Destiny 2 – The Almighty Live Event – What happened and where do we go next?

The first-ever live event just went down in Destiny with the destruction of The Almighty. This was the culmination of the story in Season of the Worthy. So what happened, and where do we go next? The following is a look at The Almighty live event in Destiny 2.

The Almighty was set on a crash course with The Last City this season by The Cabal, and it’s been getting closer and closer in recent weeks. Today, Bungie ran their first-ever live event in Destiny 2. Before we go any further, let’s check out what happened.

We all arrived in the Tower and everyone grabbed a seat and we were all looking up into the sky at a now HUGE Almighty coming in hot towards the Tower.

Rasputin then activated the satellites which shot lasers that hurtled towards the Almighty. As the Almighty started to block out the sun, you could see the lasers coming in from the top and the bottom.

We had thought that maybe Rasputin wasn’t going to show up. However, with the lasers tearing through the sky The Almighty only had a few minutes left.

Rasputin started striking The Almighty from the top, bottom and the side with thousands of shots, slowly breaking the ship down. You could see the sparks flying off the Almighty from the Tower.

Then, the core exploded, but it was still in the sky. You could see the fires burning hot on the Almighty, but it was still in the sky… and then it happened. White light filled the sky and The Almighty was torn into pieces. Unfortunately, a huge piece broke off and was heading towards us.

Luckily it passed us by, crashed into the mountains – but we could all feel the force from the Tower. With that, the Almighty was no more.

The Tower wasn’t so lucky though, as the back of Eververse got damaged pretty badly. Everyone in the Tower could inspect the damage site and pick up an emblem.

After the event, if you head on over to see Ana she’s got some new text for us, in celebration of Rasputin coming through for us. I guess we now have a powerful ally, and we’re going to need everything we can get for the oncoming battle against The Darkness.

Overall, I enjoyed the event. It was spread out over 90 mins and arguably could have been faster. I think Bungie is dipping their toe in the live events space, and in terms of building hype and getting everyone into the Tower to have a shared moment that you had to be there for I think it succeeded. I think our expectations have been set by bigger events in other games, and that’s not to say Bungie couldn’t do something like that in the future.

Season of the Worthy has been wrapped up and the next stop is the Fall DLC and Season 11 reveal on Tuesday. See you there for the live stream and let the hype train begin for the next chapter in Destiny!

As always, let me know what you think down in the comments. What do you think of the live event and would you like to see more of this kind of storytelling in the future in Destiny 2?

That’s it for this look The Almighty And Bungie’s First Live Event In Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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