Marvel’s Avengers Beta – Opening Mission First 20 mins and Boss Battle

Marvel’s Avengers Beta is here on PlayStation 4 this weekend and it gives us a taste of the action with a range of content. We finally get our hands on the game which allows us to be our favourite heroes in this new looter-shooter from Crystal Dynamics and Square.

Throughout the beta, you’ll be able to play as your favourite heroes including Ms Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow and to some extent Thor and Captain America. There’s a range of content in the beta from the opening story mission, which I’ll let play out in full here, as well as.

  • Co-op War Zone and Drop Zone missions (playable online with others on the same platform)
  • HARM challenge rooms
  • Hero and world progression, allowing you to try out the experience system up to Hero Level 15 and Power Level 45

The opening mission is a nice introduction to all of the characters as you rotate between them starting with Thor. You can attack with Thunder with Thor, fly and shoot lasers with Iron Man, Smash everything around you with Hulk and take care of business with Black Widow. Each have their own unique attacks and the control scheme does have some continuity between characters. Throughout the beta you can collect loot and level up your character and squad of Avengers as you go. If you like games like Destiny or The Division then it’s definitely worth checking this one out.

The PlayStation 4 beta is available now until Sunday 9th August and then next weekend from 14-16th on Xbox. The final beta weekend will be the 21st-23rd and that will be open to everyone. To get access to the first two weekends you have to preorder the game and you’ll get an access code. I’m playing on PlayStation and it was a pretty easy experience as I simply had to download the beta and then link up my Square account.

I’m going to let the footage play out for the first mission, which culminates is a nice boss battle with Task Master.

Let me know down in the comments if you are playing the beta this weekend, and what you think of the game. Which character is your favourite and do you think you’ll be picking this up in September?

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