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Destiny 2 – Trials of Osiris Confirmed for Season of the Worthy

Trials of Osiris is coming to Destiny 2 in Season of the Worthy. This was leaked earlier in the year but Bungie has finally confirmed via the completion of the Empyrean Foundation community event. The following is a breakdown of Trials of Osiris confirmed for Destiny 2.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been donating billions of fractaline to the Empyrean Foundation to help light a beacon for Saint-14. There were seven stages to the event and the final goal was 9,777,777,700, which is A LOT of fractaline. The community came together and donated billions of fractaline and light the torch, restoring the Lighthouse on Mercury.

Once this was complete a new Dev Insight video was published by Bungie and released on Twitter. Here’s the Dev Insight video in full.

The video opens up with Luke Smith talking in August 2019 about how he played threes with buddies before Trials came out in Destiny 1 and how it was a thing every weekend. You could hear the passion he was talking with and you could clearly see he was disappointed with the way Trials of the Nine went down (which he mentioned in his directors cut article last year too). Luke talks about having this ‘thing to look forward to every week’ and that’s something that’s been missing from Destiny 2 for a while now. The segments ends with “I know we’re missing it”, which he repeats a few times before saying “We’re going to fix it”.

Lars Bakken and Rob Adams opens up the footage of Trials of Osiris with “Trials is back, and it’s pretty insane”. They talk about wanted to do Trials right, so it’s taken time to get right and there’s a buch of sandbox balancing that’s been done as well as 3v3 elimination testing has been through crucible labs and intorduced as a playlist earlier in Shadowkeep. Bungie have also had top tier PVP players into Bungie to play to also take their feedback into account. Lars says “every single life, match means something whether you win or lose”. This is pretty interesting, as back in Destiny 1 you had to get 9 wins and 0 losses on a Trials card to get access to the Lighthouse and that Trials loot. The fact that Lars says here “whether you win or lose”, maybe indicating there’s a benefit for taking part rather than just winning.

The original Trials of Osiris gear is coming back, which is a good thing. The Trials gear always looked great and this has the Osiris/Egyptian theme. It’s not always good to see recycled content, but this I definitely welcome. Also we’re getting a Flawless glow for a week in the Tower. This is similar to orginal Destiny where we had a glow for completing the Nightfall. Now, when you’re in the tower everyone is going to know you’ve been flawless.

We’ve got weapons coming back too. You can see a few hints at weapons in the video. We’ve got a fusion rifle, there’s a shot of three guardians who look like they are holding a hand cannon, auto rifle and shotgun, it looks like Doctrine of passing is coming back (this was a legendary auto from Destiny 1 which once ruled the game). There’s also a hint of 4th Horsemen coming back to the game, although that hasn’t been confirmed. One thing to note here are the damage numbers for the weapons. They looked pretty high. I don’t know if this is because they are in a dev sandbox or because Bungie will be splitting the sandboxes. Most probably the former rather than the latter, but maybe we’ll get some more info in today’s TWAB and find out.

Power is going to be enabled for Trials which has led to an outpour of feedback from the community. This is likely to be an issue as players with more time who can grind the artifact and get massive power level gains are going to have the advantage over players who don’t have the time. Power was enabled in Destiny 1 Trials, however, back then we didn’t have the artifact and the potential to infinitely level and increase our advantage. This has been an issue in Iron banner over the past two seasons and now players are sensing this is going to be an issue for Trials. Lots of players have taken to Reddit to communicate their feedback and we did get a response from Cozmo. It looks like Bungie are listening and will be monitoring feedback, however, it’s their response to the release that will be interesting. There’s a lot we don’t know just yet, and hopefully we’ll have more details in the TWAB and more details in the build-up to Season of the Worthy launching.

Next up we have returning maps from D1, and these were Trials classics. There’s Cauldron, Exodus Blue and Anomaly. Exodus Blue and Anomaly are definitely my preferred maps here, Cauldron was OK, and Exodus Blue probably being my fav. I seem to remember getting sniped on many occasions in lanes in Anomaly and I’m sure I will be again this time!

Perhaps one of the best bits of news in this reveal was that Saint-14 is going to be the announcer for Trials. There was some speculation in the community that this was going to be the case, however, it’s now been confirmed. We had thought previously that Saint-14 was going to disappear at the end of Season of Dawn but with the confirmation, he’s now announcing perhaps that’s not going to be the case. He could come and go from the Tower and perhaps turn up on Fridays and leave on Mondays reset time, as this is when Trials will be available. It’s not clear just yet, but I am sure we’ll get confirmation in the coming weeks before Season 10 starts.

What do you think about Trials of Osiris Confirmed for Destiny 2? What do you think about the weapons and the armour and what else would you like to see come back? What do you think of power being enabled and Saint-14 announcing? Let me know down in the comments.

That’s it for this breakdown of Trials of Osiris confirmed for Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content check out this guide for Shadowkeep, otherwise, check out more and subscribe on YouTube.

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