Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 – How to upgrade the Seraph Bunkers with Warmind Bits and Chipsets

Seraph Bunkers and Seraph Towers are the core PVE activity found in Season of the Worthy and upgrading bunkers and completing the new public events are going to reward you new seasonal rewards including weapons, armour and mods. The following is a guide for how to upgrade the Seraph Bunkers with Warmind Bits and Chipsets.

Much like previous seasons in Destiny 2 we have a main vendor, this time it’s Rasputin, and we can get rewards from him by taking part in the seasonal activity – this time it’s Seraph Bunkers and Towers. This is a combination of Lost Sector style activities when it comes to the bunkers and public events in the form of Seraph Towers. We complete the events, earn currencies and exchange those with Rapsutin for rewards.

Lets have a look at the different components found within this content loop for Season of the Worthy. Don’t forget you’ll have to run the opening mission Raising Our Defences with Zavala and Ana Bray to open things up and you can find a guide for how to complete that opening mission here.

Seraph Bunkers

First of all lets have a look a Seraph Bunkers. We have one at the moment and that’s found on the EDZ. We opened this up through the opening mission and we were introduced to the bunker mechanics and introduced to Rasputin. The bunker can be found on the EDZ near The Sludge.

Once we’ve cleared this once this becomes a daily activity that will have to be cleared for us to be able to claim the rewards. It’s worth noting that we have Barrier Champions and Overload Champions in here, so going in solo without the mods from the seasonal artifact is going to make things pretty difficult.

When you’re about half way through the bunker on the daily rotation you’re going to be faced with an Barrier Servitor with regenerating shields. If you have a look at the seasonal artifact then you’ll see some mods on there that will help you break through his shield and progress in the bunker. I had a sidearm mod available to me, I added that to my sidearm and then quickly killed the Servitor.

Once you get through that you’ll face a boss, a big servitor, and you’ll also find two Overload Champions. Again, you’ll need to equip the right mods from the seasonal artifact to make progress. I had one which went on auto rifles, so I added them to my Steelfeather Repeater and then was able to kill these guys. If you don’t have the right mods, then you’re going to have trouble killing these guys so make sure you check out your artifact and equip the right mods.

Once you have cleared the bunker you’ll get a drop, I was able to get an armour piece. Head back to Rasputin and you can continue to buy upgrades.

Seraph Towers

The Seraph Towers event can currently be found on the EDZ although others will open up later on in the season. This is a power level 980 event, so at the start of the season this is going to be a little harder as everyone levels up to 1000. You’ll want to go into this event with at least 2 others, maybe more if possible.

Once you activate the event a Tower will pop up out of the ground and will connect to another Tower. There will be a shining sphere in the middle and what you need to do is get that shining sphere from where it is now and propel it along by throwing the small orbs that get ejected every now and again from the tower.

Periodically the Tower will eject a certain number of orbs. The key to getting this done nice and fast is the make sure no enemies are standing the the orange square near the active Tower. Enemies are going to try and come at you and your fireteam, but make sure no enemies are within the square – try and keep them out at all times. If you keep this clear then 6 orbs will be ejected out of the tower. If enemies are in there, then only 2 orbs will be ejected. Once the orbs have been ejected then pick them up and thow them into the glowing orange sphere to move it along. Once the orb gets to the other end, a phase is done.

You’ll want to get this done as fast as you can as there’s a timer counting down all the time. Once you have done a few phases, then you’ll have to kill some champions. When the champions are dead it’s time to pick up the loot which can range from weapons, armour and Warmind Bits.

How to get Warmind Bits, Encrypted Warmind Bits and Chipsets

You get Warmind Bits from completing bounties and also as rewards for Seraph Tower completions. You’ll need Warmind bits to purchase bunker upgrades and when you upgrade the bunker levels you’ll get chipsets.

Make sure you pick up all the bounties from Rasputin as these will grant you a good amount of Warmind Bits and also when you complete triumphs you’ll get Warmind bits too. Daily bounties grant 50, weekly bounties grant 100 and additional bounties grant 10 each. You can also get Warmind Bits by clearing Legendary Lost Sectors, but these are 1000 power and are not matchmade, so we’re probably a few days away from being able to do those.

As well as Warmind Bits there’s also Encrypted Warmind bits and these will allow you to open extra reward chests at the end of Seraph Tower events or you can use these to purchase upgrades. These come from bounties too.

Chipsets are used to upgrade Rasputin, who in turn will give you rewards such as engrams. All vendors in the game have reputation levels and Rasputin is no different, he just calls reputation Integration Level. It’s essentially the same thing. By purchasing bunker upgrades with Warmind bits you’ll get more chipsets per level. For example, when you upgrade to level one through the opening mission you’ll get one chipset, when you upgrade to level two you’ll get two and so on.

Rasputin & Rewards

When you have a nice collection of Warmind Bits go back to Raputin (who can be found in the bunker) you can use the bits for the bunker upgrades. Interact with Rasputin and you’ll see the Armoury and Bunker upgrades. Select the upgrades and acquire those and you’ll get chipsets. Return to the main Rasputin screen and spend the Chipsets to start levelling up the bunker.

Rasputin has some nice weapon bounties which can be unlocked at Bunker Rank 3, so try and get to that as quickly as possible to allow you to pick up the weapon bounties. He also has Seraph weapons available for direct purchase and at the moment he’s offering up the Seventh Seraph Carbine Auto Rifle, which is going to cost you some bits, glimmer and legendary shards.

The best bunker upgrades to buy

Rasputin has a bunch of upgrades available, however, there are some that are going to be more useful than others this season and they include

  • Cost reduction – making it cheaper to upgrade (and therefore faster)
  • More Warmind Bits – Adds Warmind Bits as rewards for other activities in the game like crucible, strikes and gambit.
  • More Encrypted Warmind Bits – Adds more sources of Encrypted Warmind Bits into the game

If you focus on making it cheaper to upgrade the bunkers and expand the ways you can acquire Warmind Bits, then you’re going to be able to upgrade faster allowing you to get your hands on more rewards.

So that is the loop. Clear the bunkers to unlock the rewards on Rasputin. Do the bounties and Seraph Tower completions to obtain Warmind Bits and Encrypted Warmind Bits. Buy upgrades to get chipsets and then use the chipsets to upgrade the bunker ranks to open up more rewards.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of Seraph Bunkers and Towers as well as the PVE content loop in Season of the Worthy?

That’s it for this guide for how to upgrade the Seraph Bunkers with Warmind Bits and Chipsets . For more Destiny 2 content like this check out the Shadowkeep Guide or check out the YouTube Channel.