Destiny 2 – Warlock PVE build with Verity’s Brow

Warlock’s really know how to bring the space-magic feel to Destiny and this build today definitely brings that feeling – with added electricity, grenades and supers. The following is a Warlock PVE build with Verity’s Brow.

This build is about charging up your grenades as fast as possible with Death Throes from Verity’s Brow as well as a combination of weapons and mods. The grenades are using to cause damage to all that get ion your path while doubling up as charging up your super as fast as possible.

There’s a few options to this build – you can either focus on chaining your enemies in lightning or charge up grenades as fast as possible for huge damage and multiple supers. Whichever option you choose, this build is a lot of fun and definitely one to try our if you’re a Warlock main.

The ingredients for this build are as follows:

  • Attunement of Conduction
  • Verity’s Brow (Exotic Helmet)
  • Weapons: Risk Runner or Demolitionist perks and Blast Furnace
  • Mods: Tyrants Surge, Lightning Strikes Twice

Let’s have a look at the build in little more detail:

Subclass – Attunement of Conduction (Top tree Stormcaller)

Chain Lightning – This electrocuting melee ability chains lightning from the struck target to nearby enemies.

Transcendence – When cast with full grenade and melee energy, Stormtrance lasts longer and fully restores health.

Ionic Blink – Activate to teleport during Stormtrance.

Arc Web – Enemies damaged by your Grandes chain deadly lightning to nearby enemies. Each grenade or melee chain returns grenade energy.

As this build is focused on grenades we’re going to be using that Arc Web to our advantage, not only does it chain electricity to nearby enemies by we also get the added bonus of returning grenade ability too. This can be used in conjunction with Ashes to Assets to charge our super ability faster.

Exotic Armour – Verity’s Brow

This was introduced during season 3 of Destiny 2 and comes with the intrinsic perk called The Fourth Magic. Energy Weapon kills grant Death Throes, which provide a bonus to the damage of your grenades and grants grenade energy. When you have death throes and throw a grenade, nearby allies gain greatly increased grenade recuperation for a short time.

We’re going to be utilising Death Throes to charge up the damage for our grenades, which we’re going to be getting back more often thanks to Arc Web from our subclass, plus the additional recharge rate from Death Throes itself. This also offers the bonus to fireteam members offering up buffs to their grenade recharge rate too, so everyone’s going to be throwing grenades left, right and centre.

For an added bonus this one also comes with Pulse Rifle targeting and special ammo finder. We’re going to use this in conjunction with Blast Furnace in our Kinetic slot.

Weapons – Blast Furnace, Risk Runner or Demolitionist

We have a couple of options when it comes to weapons. First of all, I’m using Blast Furnace in the Kinetic Slot for some range, and in the Energy slot, I’m torn between my Bug-Out Bag (which has the Demolitionist perk for additional grenade recharge rate) and Risk Runner.

If you want to focus on recharging those grenades faster then I’d recommend going with a weapon that has the Demolitionist perk in this slot. However, Risk Runner feels very good in this build. I tended to swap between them throughout my session. Have a go with them both and see what feels good for you.

Risk Runner is good if you’re going to be going up against tanky enemies offering up Arc Damage, as the intrinsic perk on Risk Runner is Arc Conductor. When taking Arc Damage the weapon becomes more powerful and resists incoming Arc Damage. Kills extend the time in this overcharged state. It also has a perk called Super Conductor, when Arc Conductor is active shots fired have the chance the become chain lightning and return ammo.

This works well with the subclass element Chain Lightning, as you could have a higher chance to chain enemies together with lightning. Both have pretty good benefits and are a lot of fun. Having played with the build for a little while I tend to prefer Risk Runner as you do get the recharge bonus on grenades from Verity’s Brow. Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments.


Ashes to Assets – Gain bonus super energy on grenade kills.

Tyrants Surge – Dealing damage with Arc melee, Super and grenade abilities spawns a Warmind Cell.

Lightning Strikes Twice – After throwing an Arc grenade, gain increased grenade recharge for a short time. Arc final blows extend this benefit.

Ashes to Assets is great and is going to help you charge up your super much faster. If you’re running with Demolitionist weapons, that combined with Death Throes from Verity’s Brow and Arc Web from your subclass means you’re going to be getting grenades a lot.

At the time of making this guide Tyrants Surge and Lightning Strikes Twice mods are available in the Season of the Worthy, but they will be going away at the end of the Season. However, we have seen Bungie return good moods through the Gunsmith, and I’d imagine they’ll bring these ones back at some point. They are optional for the build but pick them up if they are available at the time you’re checking out this guide.

Let’s put the build together for some gameplay. I went into Blind Well to test this one out on a few Tier III runs.

  • Get kills with energy weapons to grant Death Throes to recharge grenades
  • Throw grenades that have been charged with Death Throes for more damage
  • Get Super energy from grenade kills with Ashes to Assets
  • Arc Web and Death Throes recharge grenades
  • Throw more grenades
  • Unleash Super
  • Chain together lightning attacks
  • Repeat and clear out those enemies!

The optional mods will help you by spawning Warmind Cells and recharging those grenades faster with Lightning Strikes Twice. If you don’t have Lightning Strikes Twice, then I’d swap out Risk Runner for Demolitionist weapons for a substitute.

Let me know how you get on with the build, and as always let me know how I could make it better down in the comments below. If you have a great build you want to charge with other guardians, either drop by the This Week In Video Games Discord or add it in the comments and I’ll check it out and perhaps make a video on it with a shout out of course!

That’s it for this guide on a Warlock PVE build with Verity’s Brow. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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