Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 – Suros Regime Reigns Supreme in Season of the Worthy

The Season of the Worthy is here and SUROS Regime is rapidly rising to the top of my own personal weapon charts in Destiny 2. Auto Rifles got a buff when Season of the Worthy dropped and SUROS is feeling good (and fun!) in PVP and PVE. The following is a guide as to why Suros Regime reigns supreme.

SUROS Regime was introduced during Season 3 of Destiny 2, which is a nice parallel because that was the Warmind season where we first went to Mars in Destiny 2 and were introduced to Ana Bray, Rasputin and Escalation Protocol. Suros Regime and Auto Rifles, in general, haven’t performed great for the past few seasons but Bungie wanted to change that going into this season with the sandbox balancing – and now Auto Rifles are climbing the charts.

Let’s have a look at the weapon first of all. SUROS Regime is an Exotic Kinetic Auto Rifle with some great perks that currently make this devastating in PVP. Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory. Few weapons have withstood the test of time longer than the trusty SUROS Regime. This is Golden Age tech brought to life by the fastidious engineers at SUROS. Its smart-matter frame is prized among Guardians for both efficiency and rarity. Some things never fall out of fashion.

  • SUROS Legacy – The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to return health on kill.
  • Spinning Up – Holding down the trigger increases the rate of fire.

Both perks work in perfect harmony here. As you hold down the trigger the rate of fire gets faster (due to Spinning Up) and the damage increases (due to SUROS legacy). This is a 600 RPM auto rifle with 25 in the magazine but it upgrades to 900 rpm when you hold down the trigger in the bottom half of the magazine. This has great Handling (68) and Reload Speed stats (67) and has pretty good stability too.

How to get SUROS Regime

You can get this from Exotic world drops, which are random from killing enemies in the wild, or you can buy this from Xur when he’s selling it, or pick up the Fated Engram from Xur. If you haven’t got it, then it may be worth spending some legendary shards for a chance at this weapon as the Fated Engram will try and give you an exotic you haven’t got yet from the pool. Also, you have a chance at the weapon from Powerful Gear weekly milestone engrams.

Auto Rifle Damage Buff

Let’s have a look at the Auto Rifle changes introduced in Season of the Worthy. Bungie says

Some small tweaks have been made to give Auto Rifles a small boost in efficacy for the Crucible—though they also influence PvE. The nature of the way Destiny is played tends to have Semi-Auto based weaponry be more effective in general and so we’re compensating for that with these tweaks. These are fairly modest changes intended to give Auto Rifles more of a chance in an open fight without attempting to drag the TTK of the entire game down.

The following impact values have changed:

  • Precision Frame – 17/27.2 Default/Precision (Previously 17/25.5)
  • Adaptive Frame – 15.75/25.2 Default/Precision (Previously 13.75/22)
  • Rapid-Fire Frame – 13.4/20.1 Default/Precision (Previously 12.5/18.75)

SUROS Regime in PVP

SUROS Regime feels great in PVP. You can run around in to engagements and take people out pretty effectively. Whether you’re taking people out one by or running into groups, SUROS Regime now feels powerful enough to take on groups.

Sure, you’re going to get taken out if you run down the middle of a lane or get flanked by someone, but with the buffs, you now stand a chance against one, two or maybe three Guardians. The fast reload speed really helps and staying low to the ground while you’re approaching gun battles helps too. It allows you to focus on the opponent who’s running at you and you’re more than likely going to mow them down before they reach you.

I’m getting 16 or 17 to the body and 24 for a crit shot. In 3 matches I had, I ended the top of the leaderboard in each game with an average efficiency of 2.9. Each match had somewhere between 20-25 kills. These aren’t True Vanguard numbers, but this is much better than I normally do…. and I had a great time while I was in the crucible. Over the past few seasons, PVP has been a bit of a bleak hunting ground, but this sandbox is feeling good right now with an auto rifle in your hands.

I’m not a great PVP player, but I ended up stats I was happy with. The most important thing with this gun though is that it feels good, fun and is strong in the current meta.

SUROS Regime in PVE

SUROS Regime is respectable in PVE. Much better for clearing ads rather than taking on bosses. This isn’t game-changing in PVE, but again it feels good to use and if you’re on ad clearing duty in your fireteam then this weapon is going to be your friend.

Throughout the Season of the Worthy I’m sure there’s going to be other auto rifles that appear (Doctrine of Passing maybe?) and they may knock SUROS Regime off the top of the charts… but for now, SUROS is feeling great and if you get the chance to get your hands on this weapon, then you should.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of SUROS Regime in Season of the Worthy. How do you think it compares to other auto rifles and what weapons are you finding fun this season?

That’s it for this guide on SUROS Regime reigns supreme. For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.