Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 – SUROS Regime VS Hard Light

Season of the Auto Rifle is in full swing with this weapon type dominating the opening weekend of Trials of Osiris over the past few days. But which one is better and which should you use? The following is a guide to SUROS Regime VS Hard Light.

Up until a few weeks ago, Auto Rifles weren’t on the radar when it comes to PVP, but since the Auto Rifle buff in Season of the Worthy, they are definitely now back on the menu with two specifically rising to the top of the charts over the past weekend and they are SUROS Regime and Hard Light. Both guns are acquired through random drops in the game or purchases from Xur at the weekend, hopefully, you managed to pick up these weapons sometime in the past.

I must have sharded Hard Light sometime in the past because when the new season dropped I looked in my vault and couldn’t find one, but then I went to my collections and found Hard Light was there waiting for me. So even if you haven’t got it, check your collections and see if they are available to you.

There’s lots of discussion in the community at the moment about Hard Light given its performance over the weekend in Trials. I definitely saw that gun more often than not in PVP this past weekend.

First of all, lets have a look at the performance of each in Trials of Osiris this past weekend. These numbers are based on the last time Trials Report was updated, as we still have approx 24 hours until Trials goes away until Friday so these numbers may eventually get bigger.

SUROS Regime Performance

SUROS got 1,886,244 kills and sits currently at number 4 in the charts. This is just above Beloved with 1.7 million kills and below Mindbender’s Ambition with 1.9 million kills.

Hard Light Performance

Hard Light got 7,218,785 kills and is far and away the number one weapon used in Trials. If you add up the top 5 weapons, it comes to approx 16.4 million kills, and Hard Light accounts for 44% of all kills. It’s huge.

Going by the numbers it looks like Hard Light is best. However, let’s have a look at some other stats and factors when deciding which of these two exotic auto rifles to use.


Hard Light has 21 impact, 46 range, 69 stability, 75 handling and 68 reload speed. The stability, handling and reload speed definitely jump out there. It’s a 600 rpm with 49 in the magazine. There are 2 hidden stats that really jump out though and that’s Aim Assistance and Recoil, both at max stats.

SUROS has 21 impact, 51 range, 49 stability, 68 handling and 67 reload speed. It’s 600 rpm and has 25 in the mag. Regarding hidden stats there’s 68 aim assist and 50 recoil.

Looking at them side by side then Hard Light’s stats suggest this is the better gun with more aim assist if you’re playing with a controller and almost double the number of bullets in the magazine. This means it’s easier to aim plus you get to hold down the trigger for longer with Hard Light. So in this category Hard Light gets my vote.


Hardlight has Volatile Light where rounds have no damage fall off, can over-penetrate enemies and bounce off hard surfaces. It’s also got The Fundamentals where you can cycle between Solar, Arc and Void damage.

SUROS Regime has SUROS Legacy where the bottom half of the magazine deals extra damage and has a chance to return health on a kill. It also has Spinning Up where holding down the trigger increases the rate of fire.

This time I’m going to give the nod to SUROS Regime, as I think the perks work better together. SUROS Legacy and Spinning up just pair up so well and compliment each other. This one I’m giving to SUROS Regime.

Weapon slot

Both these two guns are in different slots. You have SUROS Regime that’s in the kinetic slot and Hard Light, which is in the energy slot. That does effect the weapon you can pair with.

As SUROS Regime is in the Kinetic slot you may want to pair this with Minbender’s Ambition if you like using shotguns, Beloved/Apostate or Twilight Oath if you like to use snipers or Not Forgotten/Luna’s Howl/Waking Vigil if you like Hand Cannons.

Hard Light is in the energy slot so could be paired with Kinetic weapons such as Spare Rations, Bygones, Supremacy or the very popular Revoker.

This one is pretty close to call. Revoker is obvious a good pairing as you get that shot back in the chamber, but I’m actually going to go with SUROS Regime as my personal preference to pair it up with Beloved. If you get bored of sitting back and sniping, you can then always switch it up to go in close with Mindbender’s Ambition.

There’s one final factor we should take into consideration, and that’s fun. This is something that’s tricky to quantify, but I think running around with SUROS Regime is much more fun than Hard Light. Yeah, you get less in the magazine, and yes… my bullets don’t bounce off the wall. However, this melts opponents in PVP and when comparing the two I find SUROS Regime mich more fun. You’re also likely to get less grief from your teammates for using SUROS…. AS EVERYONE is using Hard Light.

It’s all down to personal preference at the end of the day. Pick the one you want to use and get out there and lay the smackdown on your enemies. You could even switch it up and use both.

Let me know down in the comments which you think is better – SUROS Regime or Hard Light. Which one have you been using in PVP, or are you using something completely different?

That’s it for this guide for SUROS Regime VS Hard Light. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.