Destiny 2 – New Pyramid Ships cutscene as The Almighty gets ever closer

It’s the final week of Season of the Worthy and it looks like Bungie still has a few surprises up its sleeve. If you were expecting to log in and see the conclusion of the story with the Almighty, then think again as it looks like Bungie has something different in store this time. The following is a look at the new pyramid cutscene as The Almighty gets ever closer.

When you log onto Destiny 2 this week you’ll get a new cutscene showing the arrival of the Pyramid Ships as you can see them gliding by Jupiter. Let’s have a look at the cutscene.

It’s a short one that had been leaked some weeks back, however, that music still gives me chills.

This checks out with Rasputin’s latest reading on the position of the ships, as you can see his big board with glowing dots is now covered with pyramid ships coming this way. At this point, it’s difficult to know what’s going to stop them. I’m sure we’ll know more soon, but at this point, it’s looking pretty grim.

Ana Bray, on the other hand, is looking pretty pleased with herself and is all kinds of chirpy, considering we have a huge space ship turned mega weapon heading directly towards the Last City. If you head over to Mars you can speak to her.

“Big red is locked and loaded” Ana beams at Rasputin’s hologram, rattling off statistics and terminology. Ghost Bobs along in the know.

“This would be impossible without Zavala acting as a firebrand.” She turns introspective for a moment. “It’s easy to find reasons to stay away from when you’re isolated. Easy to forget what kept us close. Coming together, we won the Gap, and it’s going to knock the Almighty out of the Sky. It’ll be how we meet the future.”

Ana’s stature rises, proud and decisive.

“When this is over Sol will be so much more open to is. Red’s new defence matrix is scaffold. We could even plop a nice colony down in his shadow on Mars. Just talking about a few settlements gives me goose pimples!”

She feigns a shiver and cracks a wide smile at you. “Goodbye war with the Cabal. Hello, second Golden Age. The future is bright, Guardian. Shine on.”

I’m glad Ana is feeling confident because the Almighty is damn close right now. If you go into the Tower and find the sun, then have a look into it and you can see The Almighty is right there in full view. I have to say, I’m not as confident as Ana.

It might be worth telling her to go and have a look at one of those Bunkers and check out where the Pyramid Ships are as they are right around the corner. Also, Ana and Rasputin seem pretty close, as she acts as our Warmind Whisperer… why doesn’t she know about them?

Another new thing this week is we have some new music in the Tower again, for the second week running. The dramatic tone is being ramped up in the Destiny world. Ana’s too happy and confident for my liking, I think we’re going to be getting a curveball. Bungie normally gives us a trailer, or something a week before the new season and at the moment we don’t have anything that leads into Season 11.

We do have a small teaser that was accidentally dropped early on DestinyTheGame’s social accounts yesterday. There are a few new details emerged related to the Fall DLC. It appears as if Eris is holding a Charge with Light and pushing through ‘something’ with it. This could be related to Mara Sov and her imminent return to Destiny 2. There has been talk in the community of an ‘Avengers Assemble’ moment, where we gather powerful allies such as Rasputin, Osiris, Saint-14, Eris and Mara herself.

There are a few steps through to complete before we get to Europa. I am hoping this is going to be a fun week in the world of Destiny, with the end of the Almighty, a season 11 tease which will then lead into the fall DLC hype.

We may have to wait until reset next Tuesday to see the conclusion, but I have a funny feeling we’re going to be in for some surprises. Bungie’s keeping their cards close to their chest on the next steps for Destiny 2.

As always, let me know what you think down in the comments. How do you think we’re going to close out the season and what’s going to happen in Season 11 leading up to heading to Europa in the fall?

That’s it for this look at the new pyramid cutscene in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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