Marvel’s Avengers Beta – Iron Man skill tree and gameplay

Iron Man is definitely one of the big draws for me to play Marvel’s Avengers and during the beta, I got to test him out. He’s one of the 4 superheroes available during the beta along with Hulk, Black Widow and Ms Marvel. The following is a closer look at Iron Man’s skill tree and gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers Beta.

Each character feels unique in Marvel’s Avengers with Iron Man sticking out as one of the best. You can battle enemies on the ground with a range of attacks with melee, Repulsors, Lasers and Rockets and also take to the skies and reign down attacks from above in true Iron Man style.

In the beta, you have to run through the initial story missions including the opening scene on the Golden Gate bridge and once you get to the HARM Rooms after you’ve completed a few missions with Ms Marvel and Hulk, you get access to Iron Man and start levelling him up. All of the characters have light and heavy attacks and include some ranged attacks, but Iron Man feels pretty good to play as you can evade enemies by flying up into the skies and take down AIM left right and centre. You’ll want to complete missions and activities to collect skill points to level up all of your characters, so get the available story missions, Drop Zones and HARM rooms and start unlocking those abilities.

Let’s have a look at Iron Man’s Skill tree first of all.

On the left-hand side, we have Iron Man’s melee skill tree. First of all, you have Iron Gauntlet where you press square (or the equivalent button on Xbox or key on the PC) to lunge forward and engage enemies in close-quarters combat. If you rapidly press this attack then you’ll do a combo of light attacks. The last hit of the attack is a Light Combo Finisher which causes significant damage and launches the enemies into the air. Below that we have Thruster Uppercut where you hold the light attack button to perform a thruster-assisted uppercut that breaks block and launches enemies into the air.

Also in the melee skill tree, you have Aerial Assault where pressing light attack in the air allows you to dash forward and attack enemies. AIrborne enemies hover in place when attacked, leaving them vulnerable to follow up attacks. Rapidly pressing light attack to chain attacks together sending enemies flying back onto the ground. Below that you have Power Dive where holding light attack midair allows you to dive down to the ground staggering nearby enemies on impact. Finally, you have Dive Amplifier which increases the impact, stun damage and reaction severity for the power-dive.

Next up we have Iron Man’s heavy attacks. These come in three flavours – you have Repulsor, Lasers and Rockets. You can switch between this mid-battle, I think it was left/right on the d-pad on PS4, although this is going to be different depending on which platform you’re playing on.

For the Repulsors, you have your standard Repulsor shot. Hold L2 to aim and then fire with R2. When flying you can also fire these shots using R2. The attack here drains intrinsic Supercharge energy. Below that you have Power Blast where when you have Repulsors equipped you can hold L2 to aim and hold R2 to charge up a powerful repulsor blast that inflicts extra damage. Finally, you have slingshot where pressing heavy attack while dodging performs an evasive spin that quickly fires back to back repulsor blasts towards the targeted enemy.

In the second column for Repulsors, we have Hand Cannon. With Repulsors equipped press heavy attack to auto-target and shoot repulsor shots at nearby targets. Rapidly pressing heavy attack for a combo. The last hit of the combo is a heavy combo finisher that fires a powerful double Repulsor blast that knocks enemies back. The attack here drains intrinsic Supercharge energy. Below that we have Power Pulse were holding heavy attack auto targets and fires a charged repulsor shot at nearby enemies, dealing more damage and knocking targets off their feet. There’s also Muon Shotgun where pressing heavy attack while sprinting fires off a dual blast at nearby enemies and Repulsor Strike for a light attack and heavy attack combo – although I didn’t have these two skills unlocked yet.

In the next section, we have our Laser attacks. This replaces the Repulsor attacks with sword-like lasers that Iron Man shoots out of his arms which as good for close-range melee combat. First of all, we have Laser Beam, wherewith Lasers equipped hold L2 to aim and then hold down R2 to fire a focused laser. The longer the laser is held on the enemy the more damage it will inflict. You can also use this ability while flying. Below that we have Energy Lance where holding L2 and then holding R2 powers up the laser allowing the beam to pierce through enemy targets and deal additional damage. Finally, in the first column, we have Burning Edge where pressing heavy attack while dodging to slide forward and perform two large laser swipes staggering all enemies in a wide area.

In the second column, we have Photon Samurai where pressing heavy attack activates a sweeping beam that cuts through enemies inflicting stun damage. Rapidly press heavy attack for a combo. Below that we have Whirling Tempest where with Lasers equipped hold heavy attack to slice through surrounding enemies with a spinning dual-beam attack. We also have laser-scythe where when pressing heavy attack midair you can pull enemies up into the air and open them u for follow up attacks.

Next up are the rockets skill tree. First of all, we have Micro-Rockets, which is a ranged attack. Aim with L2 and fire with R2 to fire a small, high damage rocket. You can also use this ability while flying. Below that we have smart rockets were holding down L2 and holding R2 to lock onto targets. Once targets have been locked release R2 to fire a burst of rockets that seek locked targets. The final one I had unlocked was Scorched Earth where pressing heavy attack to quick-fire a powerful rocket at the most direct target.

You can switch from ground attacks to flying by jumping and then engaging in flying mode, by clicking in the left stick. From this point, you can dodge and send out range attacks which we have been through.

Iron Man’s special attacks include firing out a huge beam from his chest, firing a stun ability and also producing his Mark 44 Hulkbuster Suit. The first two don’t last too long, but the third special attack last around 20 seconds or more allowing you to run around and smash

As for cosmetics, I unlocked a few during the beta including Iconic Armour which you start out with, this is your standard Iron Man suit. I also have Ion-Charged Iron Man, which is a rare outfit. I also had Epiphany, another rare outfit and finally Intergalactic Iron Man. There’s going to be a bunch more cosmetic items to unlock and you can see down there on the second row there’s already a ton, so hopefully, I’ll get those unlocked as the beta progresses.

Iron Man is a lot of fun to play as with his different range of attacks. I can see myself playing a lot as Iron Man when the game comes out on September 4th 2020.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Iron Man and what were your favourite attacks and abilities.

That’s it for this guide on Iron Man’s skill tree, cosmetics and gameplay in Marvel’s Avengers Beta. For more Marvel’s Avengers content like this check out the¬†YouTube¬†Channel.

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