Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a new 4v4 third-person hero shooter that’s a fast, action-packed and fun time from start to finish. This new game from Hi-Rez Studios (creators of Smite and Realm Royale) certainly has potential so if character-based shooting is your thing then it’s worth giving it a shot.

The one thing that struck me with Rogue Company was the fun factor. There’s plenty of shooters out there in the market, it’s getting to be a very crowded place with Rainbow Six Seige, Valorant and many more and getting the audience’s attention and then getting them to stick with you is super important. Rogue Company leaves a good first impression with its fast-paced action and always getting you back in there as quickly as possible.

This is a third-person hero shooter where you and 3 other players head into battle in a variety of game modes. There’s a slim story behind the game where The Rogue Company is a paramilitary force made up of agents, however, it’s not the story that’s going to have you come back for more – it’s the gameplay. I’m happy to say the gameplay is up to scratch and it gets you hooked in nice and quickly.

There’s a couple of game modes available from the start with Demolition and Strikeout. Demolition is a plant the bomb style mode, where it’s the first to seven points and you take turns in planting to bomb and defending. Strikeout is capture the point mode which is best of five. Both modes suit the third-person gameplay pretty well and I found both fun, although Demolition was my favourite.

Rogue Company doesn’t really do anything that others haven’t done before, but it gets the mix right. Before you start each round you get to purchase weapons and upgrades then you and your teammates jump from your ship down onto the battle zone. When you are your team land it’s time to try and dominate the other team by taking control of areas on the map or going in for the kill. As you progress through matches you’re rewarded for kills, revives and wins and you can invest your winnings back into your character build to make you and your team stronger.

Each character has unique weapons, but the choice here is fairly limited so if you want to run around with a specific you’ll have to choose that character. The controls feel pretty responsive and not too complicated. You have your standard fire, aim down sights and change weapon as well as jump, crouch and dodge roll. AS well as your standard weapon attacks, you have abilities too. These range from area denial, finding out where enemies are and enhancing your abilities in battle.

One element of Rogue Company that feels really good is the casual feeling of the game. Get on the mic in Valorant and if you don’t know the maps or the callouts then your instantly annihilated. It seems different here – it’s fast to get into a game, matches aren’t that long, but they are fun and different enough each time to provide you a challenge and a memorable experience. It doesn’t take too much time to get into the swing of things and whether your playing support or offensive role you’ll have fun.

Rogue Company is currently available as a closed Beta. You can get access to the beta through drops on Twitch. Much like Hyper Scape before, it didn’t take too long to get a drop. Link up your High-Rez account and Twitch and in a few minutes of watching Rogue Company, you should have a drop. Otherwise, you can buy founders packs, although personally I’d wait and play before you start paying.

This feels like CS: GO Light. It’s easy to pick up and have a few fun games, but it has enough depth and potential so that if you wanted to get really good with a team then you could. It’s entering into a crowded market, but from the time I have spent with Rogue Company, this one could have a shot at success.

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