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Destiny 2 – New trailer leak! Fall expansion teaser plus new location

A video appeared for a short time on DestinyTheGame’s Instagram page today. We’ve been speculating for weeks about the where the story is going with the Almighty hurtling towards us, the Pyramid Ships getting ever closer and mysterious audio being dropped on Twitter that hint towards the Pyramid Ships. The following is a look at the new trailer leak, the fall expansion teaser trailer plus new location.

Last week Bungie dropped some mysterious audio on Twitter that started to give us clues about the next steps for Season 11 and beyond in Destiny 2. In the last few minutes, a teaser trailer has been dropped onto Instagram by DestinyTheGame.

Let’s check out the teaser now.

It shows Eris Morn battling through the ice and wind. The community had been speculating over the past few days we could be headed to Enceladus which is a moon of Saturn, however, this teaser appears to point to another icy moon around Jupiter called Europa. Eris appears to have the remnants of the Darkness on her hand as it glows in the icy cold wind.

The caption on the post says “The next chapter of Destiny 2 is almost here. Tune in for the unveiling at 6 pm CEST on June 9”. This lines up with Bungie’s last update from Deej saying we’d learn about the next season at the same time as the reveal for the next chapter in the fall. The word ‘Unveiling’ is particularly interesting, as we’re supposedly going to be meeting a new race The Veil that occupy the Pyramid Ships.

This could be something that was supposed to drop tomorrow, as I’d imagine Bungie wants to build hype for the start of the new season and the fall DLC very soon, so I’d expect this to drop on social media tomorrow. We also have the final part of the Almighty Story wrapping up tomorrow – and Bungie has been very coy on the detail, so we’ll have to see if Rasputin comes through for us, or perhaps the Darkness shoot the ship out of the sky. We don’t have long to wait now…

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the teaser. Where do you think this location is and what do you think Eris is doing there?

That’s it for this look at the new trailer leak, the fall expansion teaser trailer plus new location. Thanks for

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