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Destiny 2 – How to get Bad Juju (Exotic Pulse Rifle)

Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle that was added to the game in Season of Opulence and remains to be one of the best pulse rifles in the game. Now is a great time to get this weapon as it’s set on the Leviathan and is headed into the Destiny Content Vault when Beyond Light comes out in November. The following is a guide for how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2.

Bad Juju is fairly straight forward to get and it can be done solo if you want. I would try and stick up on plenty of planetary materials for this quest as you’ll be buying and trading a lot with the Visage of Calus and perhaps Spider too.

Let’s have a look at the steps for getting Bad Juju.

Visit Werner 99-40 on Nessus

For the first step in this quest, you want to speak to Werner 99-40 on the barge on Nessus. You can see him on the director on Nessus up there near Watchers Grave. Next to Werner, there’s a big golden chest, you’ll want to open that to progress. Opening up the chest costs you 5000 glimmer so make sure you have some spare glimmer before doing this.

Visit the Tribute Hall

Once you open the chest you’ll receive the Invitation from the Emperor quest step. This directs you to the Tribute Hall, which you can find on the director on Nessus. Head down towards the bottom and you’ll find the Tribute Hall next to the icon for the Menagerie.

Speak to the Visage of Calus

Once you are in the Tribute Hall have a chat with the Visage of Calus, that’s the big golden statue of the Cabal Emperor. This will unlock the Visage of Callus as a new vendor and he’ll offer you two things – bounties and tributes.

These tributes can be expensive in regards to legendary shards and other planetary materials, however, you can complete the daily bounties to make them cheaper.

Once you complete a bounty you’ll receive something called a Boon of Opulence and this will open up the Tribute Hall itself.

Boon of Opulence

Each time you complete a bounty from the Visage of Calus you’ll get a Boon of Opulence. For every bounty completion, you’ll get a discount on buying tributes from the statue from 1% ranging up to 80%. You don’t have to get these discounts if you don’t want to and the purchasable tributes will rotate on reset, but it’s going to save you a bunch by completing these bounties.

Unlock 18 statues

There are 30 tributes to buy in total and you’ll need 18 to access the final mission to get Bad Juju. To unlock the tributes you can either buy the tributes from the Visage of Callus, remembering the bounties give you a discount, or you can complete triumphs for the Tribute Hall. If you complete activities with Leviathan gear equipped then you can unlock these triumphs and get more tributes.

Personally, I just bought mine through a combination of bounties and checking the Visage daily and seeing what was cheapest. I did sink a load of planetary materials into it once and went broke, so don’t make the same mistake I did.

You can go to see Spider on the Tangled Shore and check out what he is trading that day, as the tributes and Spiders trades both rotate on reset. If you are running low on materials for Tributes, then speak to Spider and see what he is selling. You maybe in luck and be able to buy what you need for cheap. Sometimes Spider has materials for 1 shard and you will likely have a big build of of shards (if you don’t you can go through your vault and crteate shards by dismantling old gear). Again, be careful purchasing from Spider as the cost will go up each time you buy with some options. You want to look for the cheap materials with Spider and match them to the available Tributes with the Visage of Calus.

There’s 30 you can buy and 20 from the Tributes, so pick the method you find easiest and get those 18 tributes.

As you complete Tributes you’ll unlock Warbeasts in the centre of the room in the Tribute Hall. When you complete your final one you complete the Golden Hero step of the quest.

Complete The Other Side Mission

Once you have been back to speak to the Visage of Calus he’ll direct you to the middle of the Tribute Hall to make your way through The Other Side mission. This is a taken version of the Leviathan and you’ll come across familiar encounters but this time with Taken enemies.

This is one of the most fun missions I’ve encountered in Destiny 2, and the whole mission reminds me of the weekly Ascendent missions on the Dreaming City. It’s a combination of the Leviathan, with encounters that will seem very familiar with a taken Twist.

At the end of the mission, you’ll face off against a big Taken boss under a glowing skull of the Bad Juju itself. You’ll have to make your way up to a castle teeming with Taken enemies but the encounter is a whole lot of fun, and definitely worth all those planetary materials you sunk into the Visage of Calus.

Pick up Bad Juju

Once you have beaten the boss, jump back through the portal and pick up the Bad Juju.

Bad Juju

Bad Juju is a kinetic, exotic pulse rifle. It comes with the perk String of Curses where kills refill the mag, increases the damage for the weapon and grants super energy to the guardian who wields the weapon – so it’s very powerful and worth picking up.

The stats for the weapon are 27 for impact, 42 for range, 66 for stability, 47 for handling and 52 for reload speed. It’s a 450 RPM pulse rifle and has 27 in the magazine.

This one also has a catalyst and if you want to get that then you’ll need to unlock 45 tributes in the tribute hall.

Make sure you get this weapon before the content goes into the Destiny Content Vault. The weapon is great, and as it’s an exotic it’s immune from sun setting (for now). The final mission is also a lot of fun, so don’t miss out on the Bad Juju.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the weapon and also that final mission.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Bad Juju in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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