Destiny 2 – How to get the Fool’s Remedy (Legendary Sidearm)

The Fool’s Remedy is a reissued Sidearm that has come back to us in Season of Arrivals as part of Iron Banner. It’s a nice Suros rapid-fire sidearm, which can be pretty deadly with the right perks. The following is a guide for how to get The Fool’s Remedy is Destiny 2.

The Fool’s Remedy is a legendary solar sidearm that sits in the energy slot. It’s a SUROS Rapid-fire frame sidearm meaning it’s full auto with deeper ammo reserves. It also has slightly faster reload when the magazine is empty.

The base stats on this weapon are 64 for stability and 63 for handling, meaning is going to feel pretty comfortable. It’s 450 rpm and has 15 in the magazine. for the hidden stats there’s 58 aim assist and 94 on recoil.

The curated roll comes with Control SAS for handling and stability, richochet rounds for stability and range as well as Pulse Monitor and Iron Grip. Iron Grip here improves weapon stability at the cost of reload speed. For PVP something like moving target and eye of the storm would be good. For PVE feeding frenzy and kill clip would be a nice roll.

To get this weapon you need to complete the short quest from Lord Saladin in the Tower. For this you’ll need 25 auto rifle kills and 25 sidearm kills. Once you have this you’ll get a drop of both The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy Sidearm. On completing the quest you’ll get these weapons added to your Iron Banner loot pool, so handing in tokens will get you another version, with potential better rolls.

Stability is needed on this thing as I found it bounced around in my hands quite a lot. I got a roll with hip-fire grip, which did make a difference as hip-firing felt much better than aiming down sights. I tried out a few sidearms on the way to completing the Iron Banner Quest this season, and I think it could give Last Hope a run for it’s money. I’m not the biggest fan of PVP or Sidearms, so putting the two together for me isn’t the idea of a great time. However, I do appreciate mixing it up a little bit and using different weapons. After a few rounds I started to get into the groove of this gun. Anonyous Autumn and Last Hope still are going to be great choices for PVP, but with the right roll Fools Remedy could be a winner.

One tip, if you have more than one guardian then pick up the Red-Hot Iron quest on all characters and if you complete it once, then you’ll get drops on all 3 characters as it will auto complete. So by picking it up on all 3 and doing it once, you’ll get the same loot as doing it 3 times, as the quest is account wide rather than per character. It maybe too late, as you may have done this quest already… but if you haven’t then make sure you pick it up on all 3 characters to get extra free loot from Iron Banner in Season of Arrivals.

Iron Banner is around from 30th June – 7th July, but it will be back in approx 4 weeks, so if you are watching this in the future when Iron Banner isn’t here, then you’ll have to wait until Iron Banner rolls around again in the not too distant future. There should be one at the end of July and Aug as we build up to Destiny 2: Beyond Light in September.

Let me know what you think of the weapon down in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to get The Forward Path . For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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