Destiny 2 – The Explosive End to Season of the Worthy plus next season predictions

Season of the Worthy is coming to a close in a few week’s time has seen the return of Trials of Osiris, The Warmind Rasputin and the first-ever Guardian Games. The season has been a bit of a mixed bag but we could be on the verge of something very exciting. The following is a look at the explosive end to Season of the Worthy plus next season predictions.

This season we saw the return of Trials of Osiris, and although it’s got some pretty big issues right now, they can be addressed in following seasons and hopefully we’ll get into a better place with that very soon. The thing that has had me engaged this season is the moving forward of the narrative in the game.

We started out with Zavala and Ana Bray battling the Cabal, setting into motion their final stand and revenge for the defeat in the Red War by disabling the Almighty and sending it hurtling towards earth. We got acquainted with the Seraph Tower event whereby we’ve been constructing satellites to take out – or divert The Almighty.

One of the biggest story beats was when we discovered the bunker on Io, where we walked into a conversation with Rasputin and Zavala, where Rasputin proceeded to show the exact current position of the Pyramid Ships – sitting there just outside the solar system. We were surrounded. However, Zavala was savvy enough to strike a deal with the Warmind, even though suspicions of Rasputin are still there with his past dealings with Guardians.

Since that moment we’ve had a countdown clock in the game showing the week by week progress of the Pyramid Ships, and by now there’s a lot of them are they are most certainly coming. What’s not so certain is what they are coming for? According to our only meeting with the Darkness – they are our Salvation. Whether that means they’re going to kill everyone and everything in their path, or something else. We’re not sure yet. But it doesn’t look good, to be honest.

That’s currently where we are with the narrative. The Pyramids are on their way, and if the countdown timer is accurate then we’re likely to see them in some capacity in Season 11. But before we get to season 11, let’s have a look into what we could expect for the rest of Season 10. Guardian Games is about to be wrapped up, we’ve all been doing the Seraph Bunker activities for some time now… what’s the next narrative beat that’s going to lead into Season 11?

We’re approximately 3 weeks away from the end of the season and in the previous two seasons, we’ve had mini-events that connect the narrative. In Season of Undying, we had the Undying Mind. In Season of Dawn, we had the Empyrean Foundation and fractaline.

At this point, I’m going to discuss potential spoilers that have been data mined from the game. This is speculation at the moment, and things could change, but there’s enough evidence out there to suggest these are the next steps. If you don’t want to know, then consider this your spoiler warning and skip ahead.

We could be about to meet Felwinter, an old Iron Lord who we fought against back in Rise of Iron. Felwinter had been corrupted by SIVA, self-replicating nanotechnology developed by Clovis Bray. There are indicators in the data that we’ll resurrect Felwinter and perhaps save him in a secret mission. Felwinter’s Helm has been in the game all season, plus we saw someone wearing Felwinter’s helm in the trailer for the season, looking up at the sky at presumably The Almighty falling towards the Tower. It may be a random Warlock, or perhaps it could be Felwinter himself.

A Warlock wearing Felwinter’s Helm, or perhaps the real Felwinter in the Tower

Potentially related to the secret mission (rumoured to be called ‘The Lie’) is a room below the moon bunker that some Guardians have managed to glitch into. However, it’s very dark in there and you can’t see much at all. The room appears to have a hanging Warmind Core in there, surrounded by monitors. There was some concept art created by Dima Goryainov, and it looks like it’s going to be the in-game realisation of this work.

Concept by Dima Goryainov Senior Concept Artist at Bungie

There’s an excellent description by Dima to go along with the image that reads

“Early exploration for Rasputin.
In this version, Rasputin is represented by a hacked Sputnik-like satellite.
The idea being that he was built long before the rest of the Seraph tech was developed.
The rest of the set is a bit of an homage to Koji Morimoto’s “Magnetic Rose”.
The theatre space is an illusion.
As you enter, Rasputin sits across a long catwalk in a dark chamber.
You approach the machine and notice the low hum and blinking lights of what appear to be hundreds of servers stacked to either side, as well as below you.
Upon getting closer, space begins to transform.
You can’t quite make it out, but it sounds as if opera music is playing somewhere off in the distance.
The lights get brighter and the illusion begins to take shape.
Rasputin now rests on a stage. You look back at the servers and realize they are now filling the balcony seats around you.
Rasputin is in audience of himself, he is self-aware… “

The prize for the mission will be Felwinter’s Lie, an old shotgun from Destiny 1. This could be tied into the returning Iron Banner tomorrow, however, that could be merely coincidental timing. This is a legendary shotgun that was known for its awesome range. Shot Package was a feature of the shotgun that made this so deadly back in D1. It looks like this is going to be slightly modified for Destiny 2 in the form of a new shotgun frame type.

Felwinter and Rasputin are linked in some way and we should find out more from an upcoming Lore Book based around Felwinter. We don’t know many details on this right now, but hopefully, the story will play out in the game.

Beyond the stuff, with Felwinter we also have The Almighty approaching fast towards the Tower. Players have managed to glitch into an instance of the Tower where we can see some pretty significant surface damage to the Tower, so it maybe we manage to take out the Almighty at the very last minute.

Images by tic-toc26 and PaperMartin

I’m looking forward to seeing what Rasputin can do. At this point, we’ve all heard about the power of the Warmind, but I want to see Rasputin flex his armoury a little bit. If he’s going to help us in the oncoming battle against the Darkness then he’s going to need to get warmed up somehow.

Then we have the Pyramid ships. We know they’re approaching and we’ve seen a leaked short video of them passing Jupiter. This is likely to be in some kind of cutscene towards the end of the season, so perhaps after we get through Felwinter and blowing up the Almighty. You can imagine the elation in the Tower when we destroy the Almighty, only for the Pyramid ships to unveil themselves. They won’t be so easily stopped.

That leaves us with Season 11 and what we could expect. Year 3 of Destiny 2 has been about assembling powerful allies for the oncoming battle with the Darkness – Osiris, Saint-14, Rasputin and perhaps even Eris Morn, although we haven’t seen her since she touched that Darkness statue. Where do her loyalties lie now?

I would imagine Season 11 is going to be a build-up to the next DLC that will likely arrive in September or October. Destiny 2 released early September and so did Forsaken, however, Shadowkeep dropped early October in 2019, but I would imagine it’s going to be in that window just after Summer.

Bungie is going to want Season 11 to be big, and we’ve seen Luke Smith and others at Bungie discuss Season 11 earlier in the year where they likened the current and previous seasons to positioning the pieces and then we’ll see absolute chaos in Season 11. What that actually means in practice we’ll have to wait and see. Bungie did outline some major changes coming to Destiny 2 rewards, and I covered those here, however it’s unlikely we’re going to see the fruits of their work in a meaningful way until at least Season 12, the start of the new DLC.

I would expect us to be getting ready for the Darkness. I can see them flexing their power, maybe demonstrating their power in some way, perhaps by destroying Titan or another world out there close to their point of arrival. It’s likely to come to the fall expansion we’re going to be battling The Darkness, maybe boarding a Pyramid Ship and facing them head-on in a raid, so we’re going to need to get ready.

All this is speculation at the moment, especially the part about the fall expansion. However, with only 3 weeks left of the current season we’re about to get into the time when a trailer for season 11 will drop so we’re going to find out more very soon. Then after that Bungie is going to want to start the hype machine for the fall expansion. Last year these two events came very close together in the calendar with the release of Season of Opulence and the subsequent trailer for Shadowkeep. Bungie is on the slate as one of the companies to showcase their work with Microsoft for Xbox Series X.

Let me know down in the comments what you want from next season and how you think we’re going to lead up to the fall DLC.

That’s it for this look at the explosive end to Season of the Worthy plus next season predictions. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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