Destiny 2 – New Stasis Subclass trailer and Xbox Game Pass announcement

Bungie had a surprise up their sleeve today in the Xbox Series X Games Showcase in the form of a new trailer for Stasis, the new Darkness power we are going to wield in Beyond Light and an exciting announcement related to Game Pass.

Before we do anything, let’s have a look at the trailer.

We kicked off the trailer with 3 Guardians walking across Europa with a look at gorgeous new landscapes inside and out inspired by the Fallen and Vex architecture. A Guardian then reaches deep down and slams their fists into the floor creating a wave of ice in front of them. There were three specific features of Stasis shown off.

  • Create – You can throw what looks to be a grenade which explodes against a wall and then creates an ice platform, allowing you to use that to traverse environments. As well as platforms against walls, it looks like you can create walls on the floor.
  • Encase – Cover your enemies in ice so they can’t move.
  • Shatter – Smash your frozen opponents.

Guardians appear to be wielding the Darkness in a few forms – one is holding a staff and other throw grenades. One Guardian attacks from the air and slams down, smashing all the frozen enemies beneath them. One Guardian even slides through a series of enemies shattering them as they go.

A potential new exotic was shown off towards the back end of the trailer. It’s hard to see what type of gun this is, but it looked like a grenade launcher or perhaps a shotgun like Tractor Cannon.

Bungie also made the huge announcement that the game was coming to Xbox Game Pass on November 10th. Bungie released an article on their website shortly after saying the following.

Today, Bungie and Xbox announced that they are joining forces to bring Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass this fall.

With an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, players will have access to the standard edition (seasonal content sold separately) of each expansion, beginning with Forsaken and Shadowkeep (available September 2020) and Beyond Light (available beginning on November 10, 2020).

Later this year we will be releasing a version of Destiny 2 that will be optimized for Xbox Series X, including 4K resolution and running at 60 frames per second. Players who already own Destiny 2 on Xbox One will be able to transfer their game to Xbox Series X for free via Smart Delivery. In addition, for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, players will be able to stream Destiny 2 on their Android mobile devices via xCloud.

Q: Does this partnership with Xbox mean that Destiny 2 content is launching on Xbox first?
A: All content on Destiny 2 remains available to all players, on any platform, and is going to be available at the same time – there are no content exclusives on any platform.

Q: Is seasonal content included as part of Game Pass?
A: No. With an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, players will have access to the standard edition of the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions beginning in September 2020, and the standard edition of the Beyond Light expansion beginning on November 10, 2020. Seasonal content is available for separate purchase.

Q: What happens if I have already pre-ordered Beyond Light on Xbox?
A: Those Xbox Game Pass subscribers who purchase any edition of Beyond Light will still have access to the expansion and its associated content if Beyond Light leaves Game Pass or their Game Pass subscription expires.

Q: What will happen to my expansions when/if Destiny 2 leaves Xbox Game Pass?
A: Players have access to the Destiny 2 expansions while they have an active Game Pass subscription. If Destiny 2 expansions leave Game Pass, players will need to purchase the expansions to continue playing expansion content.

Q: Are the Beyond Light pre-order bonuses available via Xbox Game Pass?
A: No. In order to get access to pre-order items and digital bonuses, you must purchase Beyond Light.

Q: What happens to my current Xbox Destiny 2 expansions?
A: Destiny 2 and its associated expansions will continue to work as normal outside of Xbox Game Pass.

Big news there from Bungie. It’s kind of a surprise to see Bungie working again with Microsoft, but with Bungie being independent then they have to reach out where they can. This will open up Destiny to new players and only further increase the player base.

Let me know what you think of Stasis the trailer and what do you think of Beyond Light coming to Xbox Game Pass.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Cold Denial. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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