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Destiny 2 – Rockets Build with Argent Ordnance

Rockets are in some serious need of some love in Destiny 2, and in Season of Arrivals, Bungie has tried to do that with a new mod called Argent Ordnance. But is this enough to bring the much-needed buff to rockets? Let’s find out. The following is a guide to a Rockets Build with Argent Ordnance in Destiny 2.

Swords have definitely taken the spotlight this season as the power weapon of choice, but Bungie has tried to buff our rocket launchers with a new mod that works with Charged with Light. Rockets have long since been pushed to the sidelines by better power weapons, however, we do have an array of rocket launchers at our disposal. This new mod Argent Ordnance tries to shift the balance back into the favour of rockets, but does it do enough? You can pick up this mod from the Prismatic Recaster, keep an eye out on the mods as they do rotate daily.

Argent Ordnance is used with Charged with Light, so you have to become ‘charged with light’ to activate the perk. Once activated Argent Ordnance promises ‘dealing damage to a powerful combatant gives you a major increase to rocket launcher damage for a short time, consuming one stack of charged with light’. When you are Charged with Light you’ll see a buff called Godslayer Warheads active, so you’ll know its time to fire off those rockets.

I grabbed a few rocket launchers our of my vault to test this out and went into the Tribute Hall to gather some numbers.

First up I tried Heretic. This comes from Altars of Sorrow and it’s fairly easy to get, as the rewards for Altars of Sorrow rotate between Heretic (rocket launcher), Blasphemer (shotgun) and Apostate (sniper). I have a roll with cluster bombs and demolitionist, which will come in use later on. Although good, this one is going to be sunset in Beyond Light, so maybe enjoy it while you can. The base damage on this one was 37,003 but this is helped by the cluster bombs for sure. With Argent Ordnance the damage rose to 44,398.

Then I tried out Shining Sphere. This is a returning weapon in Iron Banner this season. I have a roll with autoloading holster and tracking module, and tracking always feels pretty good on a rocket launcher. This one isn’t going to be sunset until the end of Season 14, so it’s going to be viable for some time. The base damage on this one was 34,798. With Argent Ordnance the damage rose to 41,757.

Next up I tried out Truth. I hadn’t used this one in a long time, and you can get this one through an exotic quest. This one has tracking, but it’s probably the least interesting out of all the exotic rocket launchers. This had its day in PVP for some time, but these days it’s a shell of its former self. The base damage on this one was 27,147. With Argent Ordnance the damage rose to 32,576.

Then I tried Two-Tailed Fox. This is nice as it fires off a solar and void rocket, and deals a good amount of damage, with the void rocket suppressing and the solar rocket dealing damage over time. It’s one of the cooler. The base damage on this one was 26,157. With Argent Ordnance the damage rose to 31,388.

Across the board Argent Ordnance gives about a 20% buff to rockets, which isn’t too bad, but I don’t think it’s going to blow anyone’s minds.

The most fun I’ve had with this build was with Death Bringer. This is an exotic rocket launcher, again acquired through an exotic quest after the Shadowkeep campaign. This rocket launcher is very unique as it shoots void orbs. If you shoot the void orbs above the target and then let go when you want the void orbs to split and drop on your enemies then the void orb splits into 7 and deals big damage with each void orb. The base Death Bringer was hitting at 32,531 on our ogre friend.

You can shoot this rocket launcher at your targets but it’s much more effective if you can explode the rocket above your targets. If you can hit all 7 void orbs on a target then the damage here in the testing area was 62,908 which is approx double damage without Argent Ordnance in play. Add another 20% onto that then you’re going to cause some damage.

Although the Argent Ordnance percentage increase didn’t blow me away with power, I did create a build that will make PVE fun, especially the contact public event. Let’s have a look at the elements in a little more detail.

The main focus of the build is Argent Ordnance and a Rocket launcher of your choice. Pick up this mod from the Prismatic Recaster and check out some exotic quest guides for Deathbringer or Truth, or grab the Heretic from Altars of Sorrow. Alternatively, use whatever rocket launcher you like best.

For the subclass, I chose middle-tree sun breaker, as I am looking to take advantage of Roaring Flames where kills with solar abilities increase those abilities damage. I also like throwing my hammer around. For my exotic, I am using Ashen Wake. These gauntlets have the perk Bring the Heat, where fusion grenades explode on impact and final blows grant grenade energy.

For my weapons, I am going to be using my demolitionist Ikelos SMG, and this is going to restore more grenade energy. For my rocket launcher, I decided to use Death Bringer for that maximum damage. It can be a bit tricky in the heat of the moment, but if you can get the firing right it can waste bosses especially with that 20% buff from Argent Ordnance.

For the mods, I am using Taken Armaments were defeating a Taken enemy with a grenade grant heavy ammo. This is going to come in use in topping up my rockets as much as possible. To get Charged with Light I am using Taking Charge, and this is going to work in conjunction with Argent Ordnance for that 20% increase to our rockets. I’m also using Ashes to Assets, where grenade kill boost super energy. I’ll be using my grenades to kill taken for power ammo, and also this is going to boost my super energy so I’ll be getting that more often than not. Finally, I’m using a heavy ammo scavenger for bonus reserves when picking up heavy ammo.

That’s the build, in terms of gameplay you want to do something like:

  • Build up grenade energy with demolitionist weapons
  • Throw grenades at Taken to get those rockets
  • Get charged with light by picking up orbs
  • Fire off those charged rockets with Godslayer Warheads active for the 20% damage buff
  • More grenades
  • Super
  • Repeat and have some fun!

I’m using my Titan here, but this could equally be done with a Hunter or Warlock too. The key to this a Rocket Launcher, Argent Ordnance, Taken Armaments, Demolitionist and Ashes to Assets.

Let me know what you think of the rockets build down in the comments. Do you think this goes far enough to buff rockets, and what changes to rockets would you like to see in Beyond Light?

That’s it for this guide on a Rockets Build with Argent Ordnance in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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