Destiny 2 – Easy Arrivals XP Farm and How to Level Up your Season Pass

Season of Arrivals has been out for about a week now and we’re getting out heads around how things work. With each season that comes and goes in Shadowkeep, levelling up out Season Pass and Seasonal Artifact brings with it a whole host of benefits like unlocking mods, weapons and gear. The following is a guide for an easy Arrivals XP farm and how to level up your season pass.

The Season Pass has a whole load of rewards on there and levelling it up as fast as you can each season definitely has it’s perks. As well as armour, upgrade materials and Twisted Energy (which you’ll need to rank up the Prismatic Recaster this season) there’s also the chance to unlock new weapons too including a great new sword Falling Guillotine and a high-impact pulse rifle with Cold Denial. Both are awesome weapons and you’ll want to get them as soon as you can.

As well as the season pass and levelling that up, unlocking the mods on your seasonal artifact is going to benefit you’ll be able to take advantage of builds with the seasonal mods. This time they include great bow, pulse rifle and sword modifiers – which work well with some of the good weapons emerging this season.

To level up the season pass nice and quickly you’ll need XP. XP comes from a range of sources as you play the game, but the fastest way to get XP is through turning in bounties. I’m going to go over a few tips and tricks you can do to make sure you’re levelling up nice and fast so you can get those rewards on the season pass and artifact as soon as you can.

First of all, if you haven’t got the premium season pass then I’d recommend doing so as you’ll get some nice XP bonuses on there. As you level up throughout the season you’ll get more.

Next up put on a Ghost that has the perk Guiding Light. This is going to give you a 10% bonus for XP gains, so whenever you complete bounties then you’ll get extra XP if you have one of these ghost shells equipped. If you were part of the Almighty event recently, you should have a ghost shell waiting for you at Rahool, or perhaps one from Guardian Games. Check through your vault and see if you have one of these too as it can really make a difference when you’re turning in a bunch of bounties.

Finally, in the setup phase, we want to make sure we have enough Glimmer. As we’re going to be gathering bounties, come off the repeatable bounties do end up costing more, so grabbing as much glimmer as we possibly can is a good idea. This can be picked up from all activities in the game, but if you have a few spare planetary materials then you can go and see Spider on the Tangled Shore and trade-in materials for Glimmer.

Now you’re ready to pick up some bounties. There are loads of vendors in the game, all throughout the Tower and on the planets and moons throughout the Solar System, however, we’re going to target a few specific ones. What you’re aiming for here are efficiency and overlapping bounties. The plan is to complete these bounties in Contact public event on Io so we’re looking for weapon, Vex and Cabal bounties.

Let’s go to Banchee-44 first in the Tower and pick up all his bounties. He has 2 weekly, a few daily and some repeatable. While we’re in the Tower we should go and pick up the bounties from the Prismatic Recaster down near the Drifter. Again, here we have weekly, daily and repeatable bounties. Finally, Asher Mir on Io has bounties too, so we can pick those up as we may be able to double up on those.

Check out the bounties and have a look at the weapons you’ll need to use and if you have them in in your vault or inventory then that’s good, as you’ll want to be keeping an eye on these bounties while doing runs of Contact. Banchee tends to give out weapon bounties which can overlap with the Prismatic Recaster bounties, allowing you to earn more XP while doing the same activity. For example, I doubled up on machine gun bounties and also grenade launcher bounties. Asher Mir’s bounties tend to be completing things on Io, so if you’re lucky then you’ll be able to complete 3 bounties at once.

Now we have our bounties, it’s time to head on over to Io and play some Contact. I did do a guide covering Contact the other day, so check that out if you haven’t seen it. The good thing with this method is as well as earning XP for your season pass and artifact, then you’ll also be earning Umbral Engrams at the same time, especially if you trigger the heroic mode. Everyone pretty much knows how Contact works, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting heroic mode to work.

If you want to top up on XP once you have finished Contact and the bounties from the Prismatic Recaster and Banchee, then you can also grab weekly, daily and additional bounties for crucible, strikes and gambit in the Tower – Zavala’s got the Vanguard bounties, Shaxx with the Crucible and Drifter with Gambit bounties. The weekly Interference Mission this week had me doing Gambit to progress the progress, so I picked up some gambit bounties and by the time I had finished the required matches I had a whole bunch of bounties done.

Once you’ve completed the bounties turn them in. If you can be part of a fireteam when you’re turning them in, then it’s going to be more efficient as you’ll get more XP. So team up with some friends, or go on the Bungie companion app and find some buds – there’s going to be plenty of people out there looking to do the same thing.

Let me know down in the comments how you’re getting on with levelling up your season pass and if you have any tips on levelling up faster, share the info.

That’s it for this guide for Easy Arrivals XP Farm and How to Level Up your Season Pass. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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