Destiny 2 – How to get Twisted Energy

In Season of Arrivals, Bungie introduced us to a few new currencies and one of those is Twisted Energy. This is a rare currency, but an important one as we’ll need this to get the maximum potential out of Season of Arrivals. The following is a guide for how to get Twisted Energy in Destiny 2.

Twisted Energy is one of the new currencies in Season of Arrivals and we’ll need as much as possible to help rank up the Prismatic Recaster to help us focus our Umbral Engrams to allow us to focus farm the specific loot we want.

On our Prismatic Recaster, we have two Umbral Affinity tabs. The one on the left is Umbral Focusing, where we can focus our Umbral Engrams and narrow the loot pool. There’s also Gifts of Light and Dark, where you’ll get rewards for each rank up through the Prismatic Recaster.

When you first start out you’ll have a few free Umbral Focusing options including Pyramid-focused, Armour-focused, Year 3 legacy and then Gambit Legacy content. Once you rank up the Prismatic Recaster further loot-pool narrowing options will be available to you including Rifle-focusing and Edge-focusing. The more you rank up, the more you can choose the type of loot you want. You’ll also open up rewards at the bottom of the Prismatic Recaster too including mods and other seasonal bonuses.

Each level of the Prismatic Recaster costs 500 Twisted Energy. You can see your current level on the Prismatic Recaster home screen in the bottom right-hand corner, next to Umbral Research. When you level up you’ll get an Umbral engram, plus a bonus you can apply through the Gifts of Light and Dark tab.

Currently, there are only 2 places you can get Twisted Energy. That’s on the season pass, you’ll get a small amount on the premium track of the pass right at the start. There’s a total of 1500 Twisted Energy on the Season Pass and you’ll get 500 after completing the introduction quest in Season 11.

Its main source is the Weekly Bounties from the Prismatic Recaster. You get two of these each week and each weekly bounty gives you 500 Twisted Energy. If you have more than one character then you can pick up the weekly bounties on each Guardian, giving you 3000 Twisted Energy per week.

If you want to go further than this then you can delete a character, do the opening mission and then pick up more weekly bounties for Twisted Energy. This method isn’t for everyone, as you may want to hold on to your Guardians, but if you’re not precious about it then this is a good way to rank up the Prismatic Recaster quicker than having to wait for the weekly bounties to reset each week. Personally, I don’t do this but if you want to then go ahead, it is possible.

Let me know down in the comments how you’re getting on with ranking up the Prismatic Recaster. Do you like this system, is it an improved over previous seasons and how would you improve it in the future?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Twisted Energy in Season of Arrivals. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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