Get Ready For Some Destruction With The Almighty And Bungie’s First Live Event In Destiny 2

The Almighty has been on a crash course with The Last City all season with the Cabal using their ship as a suicide weapon in a last-ditch attempt at revenge. Throughout Season of the Worthy, we’ve been powering up Rasputin hoping that he’ll unleash his full power and blast the Almighty out of the sky and save us. Rasputin is at full power and we’re approaching the time when we’re going to blow this thing out of the sky in Destiny 2’s first live event. The following is a look at The Almighty And Bungie’s First Live Event In Destiny 2.

Yesterday Bungie posted this notification on Twitter.

We had been thinking before this would be a regular old cutscene, much like Bungie has done in the past, but this appears like it’s going to be an in-game live event, much like games like Fortnite have done in the recent past with their black hole.

Lars Bakken, Creative Lead at Bungie, says we should be in the Tower at reset time today, Saturday 6th June 2020 to witness the events.

Let’s have a look at the story so far.

Back at the start of the season, The Almighty was reintroduced as an interesting chess piece on the board. During Season of Dawn, we battled The Cabal one more time in the Sundial activity, taking out a faction of Psion Flayers that had seemingly gone rogue. Zavala and Ana Bray boarded the Almighty and battled The Cabal aboard the ship, only to find out the controls have been taken out and the solar weapon had been sent on a collision course with earth.

The Guardians were ill-equipped to take out The Almighty on their own, which led to seeking the help of The Warmind Rasputin on Mars. After talking to Ana Bray, our Guardian spoke with Raputin directly to ask for help. The ancient Warmind agreed to help by rearming his systems, but he’d need our help to do so. We’d have to clear out the Seraph Bunker on the EDZ and manually flip a switch there to allow Rasputin to start to forge weaponry for us.

Once the initial bunker was cleared, we were then introduced to the Seraph Tower event. Through clearing out waves of Fallen and Cabal we were helping The Warmind in production of satellites that would be stored in the bunkers over the course of the season only to be launched later. Rasputin was preparing for his assault on The Almighty.

There were 3 bunkers in the Solar System – EDZ, the Moon and Io. Once we cleared out the bunker on Io, we saw another looming threat about to enter our system. This was an ancient threat, even greater than the huge solar weapon that was hurtling towards the Last City. Rasputin and Zavala had a confrontation with Zavala questioning Rasputin’s grasps of the stake here. Rasputin answered Zavala by showing him exactly how close The Darkness was, showing us that we’re surrounded. After a few tense moments, Zavala and Rasputin come to an agreement with Zavala granting whatever resources The Warmind needs in the upcoming battle against The Darkness.

Guardians have been suspicious of Rasputin’s motives since the original Collapse. This was demonstrated by Osiris storming into Rasputin’s chamber on Mars at the end of Season of Dawn calling The Warmind a “thug” and a “traitor”.

Rasputin was originally a safety AI stored in a satellite used as an emergency response system for pre-Golden Age space stations, useful mainly for system diagnostics. By the Golden Age, the corporation Clovis Bray took the code of the safety AI and programmed it into an interplanetary defence system with sentience; becoming the most powerful military intelligence ever developed. Ana Bray was responsible for teaching Rasputin language, which she accomplished by uploading a massive compilation of human works of literature into his network.

Rasputin was the one to first discover the coming of the Darkness. At that time, Rasputin’s original core programming was to protect humanity. However, every action he had taken to that point had either failed or was statistically predicted to have a 100% probability of failure. Once it became clear that no conceivable action could be taken to fulfil his core programming, he implemented a protocol known as MIDNIGHT EXIGENT and reconfigured his core programming to that of long term survival, abandoning his previous function and going dark, while simultaneously ordering all remaining forces at his disposal to do the same.

Unknown to the other Warminds, however, Rasputin had made his own preparations, known as the “ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE.” If humanity was threatened with extinction, and that the Traveler attempted to leave, Rasputin would open fire with his most powerful weapons to immobilize the Traveler and thereby coerce it into a “pseudoaltruistic” defensive action. In effect, the Traveler would be forced to protect humanity if it wanted to survive. Rasputin would avoid culpability for such an attack by initiating it through a series of proxies. Even before the Collapse, Rasputin had been discreetly stockpiling such weapons in the Cosmodrome, though some human operators suspected Rasputin’s involvement.

Rasputin left an active presence on Earth and disconnected from the Mindlab on Mars. Having remained dormant during the Dark Age, he was alerted to an asset gone rogue: SIDDHARTHA GOLEM having been resurrected by a Ghost to become a Light-bearer named Felwinter. Enraged at the loss of his “son” to the Light, Rasputin sent falling Warsats and armies of militarized frames to terminate the now-Risen Exo, but all failed to kill Felwinter. It soon laid a trap promising Felwinter and the Iron Lords SIVA, powerful nanotechnology capable of disassembling matter and reconstituting it into almost any desired form.

Unfortunately, despite Lord Felwinter’s attempts to reason with him, Rasputin immediately activated all of its defensive measures against the Iron Lords including SIVA. By then, Rasputin had programmed SIVA to kill not only Felwinter but the other Iron Lords as collateral. Realizing that they had been arrogant and that SIVA posed a significant threat to the world, the Iron Lords fought back. Hundreds of the Iron Wolves perished in the battle for the Plaguelands, with the eight of the founding ten Iron Lords sacrificing themselves to seal SIVA within its replication chamber. Only Saladin Forge and Efrideet survived. Rasputin, content that the trespassers had been ejected from its facilities, withdrew its countermeasures and began passive observation of the Guardians. However, he would be left melancholic over the death of Felwinter and the damage had irrevocably caused.

That’s why Guardians have been suspicious of Rasputin, as he has a history of using whatever means necessary and he’s left plenty of dead Guardians in his wake.

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen the appearance of The Almighty in the skybox of the Tower as it hurtles towards us. If you head into the Tower you can see The Almighty looming in front of the sun and in the last few resets it’s been getting bigger and bigger.

What could happen here? We’re all expecting, and hoping, Rasputin will shoot down The Almighty and stop it in its tracks. Ana Bray is certainly confident that’s going to happen, but Rasputin’s power is great and if it’s misdirected then we could see some trouble. You could assume as we’ve been assembling satellites all season that the satellites, controlled by the Warmind, could all shoot lasers at the same time at The Almighty, taking out the ship before it hits the Last City. But what if Rasputin misses? Or what if his weapons are misused, or get into the wrong hands? We don’t have long now to wait and find out.

Make sure you’re in the Tower at reset time today as it’s all going to go down there, live in Destiny 2. I’m going to be streaming the event live on youtube, so if you want to come and hang out and check out what happens with the conclusion of the story in Season of the Worthy, then join me here live.

As always, let me know what you think down in the comments. What do you think is going to happen with The Almighty – is Rasputin going to pull through for us, or are we going to be unable to stop it and the Tower is going to get destroyed?

That’s it for this look The Almighty And Bungie’s First Live Event In Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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