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Destiny 2 – New Stasis info and Shadebinder, Revenant and Behemoth subclasses named in Gamescom 2020 trailer

Bungie turned up at Gamescom 2020 tonight to show off more about Destiny 2 Beyond Light and specifically the new power Stasis coming this November. Bungie sure knows how to put together hype trailers, and this certainly didn’t disappoint. The following is a closer look at new Stasis info and Shadebinder, Revenant and Behemoth subclasses named.

We have had a little bit of stasis info before on Bungie’s website and it reads:

As the new threat emerges, so too does a mysterious new power – Stasis. Rooted in Darkness, Guardians will wield this new elemental power alongside Arc, Solar, and Void, summoning epic supers to dominate the battlefield. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters each use Stasis in a different way, from slowing down foes with Stasis fields to encasing and shattering enemies with destructive might.

We definitely get to see those variations between Titan, Hunter and Warlock later on.

The trailer opened up with our Guardians battling through the Prophecy Dungeon with The Stranger narrating us battling through enemies in the Nine’s realm as well as on Io. We then cut to Io with The Stranger saying ‘The Darkness is here, it’s time to focus your power – the fight is far from over’. We cut to the snowy planes of Europa, with huge ice mountains in the background. We’re battling the Fallen with what seems to be a huge Fallen Mech shooting rockets up into the air.

Then we have the subclasses reveal.

Shadebinder (Warlock)

Fracture with Frost. Our Warlocks have a staff and it looks like we can shoot stasis which freezes enemies in their tracks. You can then run in there and unleash something out of the staff that shatters the enemies in their place. Then we see some action in PVP with a Warlock freezing another Guardian to the floor and finishing them off with a Sniper Rifle. This is certainly going to mix things up in PVP. Later on, we see our Warlocks unveil a frozen rift.

Next up we have the Hunter.

Revenant (Hunter)

Bring the storm. We kick things off with a frost blade barrage of sorts, which freezes some Vex right where they stand. Moving into PVP it looks like the Hunter throws a grenade, which explodes to reveal a freezing cloud, and then the Hunter throws some knives off the wall which ricochet into the frozen Guardians. it looks like the knife bounces more than once off the walls and then seems to take out two guardians! In a later clip, we have the hunters plunging a frozen knife into the ground, causing an area of effect freeze taking out all enemies near to them.

Finally we have our Titan.

Behemoth (Titan)

Crash like an avalanche. Here we have a Titan that slams into the ground, with stasis emerging up through the floor in front of them like spikes smashing into some oncoming Fallen. The spikes freeze the enemies in their tracks. Titan appear to have a stasis fist or glove, they’re flying through the air and ready to smash into the ground shattering the enemies they have just frozen. It appears as if our Titans can slide through enemies too, shattering them as you slide through them. At one point later on in the trailer it looks like the Titan is completely encased in ice, running along with their fireteam. He throws a grenade to reveal a huge ice wall, which he then jumps over and smashes into the floor with an icy fist. The Warlock then comes in and shatters the Guardians with his staff.

Let me know down in the comments, which one are you going to choose?

We have the subclass name reveals. It looks like from this short collection of footage we’re going to be freezing and shattering in various ways. We’ve seen glimpses of how Guardians work together too. It looks like you can freeze your opponents and then run in and smash, or slide in like a titan. However, there looks to be some specific tag teaming going on with some guardians where enemies are set up and frozen and then finished off by another Guardian. It all looks pretty cool.

What we didn’t get to see was the subclass structure or trees. Bungie have said these subclass trees are going to be more flexible than what we have right now with Solar, Void and Arc but we’re yet to see that. I would imagine Bungie are going to reveal that in their own stream sometime soon and go for a deeper dive into the structure and the freedom that they are going to give us.

There’s so much more to reveal before we get to November. Yes, we’re in that late season lull at the moment, and due to the delay we have a little more time to wait compared to normal to find out what’s coming. However, we’re getting into the final items on the Season of Arrivals roadmap and there’s plenty Bungie still has to talk about including Europa, The Cosmodrome and everything else that’s coming in Beyond Light.

Let me know down in the comments what you thought of the trailer. What do you think of the subclass names and abilities we’ve seen and what do you want to see when it comes to skill trees?

That’s it for this look at Stasis from Gamescom.

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