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Destiny 2 – How to get Point of the Stag (Ritual Legendary Bow) and completing the Cast In Iron quest

Point of the Stag is the new pursuit weapon that’s dropped into Destiny 2 today. This one is part of Iron Banner, and this quest is a great way to level up your character if you still need to do that, as pinnacle rewards are on offer throughout the quest. The following is a guide for how to get Point of the Stag (Ritual Legendary Bow) and completing the Cast In Iron quest.

Iron Banner is back in the game and you’ll get a notification when you open up Destiny 2 after reset this week. Lord Saladin will be around for a week and you have the whole season to complete the quest, so if you don’t want to do it all in one go then you don’t have to.

First things first, go and speak to Lord Saladin and pick up the Cast In Iron quest. Once you’ve done this hop right into Iron Banner. Power level is enabled, so put on your highest gear if possible. While you’re there, pick up the bounties from the Iron Lord and head to Shaxx and pick up his bounties too, so you can double up.

Super Smelting

For the first step of the quest, you’re going to want to get 3 super kills, defeat 30 opponents and capture 10 zones. You’ll get the Iron Remembrance class item when you get this done. This step is pretty straight forward, with no specific weapons involved… just to get you warmed up.

Clear the cylinders

Next up you’re going to need to complete 6 matches, capture 20 zones and get 25 hand cannon final blows. Pick your favourite hand cannon and get those guardians. When you complete this one you’ll get the Iron Remembrance gauntlets. I used Spare Rations for this, but you can use whichever hand cannon you prefer. You should get a hand cannon drop, which you could use, but I think it’s a 110 hand cannon – I prefer the 150’s.

Heat the Barrels

Next up you have to defeat 100 opponents in Iron Banner, capture 30 zones and get 20 SMG final blows. I used Recluse for this step and got this one done pretty quickly. You’ll get the Iron Remembrance leg armour for this step

Harness the Elements

For the next step, you’ll want to get 15 super kills, capture 40 zones and get 15 fusion rifle final blows. I used Erentil FR4 for this step, although you can use the one they give you.

At this point, you’ll get the Point of the Stag Bow to drop for you to help you with the final step of the quest. You’ll want to finish up the quest though as you’ll be collecting tokens throughout, which you’ll want to turn into Saladin for some high stat gear after the quest.

Sharpen the Arrows

For the final step of the quest, you want to get 10 final blows with Bows, complete 15 matches and capture 50 zones. Once you complete this you’ll get the Iron Remembrance Helmet.

That’s it, you’re done!

Hopefully, during these 15 matches, you’ll complete the Iron Banner Bounties and also the crucible bounties. There’s also extra Valor on at the moment, so that will help you level up too. Infuse weapons and armour as you go and try and get your power level as high as you can. The pinnacle drops from the bounties should really help raise that power level up fast.

When you’re done with the quest this will unlock the ability to turn in tokens to Saladin, which you will have been collecting throughout Iron Banner. Turn them in and hopefully, he’ll give you some gear with some higher stats.

Right, let’s have a look at the bow.

The Point of the Stag Bow

This one is a precision frame bow that drops fully masterwork and comes with Vorpal Weapon. It’s got a draw time of 684 and has good accuracy and impact stats – handling is pretty good too. For the hidden stats, it’s got good aim assist and recoil, so it’s going to feel nice and smooth to use.

Looking at the perks we have Elastic String for excellent snapback (faster draw time and increase in handling speed) and Natural Fletching for increased stability. You then get a choice between No Distractions for the reduction in flinch and Archer’s Tempo for the draw time decrease. The final choice is Vorpal Weapon for that increase in damage against bosses and Guardians in their super and Eye of the Storm where it becomes more accurate and boosts handling as your health gets lower.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the new bow. Does it make Iron Banner better and do you think a bow should be a pursuit weapon?

That’s it for this guide on how to get Point of the Stag (Ritual Legendary Bow) and completing the Cast In Iron quest. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.