential for new enemies with the Vex, and those Fallen look pretty damn mean too. We’ve got a glimpse of the map of Europa for the first time. Hard to say how big it’s going to be at the moment, but I have a feeling Bungie may be holding something back. We know we’re getting The Cosmodrome and Europa, but could we have a Dreaming City style reveal once we get through Europa. Hard to say at this point. Bungie does tend to throw in curveballs. For example, building up to Shadowkeep, we didn’t hear anything of the Darkness (with good reason) as that initial reveal was pretty epic. At the moment we’re being pointed towards Europa, The Deep Stone Crypt, Variks and the Exo Stranger… plus maybe Uldren in the Cosmodrome. I don’t know about you but I am hyped for Beyond Light. I know we’re going into new console season, we have big games like CyberPunk 2077 coming out and all that jazz… but this is where I am going to be, Europa and finding out the mysteries of the Deep Stone Crypt. Plus what the hell is behind that Vex gate?

Let me know what you thought of the trailer down there in the comments.

That’s it for this closer look at The Europa Trailer for Beyond Light. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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