FFVII Remake: Chapter 1 – The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Final Fantasy VII Remake is here after years of waiting. In this walkthrough, I’ll go over how to get through Chapter 1 The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1, how to defeat the bosses and Cloud & Barrett’s weapons and abilities. The following is a guide for Chapter 1 The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

We’re introduced to Avalanche (Barrett, Jessie, Wedge and Biggs) and Cloud Strife. Cloud’s been hired for a job to help take out the Mako Reactor as an act of defiance against Shinra, a huge corporation sucking the lifeblood from the planet via huge Mako plants.

The first few encounters are our tutorial teaching us how to use basic attacks. First of all, take down the Security Guards using the attack button, and then walk around the corner and take out the other guards. In the second encounter, you can use abilities and practice dodging out the way.

Jump over the turnstile and take out the next 3 guards, here you can use blocking and it’s good to get used to the attack and defend styles. Once you’re done here, head up the stairs after Avalanche.

Once you’re at the top you’ll be introduced to chests and how to open them by interacting with them. Then once you have that item, head round the corner and you’ll see some boxes. Slice them open with the sword and you’ll find some items. When you’re wanding around the world keep your eyes open for chests and boxes to pick up useful items like potions and Mako Shards. Make your way towards Jessie, Wedge and Biggs and once you’re done talking with them have a chat with Barrett.

There’s a cut scene at this point and once that’s done go downstairs and take care of the security plus the dogs. Here you can experiment with spells as the dogs don’t like your fire spells that much. Finish them off and follow the gang.

Head up the lift and exit to the left, check out the boxes to make sure you pick up the items inside. Head towards the gang as they’re cutting a hole in the fence, but you’ll be told to wait behind and deal with the oncoming guards and dogs. Take them out and then continue through the hole in the fence. Follow the path around and then take out the remaining security guards. Head towards the door and flip the switch.

Have a chat with Biggs and he’ll hack the doors so you can enter. There are a few Security Guards in your way and you’ll be introduced to the Punisher Mode and Operator mode. You can switch between these modes in the attack. Punisher mode is a strong attack but you tend to move a little slower.

Once you have finished up the Security Guards chat with Jessie and help her open the doors. Pick up the items in the boxes in the rooms, making sure you pick up the Phoenix Down. This allows you to revive teammates if they get downed in battle. Once you have this, make your way down in the lift.

Next up Barret will join your party and you’ll be introduced to multiple party members. You can switch between Cloud and Barret at any time by pressing the direction on the d-pad.

Barret is useful as he has ranged attacks and you can use his gun to take out the turrets. His standard attach uses his gun on his arm and he also has a strong attack which is Overcharge, charging up a stronger blast to use against opponents. He has a couple of abilities including Steelskin and Focused shot and has Lightning and Heal Materia equipped by default (this is going to come in handy for the boss later).

Finish up taking out the turrets and the enemies and then make your way to Jessie, who’s waiting for you by the security lasers.

Keep close to Jessie and make your way through the red lasers. Wait by them until there’s a good opportunity to run through, and beware the pattern of the second round of red lasers as they are different from the first. After you’ve made your way through the lasers then it’s time to face the first mini-boss – The Sweeper.

The Sweeper

Before you start it’s probably worth healing up, which could include potions found in boxes and other items. Barret also has healing abilities which you can use too.

The Sweeper will rush towards you shooting with it’s mounted machine guns. When you attack take notice of the ‘Pressured’ bar below it’s health meter. Fill this up and you can stagger the enemy. This means it’s temporarily defenceless and it can take more damage. Wehn staggered try and use attacks that increase the amount of damage including Cloud’s Punisher attacks and Barret’s Overcharge. Magic is also useful on The Sweeper.

Takedown the Sweeper and then follow Jessie through the warehouse. Head down the ladders and pick up the items you find in-boxes. Keep an eye out for boxes as the items inside will come in handy for boss fights or harder enemies.

Keep following the path and you’ll find Sentry and Monodrive enemies. Switch to Barret to take out the airborne enemies from a distance or use Cloud to jump up and attack with the sword, however, Barret’s long-range abilities come in handy here.

Once you’re done slice open the boxes and pick up the Mako Shard and the Ether. Ether is useful for refilling the magic meter and abilities. Keep following the path and make your way down via the ladders.

You’ll now be faced with the reactor and you have to set the charge. There’s a decision point where you can choose between 20 and 30 mins. It doesn’t really matter which option you choose, as you should have plenty of time to make your way out of the reactor once the timer starts. Barret does comment on how cocky you are if you select 20 mins, but otherwise, that’s it.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss

The Scorpion Sentinel is the first big challenge in the game and has a few phases to the boss battle. There’s a few tips and tricks you can use.

Use Cloud and Barret to attack the Scorpion, being careful to get too close as the Scorpion will grab you. You can use magic on it to help break it’s Field Generator.

Once you have it’s health down about a third of the way, it jumps onto the wall and starts to attack from range. Switch up to Barret and use range attacks with his arm gun. Try and heal up regularly throughout the battle using potions and topping up your abilities meter too.

Focus attacks on the Scorpion and build up the pressure meter if you can. Attack with a combination of magic, range attacks and close attacks. Switch between Cloud and Barret and get used to cycling between party members throughout the battle. Once you have the health down by half, the second phase will begin.

The Scorpion is now pretty mad, and he’ll try and burn you with a laser beam coming out of its tail. Two piles of trash will appear and you’ll want to hide behind those for protection. The Scorpion also has a close-range electric field attack, so keep your distance. Keep up the pressure until it starts to auto repair, where you’ll be directed to take out its legs and body.

Once you do this, destroy the Scorpion and you’re done!

Escaping the Mako Reactor

The Scorpion managed to somehow press the button on the timer and the countdown has begun, the bomb is going to go off and the only thing left to do is escape.

Head back the way you came, up the ladders and watch out for the falling debris as Cloud will get knocked onto the ledge leaving him dangling there by his fingertips. Head to the left and then help out Jessie who’s had a big chunk of concrete land on her leg.

Keep making your way up remembering to pick up the items in the boxes as you go. Meet up again with Barret and take out the enemies in the room before running through a crumbling reactor. Pick up the rest of the Avalanche crew and help out Jessie as she falls down. Cloud will then do a badass move where he jumps from a falling bridge onto a pipe. He means business, that’s for sure. Get moving with the rest of the squad and run to freedom and that’s chapter 1 done.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the first chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

That’s it for this guide on Chapter 1 The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Check out more from Final Fantasy VII Remake or subscribe on YouTube today.

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