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Destiny 2 – How to complete the Contact Public Event Guide (Heroic, Access and Loot)

Season of Arrivals kicked off yesterday and with it comes a new event called Contact. This is the new PVE activity for the season that’s kind of like a cross between Gambit and the Seraph Towers, with some champions thrown in for good measure. The following is a guide for how to complete the Contact Public Event Guide (Heroic, Access and Loot).

Contact is the new PVE activity for Season of Arrivals. This is a public event on Io in the shadow on the newly arrived Pyramid Ships. This is an iteration on the previous public event we had back in Season of the Worthy with the Seraph Tower public event, mixing Gambit like mechanics with champions and some Orbs too.

To access Contact you’ll want to run through the first story mission. This involves investigating Io and trying to re-establish contact with Eris Morn. Run through the mission and pick up the Seed of the Silver Wings at the end of the mission. Then go and speak to Drifter and he’ll give you a little back story including wanting to contain the Darkness with Eris wanting to use the Darkness to charge the Seed to cut through the interference and understand the hidden messages.

Once you’ve spoken to the Drifter and picked up the Seed of Silver Wings, this acts as the seasonal artifact for Season 11. You’ll also see an in-game popup saying you now have access to Contact, which can be found on Io. Head on over to Io and look out for the marker on the map.

When you’re on Io you’ll either see the event in progress, or you’ll have to place down a beacon in a circle on the floor to kick off the event. The objective of the event is to get through the waves of the event and then defeat the final boss at the end. The event is 1040 and is much easier to go in with a fireteam you know, rather than randoms. But it is still possible to go in with randoms, however, if you are aiming for the heroic completion then a fireteam is a good way to go.

Once you start the event you’ll be faced with a bunch of enemies and you’ll want to kill these and bank the motes of darkness into the Gambit style mote bank found at the centre of the event. You can carry 10 motes at a time and you’ll want to bank them as soon as possible. There are rounds in total for this event and to get through each round you’ll need to charge up the bank, and you can see a percentage number going up on the left-hand side.

During each round, normally in the final 3rd, you’ll notice a laser coming out of the Darkness mini-ship floating in the air. This laser points to an Orb and some Champions that spawn in each round. You’ll want to get rid of the champions and then bring the orb to the bank and deposit that too.

As well as regular enemies like Cabal and Vex attack you throughout the event, Taken will spawn in as look-out scouts of Savathun. You’ll want to take these out as soon as possible, as they will lock down the bank making it impossible for you to deposit motes of darkness.

Work your wave through the waves, killing enemies, banking motes and all 3 orbs where the Champions spawn and this will lead to the Heroic mode of the Contact event in the 4th Rounds. You’ll know that Heroic has been triggered by the Taken Pryomaster spawning in. This guy is a bit of a bruiser and has 3 sections to his health bar.

Once he drops a shield you’ll want to keep an eye out for lasers that beam down onto the map once again, where there will be a taken blight. Take out the Taken that spawn and the blight 3 times to bust through the shields to ultimately take down the final boss. It can be tough at the start of this event with everyone under level, so if you’re going to go for the Heroic Mode then try to go in with a fireteam, although it is possible with randoms too.

Eriana’s Vow is a good weapon to go in with if you have access to that and mods on your seasonal artifact are going to be useful for the champions. There are some really useful swords that drop in the season which not only look awesome but can offer some very high-impact damage too. The new Seasonal Exotic is also very good, Witherhoard. Whisper of the Worm and Xenophage are useful for the bosses and taking things down as fast as you can.

Once you complete the event for the first time, you’ll get an Umbral engram which you then take to Drifter and he’ll take you through the process of focusing engrams so you can choose the loot you get out of Season of Arrivals. The look of the loot this season is pretty cool, and the narrative of Darkness infused engrams and weapons is very interesting. I’ll do a more in-depth guide later on Umbral engrams and loot and how to focus weapons and armour.

As always, let me know what you think down in the comments. What do you think of the Contact event? Let me know what loot dropped for you.

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