Destiny 2 – Severance Enclosure Titan PVE Build for Explosive Gameplay

Severance Enclosure was introduced into Destiny 2 in Season 9 and initially, it had a poor reception from the community. Bungie has recently buffed this Exotic in Season of the Worthy, making it much more fun and viable. The following is a guide for a Severance Enclosure Titan PVE Build for explosive gameplay.

This build is tuned for PVE, turning your Titan into a walking bomb allowing you to clear a whole bunch of ads and deal big damage in activities like the Seraph Tower events. This allows you to effectively keep the enemies away from the towers and therefore get the maximum efficiency out the Seraph Tower events.

There’s a couple of ingredients for this build, although you can fine-tune to match your play style.

  • Exotic: Severance Enclosure
  • Class: Middle Tree Solar Titan
  • Weapons: Monte Carlo – Markov Chain, reduces melee cooldown
  • Mods: One-two punch, Enhanced Unflinching auto rifle aim, Auto rifle scavenger, Auto rifle targeting, Enhanced auto rifle loader, Empowered finish, Snap load finish, Inferno whip

Severance Enclosure

This build is centered around this Titan chest piece. Its main perk is Spheromatik Trigger where arc, solar and void melee final blows and finishers unleash damaging explosions.

Bungie buffed this exotic in update 2.8.0 by saying

  • The explosion now triggers on powered melee (both against combatants and Guardians) and finishers
  • The radius and damage of the explosion created by this exotic increases based on the tier of the enemy defeated

Previously the perk only happened on finishers, but now with the activation on melee final blows too, this opens up this exotic to be paired with a few mods and weapons to make this pretty devastating.

Middle Tree Solar Titan


This is a good subclass as you have a few perks here that work well Severance Enclosure. You can trigger Severance Enclosures explosion perk when you throw your hammer. With Roaring Flames the damage stacks with your melee abilities too and picking up the hammer after a throw regenerates health.

Monte Carlo

This exotic auto rifle again has some nice perks that synergize with middle tree solar titan and severance enclosure including Monte Carlo Method decreasing the melee cooldown and recharging the melee ability with kills. Markov Chain allows you increased damage from melee kills and kills with the weapon and melee kills grant ammo for the weapon.

Inferno whip mod

Solar melee abilities stagger unshielded combatants. Strong against unstoppable champions.

Finisher mods

As your finishers are now causing explosions then there are some mods that can pair well with that and they include:

Empowered finish – Become charged with light by finishing a combatant that consumes one-tenth of your super energy. This can be paired with Heavy Handed to get back half your melee ability when you used a charged melee.

Snapload finish – Finishers generate primary ammo and reload all your weapons, requires one-tenth of super energy.

Auto rifle mods

This part is optional but as you’re using Monte Carlo then I thought some auto rifle mods would be worthwhile. They include Enhanced Unflinching auto rifle aim, Auto rifle scavenger, Auto rifle targeting, Enhanced auto rifle loader.

Other weapons

Pick and choose energy and power weapons. I had an energy shotgun with a one-two punch to add to the mix. You may want a close-range weapon here as Monte Carlo does a good range job, a shotgun or sidearm works pretty well, however, pick what works for you.


Putting this all together looks something like this.

  • Throw hammers, melee, and finishers to cause explosions
  • Get kills with Monte Carlo reduce melee cool down
  • Boost damage with Markov Chain
  • Throw more hammers & fists
  • Throw finishers (get charged with light and reload your weapons)
  • Cause more explosions with Severance Enclosure
  • Repeat

* For bonus damage generate Warmind Cells and use them too!

Once you’ve got the build down head into strikes, patrols or Gambit and start those explosions. As mentioned before this is pretty good for the Seraph Tower events. I found before the repetition was a little dull, however, this build spices it up a little bit and helps you take care of all those enemies trying to get on your tower.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of this PVE Titan build. Do you have any additions to make the build better and what’s your recommendations for other Titan builds?

That’s it for this guide for a Severance Enclosure Titan PVE Build for explosive gameplay. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.