Destiny 2 – The best gameplay experiences to have before they go away into the Destiny Content Vault

Change is coming to Destiny 2 with a reshaping of the map and content in the upcoming DLC this September with Destiny 2: Beyond Light. That means we only have a few months left to experience content on planets and moons that will be put away for the foreseeable future. The following is guide to the best gameplay experiences to have before they go away into the Destiny Content Vault.

In June 2020 Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy said that the landscape of Destiny 2 is going to be reshaped. Destiny 2 is too large, it’s getting harder to update without introducing bugs into the game and that’s not good. The game is too large and complex, which slows things down when it comes to development and innovation in the game, as everything that currently exists has to be tested against everything that could be developed in the future.

Rather than build Destiny 3, Bungie are all in on Destiny 2. This is good because we all had a pretty rough experience going from Destiny to Destiny 2 where we had to leave everything behind and the live team got out of sync with the core game team, and Destiny 2 felt like a step backwards compared to the end of Destiny. Bungie are going to introduce something called the Destiny Content Vault, where content can be cycled in and out.

The benefits of the Destiny Content Vault means Bungie will be able to add to Destiny 2 for years to come, including the already announced Beyond Light, Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions scheduled between 2020 and 2022. The Destiny Content Vault is going to contain all content from Destiny 1 and any content that has been cycled out of Destiny 2, meaning some legacy Destiny 1 content will be coming back into the current Destiny 2 experience – albeit tidied up and modernised to the current standards of the game.

Each year Bungie is going to cycle in and out content from the Destiny Content Vault. Starting this fall, we’re going to be getting the Cosmodrome from Destiny 1 together with a new destination, Europa, which will make up the main play areas for Beyond Light.

However, what that means is this year we’re going to lose some content that’s been in the game for some time. Mars, Io, Titan, Mercy and the Leviathan are all going to be vaulted together. As well as these locations, weapon quests are going to need modifying with Bungie stating “There will be new ways to earn the Exotics originally linked to content that has entered the DCV”.

When Beyond Light arrives on September 22nd 2020 our director is going to look really different with Europa, Cosmodrome, Moon, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, European Dead Zone and Nessus.

With that bit of background let’s get into the best gameplay experiences that are going to be put into the vault. There’s a combination of weapon quests, activities, lore and a raid here.

#5 Heroic Menagerie

The Menagerie remains one of the best non-raid six-person activities in the game. Originally introduced in Season of Opulence, this is like a mini-raid with different mechanics and boss rooms onboard the Leviathan. Calus is constantly chatting to us throughout the event making it extra fun. Each room is interesting and there’s a variety of bosses at the end too. This activity also allowed us to farm for specific loot through the Chalice of Opulence and still remains to this day one of the best ways to farm for specific weapons.

The reason I say heroic is that there’s a chance for a legendary sword to drop for each class – Titan, Hunter and Warlock. I still use my Throne-cleaver to this day on my Titan. Heroic isn’t match made, like the regular menagerie, however, don’t let that put you off as you should at least experience Heroic mode at least once before the Menagerie goes away once the Leviathan is put into the Destiny Content Vault. To experience this select the Menagerie on Nessus in the bottom left-hand corner and either does regular or heroic.

#4 Ace of Spades Quest

This was a quest that dropped after the Forsaken story campaign. We get the broken Ace from Banshee-44 in the tower, then head into Gambit and defeat invaders or Gambit enemies. After doing this we head into strikes and then get hand cannon kills in the crucible. The reason why this one is going away is the next step, as we have to find Cayde’s hidden cache locations which are dotted around the solar system.

As there’s one on Io, this means unfortunately this mission is either going to have to change or the Io step removed. I don’t know how difficult it’s going to be to modify the quest (this cache location could simply go away) but Bungie may decide players can acquire Ace of Spades in a different way. The best part of this quest is the final step, whereupon opening chests he leaves messages to all his potential murders. They range from Zavala, Ikora, Petra Venj and Saraya Hawthorne. It’s a great quest taking you through the different game modes and the final step of the quest with the lore is the perfect end for Cayde-6. To experience this one for yourself, finish the Forsaken campaign and then pick up the quest from Banchee-44 at the Tower. Check out the full guide here.

#3 Bad Juju final mission

Bad Juju was introduced back into the game, again, during Season of Opulence and it’s a great Pulse Rifle to pick up. To get Bad juju you need to go to the Tribute hall and successfully fill out 18 tributes in the hall. These can be purchased from the Visage of Calus, but make sure you pick up the bounties to make them cheaper as they can get very expensive on the materials. The Tribute Hall itself is a very cool piece of content, and hopefully, we’ll be getting a replacement gun range testing area when Beyond Light drops in September.

Once you’ve got the necessary tributes, you’ll need to start the mission which is in the centre of the room. You’re transported to The Other Side, which is kind of a Taken version of the Leviathan. If you have done the Leviathan Raid you’ll remember the areas, but it’s there are also other more open areas which are similar to Taken areas in the Dreaming City.

Make your way through the various areas and enemies and the whole thing culminates in a battle with the Taken in front of a glowing Bad Juju-like glowing skull. The music and the frantic nature of the mission at the end is really good fun. Also, Bad Juju is a great Exotic and this one isn’t going to be sunset, so it’s worth picking up. To experience this one yourself then head on over the Tribute Hall on Nessus, collect the tributes and head into the mission.

#2 Whisper of the Worm Mission

The Whisper of the Worm remains to this day one of the best DPS snipers in the game, and the Whisper Mission on Io is one of the best pieces of content in the game still to this day. It was originally introduced as a secret quest, where you had to kill a specific yellow bar enemy during a public event on Io, and then jump through a portal into another world.

The space, the music, the timer, and the challenge all adds up to a great experience. Once you jump through the portal you have 20 mins to get through jumping puzzles, huge massive rooms and then three phases of enemies before you take on a series of bosses. On completion Whisper will drop for you, then if you run heroic you’ll get the catalyst. For a brief time in Season of the Worthy, the mission was easy to do solo, however, the difficulty scaling has been boosted once again to current levels, so go in there with a team to get this one done. In theory, Bungie could add a portal to this place and keep the Whisper mission, however, at the moment the starting point is on Io, so we have to assume it’s going away. To experience this one for yourself, head on over to Io, kill and enemy and jump through the portal. Check out the full guide here.

#1 ‘Scourge of the Past’ raid

In September we’re only going to have 3 raids available – The Last Wish, Garden of Salvation and the new raid for Beyond Light. That means Scourge of the Past and other legacy raids and raid lairs are going away into the content vault. Scourge of the Past is a fun raid for a few reasons. It’s pretty short, so it can be done in only a few hours.

The raid’s mechanics are pretty simple to get your head around, so if you are new to raiding then this is a great one to start out with. The encounters are super fun too, ranging from battling on the top of the city, riding your sparrows through burning tunnels and then facing off against a huge mech at the end.

Also, you can get Anarchy from this raid, it’s an exotic grande launcher which is still one of the best in the game and will go down as a classic raid weapon. I was super lucky as I got this on my very first run of Scourge of the Past, and this is really useful for endgame content and boss DPS in Dungeons and upcoming raids.

Raiding remains one of the most fun activities in the game. I haven’t done half as much raiding in D2 as I did in D2 for some reason. Going through Scourge of the Past recently, teaming up with 5 clan mates or random folks through LFG is really good fun and with Anarchy on offer too I’d recommend going through this raid even if you don’t know what you’re doing. I went from zero to Anarchy in only 2 hours without knowing anything about the raid thanks to some really helpful people. My RNG was super lucky of course with the weapon drop, but still… it remains a great experience and my top pick for content you should experience before it gets vaulted in September.

Those are my top picks for content you need to experience and let me know down in the comment what you think of the list and what content you want to experience before it goes into the vault. Also, what you do think of the vault concept and what are you excited for to be coming out of the vault in the future?

That’s it for this guide for the best gameplay experiences to have before they go away into the Destiny Content Vault. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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