Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 – How to farm Warmind Bits to Level Up Bunkers Fast

Season of the Worthy’s PVE activity is all about Rasputin’s Bunkers on Io, EDZ and the Moon much of the rewards for the season like weapons, mods and armour come from levelling up these bunkers with a currency called Warmind Bits. The following is a guide for how to farm Warmind Bits to level up bunkers fast.

If you’re like me, then you may have fallen off the activity earlier in the season, however, there’s a few tricks and techniques you can do to farm Warmind Bits nice and fast so you can level up those bunkers quickly.

Bunkers are found on EDZ, the Moon and Io and can be upgraded. You’ll want to do this to raise the integration level of the bunkers, seen down in the bottom right-hand corner. To upgrade the bunkers you’ll need to gather lots of Warmind Bits and planetary materials. Once you have these Warmind Bits then you’ll want to upgrade the Armoury Upgrades in each bunker. Each time you upgrade, you’ll get a chipset and you’ll use these chipsets to raise the integration level of each bunker.

By upgrading bunkers, this gives you access to Seventh Seraph Weapon Bounties. After you complete these, the weapons will then be added to the loot pool so you can grind for god rolls of these weapons. It’ll also give you access to mods, which can be attached to armour that will provide you with more options for creating interesting builds throughout the season.

Warmind Bits are the currency and these can be gathered in a few ways. Complete Seraph Tower Public events on the EDZ, Moon and Io. You can do the Rasputin bounties, collected from the Warmind and here you have weekly daily and repeatable bounties. Legendary Lost sectors are another way to get bits and once you get in a few bunker upgrades that will open up more ways to get bits.

Gathering Warmind Bits can be slow going and it’s going to take thousands of bits to upgrade bunkers. Completing a Seraph Tower event gives you 10, a weekly bounty gives you 100 and daily bounties give you 50. The repeatable bounties only give you 12 and they cost glimmer too. The daily bounty objectives can range from defeating powerful Hive or defeating Guardians with Fusion rifles in the crucible to defeating a Vex boss or defeat a Guardian with a rocket launcher in the crucible. The daily bounties are probably the way to go, as they are generally faster than the repeatable and weekly bounties. You can do these across 3 characters and save up a good amount of bits per week – there’s 200 per day for the daily bounties and 200 per week for the weekly bounties plus any amount of repeatable bounties you want to do.

That’s your standard bounty farm for getting Warmind Bits. However, once you get a few Warmind Bits you’ll want to upgrade the bunkers to make your life much easier. Check out each bunker and pick up the Cost Reduction ones on the far left first, starting at level one and working your way to level 3. Next, you want to pick up the Warmind Bit Generation upgrades, against starting with one to three. Warmind Bits Generation level 3 is where you can get bits from Gambit, Strikes and Crucible – this is going to be the valuable one and that will come in handy for one of the farming techniques later on. Finally, you’ll want to get the Encrypted Warmind Bits Generation upgrades tier one and two. After that – it’s pretty much up to you.

Once you’ve picked up the upgrades to gather Warmind Bits from Strikes, then a good farming method is running the Lake of Shadows Strike, found on the EDZ. This is a strike you can run through pretty quickly once you get into a rhythm. This takes about 5-10 mins to blast through and you have a chance at the end of the strike to get a drop of 30 Warmind Bits. It was 100% drop every time, but when I was testing I managed to get the drops about 50% of the time.

Another good farming technique is to run the daily Legendary Lost Sectors. You’ll need to be a higher power level for these, otherwise, you’re going to get crushed, but by now you should be nearing 1000 power which will be more than enough. To make it fast though, try and run with a team. The Quarry on the EDZ is very quick, shout out to Fallout for the tips on this one, and you can run this in under a minute if you’re fast. At the end of the run, you’ll get 10 Warmind bits for this one, which isn’t too bad for a minute’s worth of work.

Finally, to upgrade you’ll need planetary materials. These can be gathered from the Season Pass upgrades, planetary chests and destination bounties (albeit this can be very slow) and also the Spider on the Tangled Shore. He’ll trade you legendary shards for materials, and his stocks rotate each day. So if he’s not selling what you need today for shards, then head back tomorrow and check out his wares. If you don’t have shards, go on a dismantle spree through your vault as you’ve probably got a load of stuff you don’t need or haven’t used in ages.

Hopefully, this gives you the info you need to farm Warmind Bits nice and fast to allow you to upgrade the bunkers as fast as possible. Try to stick to one bunker at a time, rather than spreading your upgrades over a few bunkers. I didn’t upgrade my bunkers correctly the first time but have since learnt about the best order to upgrade. It’s a bit confusing at first with the new currencies, upgrades and terms with bits, chipsets, integration levels etc. Definitely go for the cost reduction ones first, and then move onto the Warmind Bit generation upgrades to make your life easier.

Once you have the upgrades and you’re on your way to upgrading your bunkers, grab some of the Seraph Weapon Frames and start working away at those.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Bunkers and Warmind Bits in Season of the Worthy. If you think it could be better, what would you suggest?

That’s it for this guide on how to farm Warmind Bits to level up bunkers fast. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.