Unreal Engine 5 announced with PlayStation 5 gameplay

Epic Games showed off today PlayStation 5 gameplay with their reveal of Unreal Engine 5. This is what we’ve been waiting for – next-generation graphics that make you sit back and go wow. The following is a look at Unreal Engine 5 announced with PlayStation 5 gameplay.

Following hot on the heels of Xbox last week, I had been wondering if now was the right time or now for PlayStation to reveal their hand. Given Microsoft had touted last week’s showcase as gameplay reveal, and left many fans confused after a lacklustre trailer, this latest showcase from Summer Games Fest today started showing us what we’ve all been waiting for.

Some of the features that had been discussed before now have been specs like SSD and improved load times, and actually showing off next-gen features sounded like a tough task, especially after last week’s Xbox showcase with many of the announced games set to run at a minimum of 30 fps.

Employees from Epic Games came out and unveiled the Unreal Engine 5 supposedly running on the PlayStation 5 engine. Time will tell as to what the games actually look like, but in terms of building hype for next-gen – this was it. We’ve been waiting for a real demonstration and visualisation of what next-generation could be and this trailer was jaw-dropping.

The visuals are incredible with a level of detail and lighting we haven’t yet seen. There was a couple of new features shown off for Unreal Engine 5 which included Dynamic Global Illumination and truly virtualised geometry. It sounded like this might add up to workflow improvements for developers, however, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. A new technology called Nanite was named and then shown in the subsequent trailer.

The game that was shown off was somewhere between Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia. A woman is making her way through some ruins where we get to see the incredible lighting in the shadows. She climbs up some rocks and into a tomb, where she then opens the roof for the sun to reveal the treasures in the room. She then walks up to door leading out to a ledge where we can see this incredible view, it was similar to the first time we saw the horizon in Breath of the Wild. She then proceeds to jump out of the window and fly off into the distance.

It was amazing to watch. We’re probably not going to get games that look like this until a few years down the line into the lifecycle of the next generation as developers will have to get used to the new engine and tools.

This is the step-up we’ve been waiting for and it’s truly exciting stuff. It’s probably best to keep expectations in check until we actually see this running on a PS5 and some of the games for ourself, and it’ll be interesting to see what Sony shows off in the next few weeks as we’re rumoured to have a PS5 event in early June. What this does give us is our first glimpse into what next-generation could be.

Check out the gameplay for yourself and let me know down in the comments what you think.

That’s it for this look at Unreal Engine 5 announced with PlayStation 5 gameplay. For more features check out This Week In Video Games.

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