Destiny 2 – Endless Umbral engram farming for super fast power-levelling in Season of Arrivals

Umbral engrams are the key to not only levelling up nice and quickly in Season of Arrivals but also getting some of that great new loot in the game. There’s currently a method of getting an unlimited amount of Umbral engrams in the game that’s very easy to do and will allow you to boost your power level up nice and fast so you can access that end game content early in the season, plus gather the new Darkness weapons which come with a whole host of new perks plus some great legacy content too. The following is a guide for endless Umbral Engram farming for super fast power-levelling in Season of Arrivals.

Since Season of Arrivals came out we’ve all been farming Umbral Engrams to get the new Season 11 set of weapons and armour. The key to getting this loot is Umbral Engrams and the new currency called Altered Element. We can take our Umbral Engrams to Drifter and then use Altered Element to focus our engrams and then level up.

New in Season of Arrivals is the ability to gather Umbral Engrams from all the major activities in the game such as Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, Dungeons, Raids, Nightmare Hunts and more… but crucially the Black Armoury Forges. We can use the Black Armoury forges to do something called AFK farming, which will provide us with a whole host of Umbral Engrams, and Altered Element.

AFK farming has been around in Destiny 2 for some time and hasn’t been patched, and we can use this method to get an unlimited amount of Umbral Engrams, plus the material Altered Element.

What you’re going to want to do to prepare for this is lower your light level to as low as possible, ideally below 750. You can do this by going into your collections, and picking out some old gear that you used while levelling up and also in each slot on your Guardian, add some old weapons and armour and try and get that power level as low as possible. If you go into your collections, armour and levelling you should have a white class item there at level 21 and that will help you lower your power level significantly.

Once you have done this then load up the current black armoury forge which can be found on the EDZ and load in. Then you simply leave it alone and let the enemies kill you. This may seem counter-intuitive, but what will happen is you will get killed over and over again and finally, the playlist will boot you out, but you’ll be automatically loaded back in.

Each time the activity ends there will be a small percentage chance of getting an Umbral Engram drop, plus some altered element. This won’t happen each time, but over a period of a few hours then you’ll build up a nice collection of Umbral Engrams.

As you have lowered you’re light level to below 750, you don’t have to worry about this messing up others games as you’ll be matchmade with other players doing the same method. The only real drawback with this method is time, it does take a while.

You can either do this during the day, and do something else while this is going on, or the best method I found was set this up overnight while you sleep, and you’ll wake up to tons of Umbral Engrams. I did this last night and woke up to 31 Umbral Engrams and nearly 2000 Altered Element, which is all I need to focus this loot. The only thing to watch out for with this method is if your PC or console switches itself off after an amount of time. I’m on PC, so I just left it run overnight, but if you’re on console then you may want to look at the power saving settings, so it doesn’t auto switch-off of power down when you’re not looking.

Once you have your collection of Umbral Engrams, then it’s time to level up fast. Head on over to Drifter and then use the Prismatic Recaster to focus the armour engrams first. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but the armour focusing does give you a high percentage chance of dropping loot a few levels above your current power level. There is a key point here, you only want to focus one armour umbral engram at a time, and then go over to the decoder to decrypt the engram. It’s not going to drop a powerful reward each time, but there should be a high percentage chance of it doing so. Once you have that new higher power level loot, equip it and continue the process to level up nice and quickly.

Once you have levelled up your armour, then you can switch over to your weapons. It appears as if focusing the weapons doesn’t give the benefits like the focused armour pieces. However, you can use vendors to help you level up your weapons. There’s a good website called Destiny 2 Vendor Engrams ( and this website will show you who’s dropping high loot this week. This is going to drop loot at or above your light level, not quite as much as the focused armour from the prismatic recaster, but it’s going to help you raise the level of your weapons to the same level as your armour, therefore raising the overall level of your Guardian.

For example, when I look at this website I can see Banchee, Zavala and Asher Mir are dropping high loot. I went to all 3 and tested this out and they helped raise the level of my weapons up to the armour level.

In a single session of AFK farming overnight, you can generate approximately 30 Umbral engrams. I split it down the middle and did a session of 15 focused armour engrams, then raised my level of weapons and then went back and did armour again. You may be able to do all the armour in one go, but make sure you do them one by one to get the maximum level of chance for a few power level jumps.

Another tip is to use Destiny Item Manager as you can grab your engrams from the postmaster while you are at the Prismatic Recaster to save time going back and forth.

You can see here when I was doing this sometime I was getting 6 power levels above current level on armour, boosting up my power level nice and fast. I started on 1010 and then 10 mins later I was 1021. This can be done anytime, but I prefer to leave this overnight rather than during the day as I can then continue to farm and level up.

This will allow you to reach the levels you need for the new Dungeon and getting the most out of Season of Arrivals. You will likely get some great loot along the way with all the new perks. I got a nice Nation of Beasts with Snapshot Sights and Demolitionist on there. You can also use the loot to level up exotics you want to raise up to your current power level, be that armour pieces or weapons like Last Word, Trinity Ghoul, Whisper and Xenophage as these are going to be useful across a range of content.

This is the fastest way I have found to level up throughout the season. You can play through Valor, Glory and Infamy ranks across PVP and Gambit, that will help you level up too. Nightmare Hunts and other content will give you umbral engrams, however, you can set this all up before you go to bed and wake up to 30+ umbral engrams, making this pretty damn efficient way of levelling nice and fast while you sleep. It’s definitely not the most entertaining method of levelling, however, if you simply want to gather loads of loot and level up fast then this is an efficient and easy method that anyone can try.

Let me know what you think down in the comments. How many power levels did you manage to gain in a short time, and what Season 11 loot did you get to drop for you?

That’s it for this guide for Endless Umbral engram farming for super fast power-levelling in Season of Arrivals. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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