Destiny 2 – How to get Kindled Orchid (Legendary Hand Cannon)

The Black Armory Forges are full of good weapons and today we’re going to look at the Kindled Orchid. This is a good energy hand cannon that feels great to shoot and with the right roll – this one is deadly. The following is a guide for how to get Kindled Orchid in Destiny 2.

Pick up the frame from Ada-1

The first step is to go and pick up the frame from Ada-1. If you haven’t done any of the black armory frame quests before then there’s a short quest to do, but once you’ve done that chat with Ada-1 and pick up the hand cannon frame.

Basic Hand Cannon Frame

Now you’ve got the hand cannon frame there’s a few items to pick up Check out the quest and it’ll tell you where to go. First of all pick up the weapon core, I had to go to Nessus and to the Hallows down the well. However, when I did this the first time it wasn’t there, so I did have to load back in and then it appeared. The next step is to kill Vex and get 25 Unstable Radiolaria. There’s plenty of Vex on Nessus, so run around a bit and take out the time-travelling machines to give you the materials you need.

Hand Cannon Alpha Frame

Now the first step is done, it’s onto the Alpha Frame. For this step of the quest, we’ll need 25 multi-kills with a hand cannon and 75 Hive kills. For this step of the quest, I ran Savanthun’s Song strike on Titan.

Hand Cannon Beta Frame

Now we have the beta frame it’s time to get 30 precision kills with a hand cannon. You can do this in any activity that has a lot of enemies, so something like Altars of Sorrow, Escalation Protocol or Forge runs. I combined this with getting my Forge medals for Guardian Games, but the activity is really up to you.

Collect Radiant Seeds

Next up it’s time to collect Radiant Seeds. You’ll need 20 in total, and for this, I tend to run Forges as there’s always a stream of powerful enemies running at you, so you don’t really have to hunt them down.

Go see Ada-1

Once you have the Radiant Seeds you’ll want to head back to the Tower and give the items to Ada-1, and she’ll give you a Radiant Hand Cannon Frame in return.

Forge the weapon

The final step is to run the forge and the objective here is to light the ignition at the end, meaning you’ll need to complete the phases and then kill the final boss. Do this and Kindled Orchid will drop for you.

Kindled Orchid

This is a legendary, energy hand cannon in the 140rpm type with 10 in the magazine. It’s got great impact stats of 84, not bad stability of 56 and hidden recoil stats of 99. The curated roll comes with rampage for the increase in damage after kills and Kill Clip, where reloading after a kill increases damage. It also comes with Drop Mag for the increase in reload speed and Corkscrew Rifling for the increase in range, stability and handling.

Once you’ve got the weapon head out there into the wild and test out your new energy hand cannon.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Kindled Orchid. How do you think it compares with other hand cannons and what other Black Armory weapons did you get?

That’s it for this guide for how to get Kindled Orchid in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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