Destiny 2 – How to get Xenophage (Exotic Machine Gun)

Xenophage is an exotic machine gun originally put into Destiny 2 during the Shadowkeep update. The quest to get the gun is relatively short compared to other exotic weapon quests, and you get to do a wide variety of activities. Bungie also buffed by +50% in Season of Dawn, so now is a great time to get it. The following is a guide for how to get Xenophage in Destiny 2.

Xenophage was originally released on October 29th 2019 with the Festival of the Lost seasonal event. A majority of this can be done solo and there are some unique parts of the quest which make it a little different from the rest. This one is only available right now to Shadowkeep DLC owners, but that may change in the future.

Pick up The Journey

To get started on this quest you’ll want to head to the moon, specifically the Sorrows Harbour Area and then head through the gates into the Red Keep. Once you’re inside, make your way forward and you’ll find a door to the left with runes above it. Head through that door.

Continue down the path and you’ll enter the Enduring Abyss and keep going. You’ll find a light on the ground and at this point, you want to look up and you’ll find an opening with a path. Jump up to this path and make your way through here. Keep going, and you’ll find the area where you had a chat with Eris in front of the Pyramid Ship.

There’s 4 statues in this area, 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Make you’re way up to the ones on the right, specifically the one furthest away from the door where you came in a closest to the Pyramid Ship. You should find that you can interact with the statue with the ‘Emerge from the Dark’ prompt. You’ll want to light up all four statues and go clockwise from the one you started at.

First top right, second bottom right, third-bottom left and finally top right. You know when you’re successful when you have the prompt ‘You have emerged from the dark – claim your path’ appear on the screen. Once you do this a chest will spawn and you can pick up the quest – The Journey.


For the first part of the quest, you’re going to be picking up an orb on a part of the moon and lighting some plates. There are a few steps to this, so it might be a good idea to practice a few times to cement your route as if you get them in the wrong order you’ll have to start again. Also, there’s no indicator until the final one for the way to go, so it’s good to have it fresh in the mind when you start.

To start this head to the Anchor of Light and you’ll find a huge tower with a radio mast looking thing on the top. There’s a building close to it with a door and it’s covered in yellow markings. Go inside the building and you’ll find the starting point for the orb. Interact with it where it says pick up the light and follow the path I take. There are 6 locations and you’ll be running back and forth around the Anchor of Light for a minute or so, interacting with the plates as you go.

The first plate is in the same room as where you picked up the orb so that one should be nice and easy to find. The second orb is across the way and you’ll want to hang a right and then left and jump over some rocks. The third one jumps back from where you came, near the gap in the ground and then head through the door after hanging right – you’ll find it in the darkness of the room. The fourth one is upon the tower, and you’ll need to jump up a few levels to get that. The fifth one is on the top of one of these moon bunkers, hidden in the corner and then the final once is found on the top of the big room elevated above ground (maybe a hexagon shape?).

There’s a timer, but don’t worry you should have plenty of time if you follow the route here. Once you get all the plates you’ll then be directed to the final place to finish up this step of the quest.


This part of the quests has you solving a puzzle and it includes all Lost Sectors on the moon. You’ll want to beat the Lost sectors as per normal and then on your way out, you’ll find a grid of runes on the wall. You’ll need to shoot specific runes to change the appearance, with the goal of getting all the same runes. At the top of the grid, in the middle, there’s a rune which acts as a key or guide showing you which one you want to transform all the runes into.

K1 Logistics (Archers Line)

  1. Top left
  2. Bottom left
  3. Middle
  4. Middle right

K1 Communion (Anchor of Light)

  1. Bottom left
  2. Bottom right
  3. Top middle
  4. Top middle

K1 Crew Quarters (Hellmouth)

  1. Top right
  2. Middle left
  3. Middle
  4. Bottom middle
  5. Bottom right
  6. Bottom right
  7. Bottom middle
  8. Bottom middle

K1 Revelation (Sorrow’s Harbour)

  1. Middle left
  2. Middle
  3. Middle
  4. Middle left
  5. Middle top
  6. Middle bottom
  7. Middle
  8. Middle right

Once you have got all of these you’ll have the path fragments and then you’ll get the next step of the quest which is Path Uncovered.

Path Uncovered

For this next step of the quest, you’ll need to head into the Pit of Hersey, the dungeon for Shadowkeep. To access this dungeon you’ll need to unlock the dungeon by completing runs of the Altars of Sorrow on the moon. I have a guide for that which you can find here.

Once you have opened up the dungeon you’ll need to make your way in there and do things slightly differently than if you were to complete as per normal. There’s a couple of parts to this and I’ll explain individually. First of all, though, it’s probably best to do this as part of a fireteam. So either bring in someone from your clan or find someone on LFG or the Bungie companion app. When I did this I put out a call saying I needed some help on Xenophage and someone stepped up within minutes and was one of the most helpful Guardians I’ve ever played with.

You’ll want to enter the Dungeon as per normal and make your way through the first phase. When you are finished with that it’s the second part you want to focus on. You’ll be faced with a wall of doors and you’ll want to make your way up towards the top left. There’s a bit of awkward jumping involved, but keep going and you’ll make it. Right at the back you’ll find a rune, interact with it and it’s onto the next step of the quest.

Once you’ve done this, continue on through the dungeon and make your way through the gap in the wall and onto the next encounter. Here you’ll be faced with two high powered Ogres, so you’ll want to try and avoid them at all costs (which can be tough sometimes). Make your way down to the part where you have the ravine to the left and there’s another plate with runes on it. Interact with the plate and then 3 platforms will appear in front of you. Jump out onto the 3rd platform and pick up the orb. The objective here is to take the orb to the door and use it to open the door.

Make your way back up from where you came and keep going around the tunnels until you find the door, making sure you don’t get blasted or quashed by the Ogres. Use the orb to open the door and then it’s onto the final step of the quest.

Defeat Volar, The Tempted

The final step of the quest is where you have to defeat a hidden mini-boss in the dungeon called Volar, The Tempted. Much like previous steps, it’s probably worth checking out the room and getting your bearings as if you don’t know where you’re going for this it can be a little complicated.

There are 4 elemental effects at play here including Thunderous (Arc), Fiery (Solar), Abyss (Void) and Neutral (Kinetic). The elemental effects indicated in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen tell you which orb to pick up in the room just before you get to the boss, and the runes above the orb match a location in the room with the Wizard. When the element is indicated on-screen, pick up the matching orb, dunk it in the right place and then use that element of weapon to damage the boss. Repeat this a few times and you’ll defeat Volar, The Tempted.

Pick up Xenophage from Eris Morn

Once you have completed that you can head back to the Moon, speak to Eris and she’ll give you Xenophage!

In update 2.7.0 for Season of the Dawn, Bungie buffed Xenophage, admitting it was a little bit lacklustre in the game.

  • Increased PvE damage by +50%
  • Increased PvP ammo from Heavy ammo crates to 4/6 (previously 3/4) on shared/non shared crates, respectively
  • Fixed an issue where this weapon would gain overall ammo when swapping from another power weapon to this weapon

Xenophage is a machine gun for the power slot. Its main perk is Pyrotoxin Rounds, which fires high-powered explosive ammo. It’s a solar weapon and has max stats for impact, pretty good range of 71 and has 120 rpm with 20 in the magazine. It’s a very strange machine gun, as normally they have a high rate of fire and lots of ammo… this one is a little different.

As well as Pyrotoxin Rounds is comes with Full Bore for that increase in range and a small decrease in stability, High Calibre Rounds which knock the target back further, Rangefinder and Composite Stock.

I think it’s a pretty good gun to add to the arsenal, and after the nerf to Izanagi’s burden this one is one of the highest DPS weapons in the game right now.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Xenophage. What did you think of the quest and what do you think of its performance in PVP and PVE?

That’s it for this guide for how to get Xenophage in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.

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