Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 2 Checklist

It’s the start of day 2 in Animal Crossing and we’re continuing with tips for the first few days on the island. On day 1 we set up our tent, paid off our initial loan to Tom Nook, donated fish/bugs for research sending the call to Blathers and learned about collecting resources. The following is a guide to the day 2 checklist in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

One you wake up on day 2 head over to speak to Tom Nook and have a chat with Tom Nook. He’ll offer you an upgrade to your living arrangements with an offer for a house, the only catch is you have to take out a loan of 98,000 bells. Take him up on the offer and then carry on with your day. Tom Nook has also started announcements, and he’s got some great news – Blathers has arrived thanks to you.

Meet Blathers and collect 15 bugs/fish for him

Go back to the location where you set up Blather’s tent, and go on inside. Blathers will ask for 15 different species of fish and bugs as donations for his museum. He’ll also give you the DIY recipe for the Vaulting Pole and the Flimsy Shovel, both will come in handy allowing you to find extra resources and explore new parts of the island.

To find the 15 species keep fishing and hunting for bugs. Moths tend to hang out near the lamps, and fishing in the sea, as well as the rivers, are a good source of fish varieties. If you go to the beach and dig up where the little creatures poke holes in the sand you can find clams. Go back to the DIY workbench and you’ll be able to create Fish Bait and use this to temp fish to you if you’re having trouble finding them. Finish up donating to Blathers with the 15 species so Blathers can get started on the museum.

Blathers is also interested in fossils. Keep your eyes open for cracks in the ground and use your flimsy shovel to dig up the contents, and you’ll find fossils. Keep them to one side for the moment as they will come in handy when Blathers opens the Museum.

Explore the island

Now Blathers has given you the Vaulting Pole DIY recipe, go and craft it from the DIY workbench and get yourself some new equipment. This can be used to explore new parts of the island, as you would have been locked off by rivers. This will give you access to more resources – wood, fruit, bugs, and fishing locations.

Increase inventory space

By now you should have some spare Nook Miles going (if you don’t then keep doing tasks found on the NookPhone). You’re going to need 5,800 combined for the following two things.

First of all, you’ll want to buy the Pocket Organisation Guide from the machine in a tent with Tom Nook. This allows you to carry more things and expands your pockets, allowing you to carry more stuff. This is 500 Nook Miles.

Another good upgrade is the Tool Ring, and this allows for quick access to different tools out there in the wild, by pressing up on the d-pad.

Plant the fruit

You should have a letter from Mom, containing some fruit that different to the fruit on your island. For example, my island contains oranges and I got a package containing pears.

Dig a hole and pop the fruit in there and then soon you’ll have some nice fruit trees with different fruit from the island. Nice!

Collect resources

You’ll want to continue the hard work from yesterday in preparation for the store to be built. This may start for you on day 2 or 3. Collect 30 pieces of wood, softwood, and hardwood. You’ll also need 30 pieces of Iron Nuggets and these are likely to be the hardest thing to find in the first few days. Hit all the rocks on the island, including the new area you can now get to.

Collect as much as you can and don’t spend Iron Nuggets on the furniture just yet, save them up until you get 30 as you’ll want to open the store as soon as possible with Timmy and Tommy.

That’s it for day 2 – the main objective is to collect those items for Blathers and if you can get started on the store resources then all the better.

Let me know down in the comments how you’re getting on with your second day. Which species did you find for Blathers and how many Iron Nuggets did you collect (and where did you find them?).

That’s it for this guide on the day 2 checklist in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Check out more guides on This Week In Video Games or subscribe to YouTube.