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Destiny 2 – How to get Traveler’s Chosen (Exotic Sidearm)

The Traveler’s Chosen is finally back in Destiny 2 with the new quest Exodus Evacuation put into the game. This quest is designed to have us travelling around the to-be-sunset destinations (Io, Mars, Titan and Mercury) as a long, multi-step farewell to the locations. The following is a guide for how to get Traveler’s Chosen in Destiny 2.

This quest comes in 2 parts. The first part of the quest (Exodus Prepration) has been available in the game since about July, so you may have done that step already. If you have and you want to skip ahead to Exodus Evactuation, then you can jump ahead using the timestamps below.

This quest is part of Season of Arrivals, so I believe you’re going to need to season pass to get it. Also, it’s going away once the season has finished, as the locations are being vaulted, so best get this done before it goes away.

First of all we have Exodus: Preparation.

Exodus: Preparation

Speak with Commander Zavala and pick up the Exodus: Preparation quest.

Zavala wants us to investigate the Pyramids activities on all the planets and moons and also check in on the vendors.

Preparation: Titan

Speak to Sloane
Go and have a chat with Sloane on Titan and she’ll give you the next step.

Task at Hand
Complete a weekly bounty for Sloane. These bounties amount to doing patrols, killing Hive, and doing Strikes. Along the way you can also earn Exodus Engrams, which is going to give you access to some weapons like the Ikelos Sniper and the Ikleos SMG.

Fortifying Titan
Talk with Sloane again after completing her weekly bounty.

Preparation: Io

Speak to Asher Mir
Now Titan is done, it’s time to head to Io and speak to Asher Mir.

Novel Data
Complete a weekly bounty for Asher Mir.

Plotting a Downfall
Speak with Asher Mir.

Report to Zavala

After finishing up Asher Mir’s weekly bounty return to the Tower to talk with Zavala. As a prize for getting this far Zavala will offer you a Grenade Launcher, The Militia’s Birthright.

Preparation: Mercury

Speak to Brother Vance
Head to Mercury and talk to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse, he will request your help.

A Hymnal Opens

Complete a weekly bounty for Brother Vance. These bounties might task you with completing a strike, using finishers, or defeating combatants on Mercury.

A Brother’s Guidance
Speak with Brother Vance after completing one of his weekly bounties.

Preparation: Mars

Speak to Ana Bray
The next step in the Exodus: Preparation quest is to visit Ana Bray on Mars.

BrayTech Support
This step requires you to complete one of Ana’s weekly bounties. These bounties usually focus on completing a strike, defeating enemies with melees, and just killing enemies on Mars.

Shades of Red
With this final weekly bounty completed, go and speak with Ana Bray. Your next stop is the Tower.

Return to Zavala

Now that everyone is prepped and ready for action, return to Zavala in the Tower. He’ll have a few final words before the quest is completed.

This is where the first part ended. Since this happened each week boxes and crates had been delivered to the locations for the evacuation, so hopefully all the vendors are going to get out safely (although it sounds like Sloane is going to stay on Titan and fight).

Exodus Evacuation

Next up, we have Exodus Evacuation. This will be a similar kind of quest, going round each of the locations and speaking to / helping out the vendors. This will include lost sectors, strikes and collecting items and materials on Io, Mars, Mercury and Titan.

Evacuation: Io

Observer Effect
First up we need to talk to Asher Mir on Io. Asher wants us to investigate the Pyramids by heading into the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector and collecting Taken Phalanx sample and investigating the chest, and get 25 traces of corruption by defeating Taken.

Into The Pyramidion
Complete the Pyramidion Strike as normal and defeat 40 Vex on Io to collect their Scan Traces. This should be doable while in the Strike.

Double Blind
To cull the increase in Taken activity, players need to complete the Unexpected Guests Adventure on Heroic difficulty.

Fleischman-Aschheim Axiom
Go back and speak to Asherthen you’ll be awarded the Silicon Neuroma sniper rifle (formerly a rare drop from the Pyramidion Nightfall Strike) and asked to go to Titan.

Evacuation: Titan

Clearing The Decks
Speak to Sloane and then go to the Methane Flush Lost Sector in Siren’s Watch, kill the Hive Knight and get the chest.

Asset Interception
Next up you’ll need to recover Golden Age caches. There are 3 caches to be opened, one in the Solarium, the other two in the Festering Halls.

Be The Wall
Finally, players will complete the Savathun’s Song strike and collect Tech Fragments which are dropped by Hive Ogres, Knights, and Wizards.

The Will Of A Titan
Sloane will ask for a report and give Guardians the Duty Bound auto rifle (formerly a rare drop from the Savathun’s Song Nightfall Strike). Once this is done, go back to Zavala. He’ll then direct to you Mercury.

Evacuation: Mercury

A Shattered Future
Have a chat with Brother Vance and then you’ll need to complete A Garden World Strike and collect 15 timeline fractures which drop from Hydras, Minotaurs and Cyclopses.

In His Footsteps
Next up, players will need to run the Tree of Probabilities strike and collect 40 Traces of Osiris from defeating Cabal on Mercury.

A Disciple’s Plea
Finally, complete the Heroic Adventure ‘Bug in the System’. When you have done this head back to Brother Vance.

Better Days Ahead
Back at the Lighthouse, Brother Vance will give you the hand cannon D.F.A. Next up, it’s the last one, and that’s Mars.

Evacuation: Mars

Signs Of Life
Following a chat with Ana Bray, Guardians will investigate a signal coming from Mindlab: Rasputin and retrieve a Data Log.

Recycled Components
Collect 5 Rasputin Frame Pieces by killing Escalation Protocol bosses. This can be done by repeating the first level of Escalation Protocol if later levels are too tough.

Signal Shielding
Then, players will do the Deathly Tremors Adventure on Heroic difficulty to put an end to the Hive’s ruckus.

Force Reboot
Ana Bray will try to rebuild Rasputin with what the players have provided her. As a token of gratitude, she will grant the BrayTech Osprey rocket launcher (formerly a rare drop from the Strange Terrain Nightfall Strike).

Report To Zavala

There is nothing left to do but return to Zavala.

Traveler’s Chosen

Traveler’s Chosen Exotic / Kinetic / Sidearm. This is a 300 RPM sidearm with 15 in the magazine and it has excellent range at 82/100.

Let’s check out the perks on the weapon.

Gathering Light – Final blows with this weapon grant stacks of Gathering Light. Consume stacks, granting melee, grenade, and class ability energy based on the number of stacks.

Gift of the Traveler – Each stack of Gathering Light improves this weapon reloads, handling, and target acquisition.

This is a throwback to the original Traveler’s Chosen, which was the first weapon we got back when Destiny 2 released, although this one is beefed up and much more powerful as the Exotic version.

This one looks like it’s going to be one of the best, if not the best Sidearms in the game. Yes, the quest is long – but you do get a bunch of good weapons out of it and there’s the Traveler’s Chosen at the end too. With Gathering Light, this is going to be great for builds when paired with Exotic armour that already charge melee, grenades and class abilities. Also, we have the mod Surprise Attack this Season, which provides a huge buff to Sidearm damage when charged with light.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Sidearm. What did you think of the quest and do you think this is viable in PVP and PVE?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Sidearm. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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