Destiny 2 – How to get Blast Furnace (Legendary Pulse Rifle)

Blast Furnace is a solid pulse rifle and one of the better weapons that comes from the Black Armory set. It’s easy to farm and depending on the perks, can be a good choice on PVE and PVP. The following is a guide for how to get Blast Furnace in Destiny 2.

The Forges are one of the best ways to farm for specific weapons, probably outside of the Menagerie. The formula is pretty simple, pick up the frame you want, do a few quest steps and then pick up the weapon with random rolls. Some of the weapons are good performers in their class, and today’s focus is on one of those… Blast Furnace.

Speak to Ada-1

To start head on over to see Ada-1 in the Annex at the Tower and pick up the Pulse Rifle Frame. Check out the requirements on the weapon and then head to that location.

Basic Pulse Rifle Frame

First of all, you want to pick up a couple of items. As always with these weapons, we’ll need a Weapon Core by opening a Black Armoury crate. My quest is telling me to head to Nessus in Artifacts Edge or the Hallows, so I head there, jump down the hole and find the crate.

We also have to find Compound Ether from the Fallen, so as I’m on Nessus I know Fallen hang out outside the Exodus Black, so I head to that landing location and mop up some Fallen.

Pulse Rifle Alpha Frame

Now we’ve done the first step it’s onto the alpha frame, where we have to get 30 precision kills and 75 Scorn kills. I ended up doing this step on the Tangled Shore with a combination of public events and finding them out there in the wild.

Pulse Rifle Beta Frame

Next up, it’s time to get Multi-kills with a pulse rifle. You’ll need 15 and I ended up staying on the Tangled Shore and picking off small groups of enemies there.

Pulse Rifle Calibrated Frame

Now you have the multi-kills complete, the next step is to pick up Radiant Seeds. For this, you need to kill 20 enemies. I jumped into a Forge, as there are lots of powerful enemies coming at you in waves, to this helps to get the step done nicely and quickly.

Go see Ada-1

Next up, go back to the Tower and speak to Ada. She’ll combine the Radiant Seeds and the Pulse Rifle frame and will give you the last step of the quest.

Forge the weapon

For the final part of this quest, hop into the daily forge found on the EDZ and ignite the Forge. Make sure you complete the two waves and kill the boss at the end. Once you do this, Blast Furnace will drop you for at the end.

Blast Furnace

This is an aggressive burst pulse rifle with 450 rpm and 39 in the magazine. Regarding the stats, it has a great range of 81 and pretty good stability of 68. The curated roll comes with Headseeker where body shots increase precision damage for a short time, Outlaw where precision kills decrease reload time and Tactical Mag for the increase in reload speed and a slight increase in magazine size. Mine has Outlaw and Ambitious Assasin.

Once you’ve got the weapon, head back into your favourite activity and start unloading.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Blast Furnace. How do you think it compares with other pulse rifles and what other Black Armory weapons did you get?

That’s it for this guide for how to get Blast Furnace in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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