Destiny 2 – How to get Falling Guillotine (Legendary Sword)

Falling Guillotine is a new sword that has been introduced during Season of Arrivals and it’s quickly rising to the top for being one of the best weapons in the game right now. This is a throwback to an old sword from Destiny 1 called Dark Drinker, where you could activate a spin attack dealing huge damage. The best part here is this sword is a legendary. The following is a guide for how to get Falling Guillotine in Destiny 2.

Falling Guillotine is a legendary sword that sits in the power weapon slot and deals void damage. It comes with Vortex Frame where you can launch a heavy spin attack and heavy attacks are stronger with full energy and attacks partially bypass elemental shields. It also comes with Whirlwind Blade where rapid sword strikes increase the weapon’s damage for a short duration. Guardian also ends the effect. It’s got 46 swing speed, 60 impact and 60 defence with 20 charge time and has ammo capacity of 60.

The curated roll comes with Energy Transfer where guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy and whirlwind blade as we described before, enduring blade for the increase in sword ammo and heavy guard for high overall defences.

For PVE you’ll want to be looking for something like Relentless Strikes for landing three light attacks within a short time grants sword ammo and Whirlwind Blade. Relentless and Whirlwind is a pretty good combo for all swords, but this one especially when you’re dealing the big damage with the heavy spin attack.

For PVP Counterattack were blocking an attack immediately after guarding increases damage for a short duration and Tireless Blade where sword ammo granted for every powered sword kill is a decent roll.

To get Falling Guillotine you’re going to need to rank up the season pass to level 30. Once you get there you’ll unlock the initial roll, then once you unlock the pulse rifle at rank 45, you’ll be able to farm different rolls from the Prismatic Recaster and the focused engrams.

The quickest way to reach rank 30 is to do bounties – weekly, daily and extra bounties too. You can double up on some bounties for a more efficient path to rank 30 by picking up bounties that overlap, like the Gunsmith bounties, Prismatic Recaster bounties and even Io bounties too from Asher. I did a guide covering how to rank up the season pass, check that out if you want to go into more detail. You’re season pass works across all 3 characters as it’s account based rather than character based, so you can do weekly bounties on all three guardians if you want to rank up quicker.

Falling Guillotine is already deadly, but then you throw Lucent Blade into the mix. Lucent Blade is a seasonal mod which you can pick up from the Prismatic Recaster, these mods rotate daily on a bath of about 4-5 or so, but if it’s not there today check tomorrow as it’ll be repeated throughout the season. Lucent Blade gives you another 35% damage boost for swords when you’re Charged with Light. All of this combined adds up to absolutely deleting bosses this season, especially if you have a whole fireteam rocking this build. As a Titan main, throw Weapons of Light and Stronghold exotic gauntlets into the mix and you’re talking about a great build which is going to cause major damage to bosses in PVE.

A few seasons ago when we were doing the Corridors of Time, there were rumours going around that Dark Drinker, Bolt Caster and Raze Lighter might be coming back as secret rewards. That didn’t pan out, and we got Bastion instead (which turned out to be awesome in PVP) but in my opinion, these new Season of Arrivals swords are even better. Lucent Blade, combined with legendary swords frees us up to use another exotic. If you haven’t checked out Trinity Ghoul’s catalyst this season, then that is definitely worth your attention to pairing up with Falling Guillotine. Also, Witherhoard is a great shout as you can tenderise your enemies with a few blight shots and then go in for the kill with Falling Guillotine.

That’s it for this guide for how to get Falling Guillotine in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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