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Destiny 2 – 9 FREE Raid chests! How to get free solo raid loot from Last Wish and Garden of Salvation

Raids offer some of the best weapons, armour and mods in the game but not everyone likes to team up with others to take on these time consuming and lengthy challenges. I have some good news, as you can get multiple free raid chests with a chance for exclusive raid loot drops per week, without having to do a single raid encounter. Plus this can be repeated on all of your characters per week allowing you to build up a nice collection of gear going into Beyond Light. The following is a guide for how to get free raid loot solo from Last Wish and Garden of Salvation in Season of Arrivals.

When Beyond Light rolls around we’re only going to have three raids in total to farm with the Leviathan, Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrow all heading into the Destiny Content Vault. The raids we’ll be left with are Last Wish, Garden of Salvation and the new one for Beyond Light in the Deep Stone Crypt most likely on Europa.

With Last Wish and Garden of Salvation remaining that means the loot is still going to be relevant in the end game until at least the end of Season 14, which is most likely going to take us up to fall 2021. With Season of Arrivals being extended until November that gives us a little more time to run through these raids and gather all the valuable loot including weapons, armour and mods.

The Last Wish Raid has weapons like Age-Old Bond (Auto Rifle), Chattering Bone (Pulse Rifle), Nation of Beasts (Hand Cannon) and the awesome Supremacy (Sniper Rifle). Garden of Salvation has Ancient Gospel (Hand Cannon), Reckless Oracle (Auto Rifle), Accrued Redemption (Bow) and the Omniscient Eye (Sniper Rifle). As well as these weapons there’s raid armour and also some great mods that are exclusive to these raids, so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on these to add to your arsenal, especially with many items being sunset at the end of Season of Arrivals. You can get Taken Mods from Last Wish and Vex Mods from Garden of Salvation and Vex mods could come in handy for Beyond Light as we’ve seen Vex hanging out on Europa for Beyond Light. We don’t know much about the raid for Beyond Light yet, other than it’s going to be set in the Deep Stone Crypt but these mods may come in handy and give you a boost, so it’s worth trying to grab as many as you can.

If you don’t like doing raids, but you still want to get the benefits of the loot then this is the guide for you as I’d be showing you 3 raid chest locations in The Last Wish and Garden of Salvation raids where you don’t have to do a single encounter, and still collect the raid chests. You can do this once per character each week until reset, meaning there’s a total of 9 free raid chests per week to gather all giving you a chance at weapon, armour and mod drops.

I’m going to go through each class (Titan, Hunter and Warlock) and we’ll check out which armour is going to help us get this loot nice and easy as well as the tricks and tips for each raid. If you do want to maximise this method, then make sure you have 3 guardians on your account and do the opening mission for Shadowkeep. I tend to main Titan and Warlock, and I keep my third account for testing out stuff light New Light and things like that so I had to run through the opening quest with my Hunter to get this method going.

Let’s dive into the raids and have a look at the method for getting the first free chest.

Garden of Salvation free raid chests

When you first load up the raid you want to kill the Vex that are guarding the portal. Dispose of these guys and then jump through the portal. You’ll then want to run forward until you get to the first encounter and then keep going forward and run past the first boss, and over the edge to reach the big stone circle structure. If you’re using a Titan then putting on Lion Rampant Boots are going to make this easy in making the jump. Warlocks can make this nice and easily and for Hunters you may want to put on the Stompees.

Once you have made that jump you want to make your way to the right and then jump up the structure and making sure you hit the ledges, so you can keep on going up. Jump up to the highest ledge and then run along the ledge away from where you came and keep going. Once you come to a barrier looking thing, run and jump and make your way onto the grass. There’s a big expanse of grass in front of you, and you’ll want to keep going along here until you reach the end and then jump over the edge to where the trees are growing into the wall. Make your way up here and find the ledges and jump your way to the top. This part can be a little tricky and you can get stuck, but keep trying.

Jump up to the top and you’ll feel an invisible barrier. Here you want to use a sword and jump-swipe at the barrier and that will take you through these nice and easy. Here a counter starts counting down, so you want to run and jump off to the left into the half-pipe before the timer runs down, otherwise, you’re going to die and be taken back to a checkpoint.

Once you’re down there in the halfpipe, run along until you see a new area load up with a text notification saying Undegrowth down in the left-hand corner of the screen. Once you’re in the Undergrowth section, pull out a grenade launcher and kill yourself and you’ll respawn in front of a hole. Jump down the hole and navigate your way to the left and hug the wall. Jump over the moving platforms that are coming out of the way and keep going forward until you see a platform going up and down. Jump onto the platform, and then carefully edge forward and then jump down and through the hole in the wall to pick up the first chest. Now you know the way repeat this on all of your other characters and grab that loot.

Last Wish free raid chests

The Last Wish raid is slightly more generous that Garden of Salvation, as you can get two free chests per week in this raid on each of your characters (so 6 in total per week). We’re going to be using the Wall of Wishes to teleport us to the chest locations. This is a secret location in the Last Wish raid that allows you to enter a code by shooting the Wall of Wishes and changing the symbols on the wall. When you get the right code then you’ll be teleported to different locations in the raid. I’ve put a link down in the description for all the Wall of Wishes codes, but we’re going to focus on just two. As for inputting codes on the Wall of Wishes, I tend to use an Auto Rifle. You don’t want to use something like a sniper rifle with a small magazine size as you’ll run out of ammo quickly. Let’s have a look at those two wishes and then what to do once we have reached our destinations. Follow along on the video to reach the Wall of Wishes.

Wish 4 – Shiro Chi Encounter

First up we’re going to enter wish 4 which is going to take us to the Shiro Chi Encounter. Check out the code on the screen, pause it or grab a screenshot so you can look at it when you have the game loaded up. Once you have entered the code successfully step into the circle and you’ll be teleported to the correct location.

Once you arrive at the location, turn around and head back towards the bridge and you’ll want to make your way up the wall. Once you get to the top then jump over onto the bridge and carefully make your way forward, being careful not to fall down to your death. Keep going forward until you get to the end and jump over a few gaps and then jump down and find the little opening in the wall to pick up the chest. Lion Rampant is going to make this easier with Titans and Stompees for the Hunters, for Warlocks it should be nice and easy with their glide. Once you pick up the chest you can repeat this step over again. If you don’t want to enter the wish again, as it can be time-consuming, team up with a friend and pass them fireteam leader, swap characters and load back into the encounter and pick up the chest on all characters.

Wish 5 – Morgth Encounter

The first thing you want to do here is reset your progress on the raid, so you can go back to the start and make your way once again to the wall of wishes. The wish we’re going to enter here takes us to the Morgeth Encounter. Check out the code here and either pause the video, take a screenshot or photo so you can use it in-game. Double-check you have entered the wish correctly as there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you have entered the wish correctly only to find you have one symbol wrong and you have to spend all that time doing it again. Once you have entered the wish then step in the circle and you’ll be taken to the Morgeth encounter location.

From here you’ll want to turn around and you’ll see a bridge off in the far distance. What we’re going to do here with our Titan and Warlock is jump this gap using a combination of super abilities and gear. Currently, there isn’t a way to cross this gap on Hunters, so we’ll have to use a different method to get the Hunters over there.

First up, with our Titan we’re going to be using Lion Rampant boots, a sword and the Thundercrash super ability on our middle tree Arc subclass. What you want to do is head towards the edge and then aim upwards and man-cannon yourself as far as you can with your super. When you reach the end of the super you want to use a combination of jumps and sword swipes to get to the other side. If you double-tap the jump button slowly, followed by a sword swipe you should be able to make it to the other side. This took me a few goes with some practice, but once you get into the rhythm it gets much easier. When you’re over the other side then run through the gap, jump up to the tree and up onto the ledge and then run over and get the chest.

With our Warlocks, we’re going to be using top tree Dawnblade and a combination of our Super, Heat Rises and our Icarus Dash to make our way to the other side. What you want to do here is consume your grenade to activate Heat Rises and then take a run and jump as high as you can off the ledge towards the bridge. When you’re at the top of the arc of your jump, activate your super and then use you Icarus Dash to jump over to the other side and land nice and safely on the other side of the bridge. Then simply go the same route as before to pick up that raid chest.

For Hunters it’s not currently possible in Season of Arrivals to jump the ravine, so the best way to get this is to run this with a friend. Have your fireteam member run past the chest and to the First Spire, just after the Shiro Chi encounter and then join on them there and run back to collect the chest. If you join on your friend at the chest then you’ll end up at the Morgeth Encounter and unable to jump the ravine.

That’s how to get free raid loot each week in Season of Arrivals. Let me know how you get on and let me know which loot drops you got by doing this method.

That’s it for this guide on how to get free raid loot solo from Last Wish and Garden of Salvation in Season of Arrivals. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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