Destiny 2 – How to get the Ikelos SG v1.0.2 (Legendary Shotgun)

The Ikelos Shotgun is back in the game and it’s new and improved with random rolls. This has to be one of the best shotguns in the game hands down, and it’s available through a farmable activity. The following is a guide for how to get Ikelos SG v1.0.2 in Destiny 2.

The Ikelos Shotgun was originally introduced into the game during Season 3 of Destiny 2 through the Warmind Expansion. Due to Trench Barrel, a very powerful perk, this was considered one of the best shotguns for PVE activities as you could run into a boss, punch them and unload fast shotgun shots into the boss or enemy and take them out pretty quickly. This older version of the weapon did have static rolls, however, the roll was so powerful no one really minded.

It’s now back in the game as part of the Season 11 loot pool, which is great news as this isn’t going to be sunset until at least until the end of Season 14 and we now have random rolls, so you can get different flavours of this weapon for PVP and PVE. I’ll go over the best rolls for both of those game modes later on.

The Ikelos Shotgun is a Rapid-Fire Frame shotgun meaning it fire full auto with deeper ammo reserves and dishes out Solar damage. It’s got 65 for impact, 41 for range, 39 for stability, 50 for handling and 65 for reload speed. Its got 7 in the magazine and has 140 rounds per minute.

The curated roll comes with Threat Detector for that increase in reload, stability and handling speed and Tactical Mag for that increase in stability, reload speed and magazine size. Also Rifled Barrel for that increase in range and Trench Barrel where after a successful melee hit there’s an increase in damage, handling and reload speed for a short duration.

This one also can drop with Vorpal Weapon, Elemental Capacitor, Disruption break in the final perk slot. In the third slot this one can roll with Feeding Frenzy, Firmly planted and Moving Target. In PVP I’d go for something like Moving Target and Disruption Break. For PVE Vorpal Weapon and Feeding Frenzy would be a good option.

The previous version of this gun was a random drop at the end of an Escalation Protocol run, which meant running through seven waves of enemies on Mars. Now, to get this weapon you’ll want to head into the Prophecy Dungeon and beat the final boss for a chance at this shotgun. Once you beat the final boss you’ll be teleported to where the chest is with the figure from the Nine. I got this shotgun on my first run, it may be different for you, but I believe the final chest is the one to watch out for. The best thing is the Dungeon is farmable, so you can repeat this activity over and over to get the loot drops which also include the Death Adder, Widow’s Bite, Ikelos Hand Cannon and the armour drops.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of this weapon and if it’s something you’re going to take into Beyond Light.

That’s is for this guide for how to get Ikelos SG v1.0.2 in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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