Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 – The Most Popular Weapons for Trials of Osiris in Season of the Worthy (NEW PVP Meta)

Trials of Osiris has returned this weekend in Destiny 2 and the Season of the Worthy meta is settling down after the sandbox changes. After 48 hours playing Trials, we’ve now got some hard numbers to look at concerning the new meta. The following is a guide for the Top 6 Weapons for Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2.

A few days ago I published a guide for the best weapons going into Trials, that was speculation based on my personal preference, but now we have some evidence, based on what people are using in the game mode.

I’ll go over each gun. how many kills they each have in the opening weekend of Trials and then have a look at some combinations that could be used. I’ll have a look at the top 6, which gives us an even number of weapons to look at so we can have a look at a few varieties of combinations to look at depending on whether you like to use Hand Cannons, Snipers, Shotguns or Auto Rifles. A big shout out to Trials Report for these numbers, go and check out their awesome website.

Spare Rations


First up we have Spare Rations. This had 929,148 kills over the weekend proving it’s a contender in that kinetic slot. This is a 150 rpm with 13 in the mag. It’s got great impact and handling stats and max recoil on the hidden stats. The curated roll comes with Overload, where you can reload beyond normal capacity and Explosive Payload to create that area of effect, which is going to be useful in Trials for doing as much damage to a team as possible. You can farm this one from Gambit Prime or The Reckoning.

This is the only hand cannon on the list showing the meta has shifted, as only a few weeks ago this (and maybe Last Word/Thorn) would have been much higher up the charts.

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Next up we have Beloved. This had 1,235,523 kills over the weekend, with it being the second choice sniper overall and the preference for the sniper in the energy slot. This is a solar, 90 rounds per minute sniper with 4 in the magazine. It’s got great impact and OK range stats and if you can get a roll with snapshot sights that’s going to make this one super useful in Trials.

You can get this one by farming the Menagerie, just upgrade your Chalice to open up the top and left slots and add in the correct runes. The curated roll of Beloved comes with No Distractions for that reduction in flinch while aiming down sights and Box Breathing for increased range and precision. However, I’d favour a Snapshot Sights roll over one of those two.

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Suros Regime


Next up we have Suros Regime with 1,314,877 kills and the first entry for an Auto Rifle in the top list. I made a guide in the last few days why I thought Suros Regime was going to be a beast inside Trials, and it turns out to be true. Auto Rifles have been given a considerable buff in Season of the Worthy as Bungie wanted to raise them up and make them competitive again, as they’ve been off-meta for some time.

This is a 600 rpm exotic kinetic auto rifle with 25 in the magazine and comes with a couple of nice perks that synnergize together well including Suros Legacy and Spinning Up. Suros legacy allows the bottom half of the magazine to deal more damage and Spinning Up increases that rate of fire. If it wasn’t for the damage fall off over distances, then this probably would be higher up in the charts.

You can get this one from exotic world drops, and also Xur sells it as well as being part of the pool of weapons in the Exotic Engram that Xur sells. If you haven’t got it, then try picking up that engram by spending legendary shards.

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Mindbender’s Ambition


Next up we have Mindbender’s Ambition with 1,388,545 kills. This is higher in the charts than I would have thought, as we’ve seen the combination of Spare Rations and Mindbender’s Ambition a lot over the past 12 months in Destiny 2. It’s good to see they haven’t been nerfed out of existence as both of those weapons make this top list, however, they aren’t as powerful as they used to be and have been replaced by some on-meta weapons.

Mindbender’s Ambition is an energy, solar shotgun that has 55 rpm and 5 in the magazine. It’s got massive impact stats on it, meaning getting close to your enemy then this one is likely to take them out in one shot. It’s got high recoil on the hidden stats, so it’s not going to jump about in your hands too much when you’re firing. The curated roll comes with Opening Shot for that increase in accuracy and range on the first shot and Rampage for the increase in damage after kills.

You can farm this one from the weekly nightfall the Hollowed Lair. The weapon drops randomly from the final chest. This nightfall isn’t around every week, but keep an eye on the nightfalls in case it is as you want to add this one to your arsenal.

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Second on the list is Revoker with 2,612,267 kills and far and away the most popular kinetic weapon in Trials of Osiris right now.

Revoker comes with a very valuable perk called Reversal of Fortune, where bullets are replaced into the magazine if you miss a shot. In a game mode like Trials where every shot counts, this was always predicted to be super valuable and the numbers back this up.

It’s a 72 rpm sniper with 3 in the magazine and has huge impact and range stats. Pair those with the fact you may get a bullet back if you miss, then this one is the number one choice for Trials in the kinetic slot.

You can get this gun by doing the In your Sights quest from Lord Shaxx, where you need to get 300 sniper kills, 50 precision kills and a certain number of Glory points.

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Hard Light


The number one weapon in Trials right now is Hard Light with 4,803,268 kills. This is an exotic, energy auto rifle that was transformed over the last few updates and has shot to the top of the meta in the past few weeks.

It’s got great handling and reload speed and comes with a perk called Volatile Light where rounds don’t have damage fall off, over-penetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces. The damage actually increases after the bounce.

This means you can shoot people around corners by bouncing the rounds off hard surfaces and the fact that this doesn’t have any damage fall off means this is lethal in Trials of Osiris and that’s shown through the huge popularity of this weapon.

You can get this gun through exotic world drops and also pick this up from Xur (if he’s selling it). There’s no 100% guaranteed method for getting this weapon. Turn in packages to vendors and hopefully the RNG will be kind and this weapon will drop for you.


Suros / Beloved – This combination gives you that auto rifle in the Kinetic slot and the Sniper in the energy slot. Auto Rifles are now pretty powerful and competitive again, plus you get the benefits of staying back if you want to. I’d advise using a Sniper Rifle in Trials, only that most of your opponents are going to be using one. Out of all the combinations I suggest here, personally I found this the most effective. You can melt opponents in close to mid range with Suros and then take people out at range with Beloved.

Spare Rations / Mindbenders – This is a classic combination, although less popular than it was a few weeks ago now the meta has shifted. Although, we can see by the numbers that this is still a popular combination. It may be that players are so used to playing this way that they haven’t shifted to meta weapons just yet, or the guns are still lethal enough to be using.

Revoker / Hard Light – This is by far the most popular combination I’ve seen in Trials on the opening weekend. There’s a number of benefits with using this pairing including the recent auto rifle buffs make Hard Light competitive, no damage falloff with Hardlight, you can bounce shots around corners and you can get bullets directly back into the magazine if you miss a shot with Revoker. I guess there’s no surprise this pairing is the new trials meta given those benefits.

Let me know down in the comments what you have been using in Trials this weekend. Have you been using the new meta weapons, or have you been using something different? What do you think Bungie are going to do about the dominance of these weapons, or is it too early too tell and we should just embrace the new meta?

That’s it for this guide for the top 6 Weapons for Trials of Osiris. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.