Destiny 2 – How to get the Fourth Horseman (Exotic Shotgun)

The first Exotic quest is live in Season of the Worthy and the Fourth Horseman is making a return to Destiny 2. This is an exotic shotgun that has four barrels and some interesting perks. The following is a guide for how to get the Fourth Horseman.

The Fourth Horseman is a full-auto shotgun and returns from Destiny 1 where it originally came into the game through the Dark Below (the first expansion) as a PS4 exclusive weapon. You will need the season pass for the season of the worthy to get this one.

Let’s jump into the details of how to get this weapon and all the quest steps required.


First up we need to find the secret vault where Zavala keeps all his stuff. Gain access to the vault through the secret pathway in Zavala’s office.

There are 2 parts to this, finding the office and then finding the vault. To find the office, check out my path here. Once you’re in the office, follow this path to find the secret vault.


Return to Zavala and inform him the weapon is missing from the vault.


See if Ana has some tech to help track the missing weapon. You can find Ana on Mars she’s there in the Braytech Futurescape.


Collect intel for Ana by defeating Cabal or completing public events on Mars. Have a look at the director and see if there’s any public event starting up, head outside and start dishing it to the Cabal. You’ll need to collect 1000 pieces of intel, and you can complete heroic public events to make this go faster and also take part in Escalation Protocol.


Take the collected intel back to Ana and see what she can discover.


Ana will need you to bring her some information from Calus’s double agents in the Red Legion. Defeat Psions and loot Cabal chests to gather it. There’s a lost sector in Glacial Drift that has a lot of Psions in it, so head in there and defeat as many as you can. You can always run out and back in again if needed to get them to respawn once you’ve killed all the available ones, so this should help you get this done quickly.


Now that you’ve gathered intel from Calus’s agents, see if Benedict 99-40 can be persuaded to help. Go back to the Tower and you’ll find Benedict 99-40 in the Annex.


Benedict needs you to eliminate the encryption signals coming from the EDZ. Defeat combatants, complete public events, and complete patrols. Again, you’ll need 1000 pieces and completing Heroic Public events are going to be an efficient way of getting this done fast.


Return to Benedict 99-40.


Benedict has given you the location of the missing weapon in exchange for using this Cabal slayer to smash the Red Legion.

Once you have the gun check it out.

The Fourth Horseman (Exotic Shotgun)

This is an exotic energy shotgun with 4 in the mag and fires at 100 rpm. It’s got massive impact stats of 80, OK reload stats at 42 and range 30, stability 27 and handling of 35.


This weapon’s rate of fire is increased significantly and fires full auto.

Each successive shot has more damage and more spread.

The main benefit of this shotgun is “Thunderer” which allows this to fire in full-auto mode, allowing you to deal massive damage when you’re up close to a boss. The low range and stability mean it’s going to take some practice to get used to this weapon. However, in the right hands, this one is deadly.

You can imagine if a full fireteam rushes onto a boss all with Fourth Horseman and unloads all 4 shots in quick succession, I can already see the Gladd video coming!


This is a great weapon in PVE as you can deal massive amounts of damage when you’re close range and quickly. You have to be careful though, as it’s full auto you may end up firing more than is required. So make sure you’re up nice and close to get those shots in.


In PVP, the full auto nature of the weapon can be a bit tricky, as you’ll want to conserve special ammo. Maybe added a special ammo finder to your armour would be useful in this instance to get maximise as much as possible. You have to be up real close to enemies to get those one hit kills off, and in the right hands it’s going to be effective – but may take some practice particularly in PVP.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Fourth Horeseman. How do you think it holds up against something like Mindbender’s Ambition and the Fourth Horseman? Let me know down in the comments.

That’s it for this guide for how to get the Fourth Horseman. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.