Season of Arrivals

Destiny 2 – How to do the weekly Interference Mission and The Pyramid Ships story catchup

One of the strongest parts of Shadowkeep as a whole has been the narrative. Some of the playable content hasn’t been great every season, however, the narrative of Shadowkeep keeps getting better and better. A slightly overlooked feature this season is the weekly Interference Mission, and it looks like we’re building up to the DLC each week with a new story beat. The following is a guide for how to do the weekly Interference Mission and The Pyramid Ships story catchup.

In a quick recap of the story so far in Shadowkeep, we went back to the Moon to face the Hive in the Scarlett Keep. After beating the Hive we found more than we bargained for with the Darkness reaching out to us through a dormant Pyramid Ship under the surface of the moon.

In Season of the Worthy, Rasputin revealed that the Pyramid Ships were waiting outside our Solar System, only to venture in arriving near Jupiter towards the end of the season.

Last weekend we saw the destruction of the Almighty by Rasputin. We’d needed his help as a bunch of Rogue Cabal has set the Almighty on a crash course with the EDZ and the Last City. After a season of helping Rasputin power up the Seraph Towers and clearing out a variety of Bunkers, Rasputin was able to blow the Almighty of out of the sky with thousands of tiny missiles or lasers as we all watched on from the Tower last weekend.

This brought the Almighty crashing to the ground in what looks to be the out Cosmodrome or Plaguelands.

In the opening scenes of Season of Arrivals, we see Ana Bray and Rasputin tracking the Pyramids as they arrive near Io. It appears as if this is one of the moons near Jupiter, and the moon appears to attack the Pyramid Ships, as it sends out beams towards it. Ana looks happy for a moment, as the Pyramid Ship disappears. However, it then reappears and it looks like the moon is deleted. This makes sense as they want to demonstrate their power, and destinations are going away in Destiny – so this could be a nice narrative way for that to happen.

In the opening mission of Season of Arrivals, we’re sent to Io, and we can immediately see the huge Pyramid Ship on Io. We’re looking for Eris Morn and investigate a strange phenomenon near the cliffs. We get caught up in a beam and we’re being dragged slowly towards the Pyramid ship when a voice starts speaking to us.

The Darkness speaks to us saying “You bring weapons, you will not need them, we offer only truth”. All of a sudden we’re pulled out of the beam by something into the Court of Savanthun. Savanthun is Oryx’s Sister, Queen of the Hive in Oryx’s absence, and no doubt very pissed off at us for killing her brother and nephew Crota. We get out of the Court, just as suddenly as we got in and we’re still on Io, but this time in the Cradle in the Lost Oasis.

Now we have faint readings from Eris we head forward, battling the taken as we go. There’s Taken left, right and centre with the huge Savanthun’s Witness as a boss.

Then we see it. It’s a beautiful tree inside the Cradle and it looks like the Taken don’t want us anywhere near it. After beating a number of Taken mini-bosses we’re once again teleported into The Court of Savathun. Here we finish off the Taken in the Court and are reacquainted with Eris Morn.

The tree grew in the spot where the Traveller last touched before it left the world and the Darkness have been drawn to where the Traveller once was. Much like the Hive are agitated by the Darkness arriving in the Solar system, hence the movements we’re seeing on the Savathun storyline. We’ve known for some time that Savanthun would be coming, after all, she’s responsible for the cycle on the Dreaming City.

It appears as if Eris Morn is trying to communicate with the Darkness and over the weeks as we buildup to the fall DLC, we’re going to find out more.

Once we’ve finished talking to Eris, we head back to the Tower and speak to Zavala. Zavala enquires about what exactly has been found with Eris saying the Darkness are reaching out, but something interferes. Savathun.

The Seed of Silver Wings appears to cut through the interference allowing us to understand the messages from the Darkness more clearly. Zavala’s not happy about communicating with the Darkness, however, Eris fears if we don’t then we’re on the verge of a second collapse.

Our ghost says according to analysis it detects a paracausal being near Io where the Pyramid is, a paracausal being much like the Traveler itself. Ghost says that all Golden Age records state, on the first day the sky filled with Darkness arrived and then on the second the Traveler fell. Zavala instructs us to help Eris but to be ready when the enemy fleet arrives.

Means to an End

Once all this goes down we need to work through the opening story mission, talking to the Drifter and running the Contact public event to get into the rhythm of the PVE activities this season. When you’ve finished the tutorial you’ll get a quest called Means to an End, which will lead us into the weekly mission and the unveiling of the narrative this season.

Barrier to Entry

Contain the spreading Darkness by participating int he Contact public event on Io. Here complete a few rounds of Contact until you fill-up the progression bar to 100%.


A challenge is issued to the strong. Collect Umbral traces by participating in the Nightfall: The Ordeal, Nightmare Hunts and Crucible Control. This is good as we have a choice of activities. I ran nightmare hunts for this one and you just have to run a few times to get that bar up to 100%, I think I did this is 3-4 runs.


Complete the mission “Interference” in the Cradle. For this one head to Io and then select the mission from the Director, and this has the Pyramid Icon on it. Run through the mission, defeat the Taken that are immediately in front of you and then head over to each plate on either side of the map and take out the Envoy of Savanthun and power up the plates. Once you have done this head back to the middle, take out the Champion (who’s a real pain the ass to be honest) to complete the mission.

Once you do this, hop back through the portal to exit the Court of Savanthun and go and speak to Eris, who’s under the tree. Eris is here trying to understand what the Darkness is saying to us. In trying to understand what the Darkness is saying, she first starts out saying “protected”, but then moves onto something more sinister with the word “gelded”. Clearly the Darkness does not hold the Traveler in such high regards as we do. Eris tells us to continue our efforts, as we have much to learn.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll know more about the story of the Darkness. We have a target and we know that Eris, Drifter and The Stranger are going to end up on Europa near Jupiter in September. But what we don’t know is how we’re going to get there, and what are we going to find out along the way. What does the Darkness want? Are they going to destroy all of the locations that are set to go away like Io, Mars, Titan, Mercury and the Leviathan and how will that weave into the story? I’ll make sure to keep you updated each week as the story unfolds and we buildup to the fall DLC.

Let me know what you think down in the comments. How many power levels did you manage to gain in a short time, and what Season 11 loot did you get to drop for you?

That’s it for this guide for Endless Umbral engram farming for super fast power-levelling in Season of Arrivals. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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