Destiny 2 – ‘The Lie’ quest and community event live

There have been rumours in the community for some time now about a secret quest coming to Destiny 2 to close out Season of the Worthy, and with today’s reset that is now live in the game! The first step of the event is community-focused, much like we’ve seen in previous seasons with the community kills on Mars and Fractaline donations. The following is a look at the ‘The Lie’ quest and community event live in Destiny 2.

The community has been speculating around some data mined info leaked a few weeks ago, but it looks like the rumoured quest is now live in the game. You’ll get a little notification in the directory when you log in saying go and visit Ana on Mars to begin.

Head on over to Mars and speak to Ana and then pick up the quest. This is where things get interesting, as we’re going to need to put in a fair amount of work as a community on this first step.

The quest is called The Lie and when you speak to Ana the text reads “Rasputin’s asking for a favour, it’s a little strange. He says he wants to… get to know you better”.

Then when you have a look at the quest in your quests tab the text reads “Rasputin wants a closer look at how Guardians work. Help him set up a network of defences. Complete public events as a community on three destinations: EDZ, Moon and Io”.

When I first read this I went straight away to the Seraph Tower on the EDZ, but no one was there. I then had a look at public events, as the text was a little bit confusing on the quest step itself, referencing public events (even though the EDZ, Moon, Io was a big clue).

I then went back to complete a Seraph Tower event on the EDZ, but when I finished it up I had a look at the percentages and they hadn’t got up at all.

The key piece of text on the quest is “as a community” and it looks like we’re going to need to complete 3 million Serpah Tower events on each location. However, it’s not quite as insane as you’d imagine. For each Guardian that completes the event, you get a completion. So if you have 3 in your instance then you’ll get 3 completions and if you have 5 in your instance then you’ll get 5 to go towards the community total.

At the moment we’re at 1% on each location and we’re only an hour from the start of the event. If we continue at this rate then it’s going to take approx 4 days to complete and get to the next step of the quest.

Hopefully, the rate should speed up over the next few hours and days, and we’ll all focus on Sepaph Tower events and get to the 9 million faster than 4 days.

This is just the first step fo the quest, which should eventually lead us back to Felwinter’s Lie. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this week Iron Banner and Lord Saladin is back in the Tower, with Felwinter’s relationship to the Iron Lords. Will we go back to Felwinter’s Peak? Why does Rasputin want to get to know us better?

All should be revealed over the coming days. But for now, get out there and get stuck into the community event and let’s see if we can jump-start these progress bars and get to 100% on EDZ, Io and the Moon as fast as we can.

I’ll be back with updates as and when they happen.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the quest, do you like the community element and what do you think is going to happen with Rasputin and the potential returning Iron Lord?

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