Destiny 2 – How to get The Last Word (Exotic Hand Cannon)

The Last Word is an Exotic Hand Cannon that was introduced during the Forsaken Expansion. This was a popular weapon back in Destiny 1 and it’s a great feeling hand cannon and useful for PVP. The following is a guide for how to get the Last Word in Destiny 2.

This one is locked behind the annual pass for Forsaken, so you’ll need to own that to access the quest for the Last Word. Alongside Thorn, this was introduced during Forsaken and has some really good lore to go along with it and culminates in a fun and unique quest. Let’s get started and go and pick up the quest.

Tainted Artifact

First of all, you’ll want to go and visit the Drifter in the Tower to start The Draw questline. Have a chat with the Drifter, pick up the quest and it’s onto the next step.

The Cleansing

This part of the quest has three steps to it, all which related to killing Hive. First of all, you’ll want to kill Hive with Solar damage, collect Hive Tablets that get dropped when Hive die and taking out Hive bosses.

Pick a place in the solar system when there’s plenty of Hive (for example the Mars, Titan or the Moon), go there and run through the steps. Escalation Protocol on Mars is a good place to get this done as there’s lots of Hive and plenty of bosses.

A Cleansed Artifact

Head back to speak to the Drifter to find out about the next step of the quest.

The Temptation

For this step of the quest, you’ll want to go into the crucible and defeat Guardians. Try to get as many wins as possible with the highest KD ratio you can to make progress quickly. Defeats will impede progress.

The Damnation

Now you’ve defeated the Guardians in the Crucible it’s time to complete the Damnation mission on Titan. This is a Lost Sector on Titan and has a 500 power requirement (which should be a breeze since New Light and Shadowkeep).

Check out the director and look for Cargo Bay 3 and head there to find the Lost Sector. Run through, beat the boss at the end and it’s time for the next step of the quest.

A New Jagged Purpose

For this step of the quest head back to the Drifter. You’ve found a Guardian helmet pierced with a single bullet. There’s only one set of weapons that can do that, the weapons of Sorrow. The Drifter is clearly freaked out a little and says new weapons may be in play…

Sullied Light

For the next step of the quest, you’ll be doing another multi-part step. This time you can’t do them all at the same time in the same activity, you have to do different activities to complete this one.

First of all, collect 15 Etched Crystals. Here you have to complete Lost Sectors with a Wanted Escapee at the end. Lots of Lost Sectors since Forsaken have the Wanted Escapees. To get this done quickly I went to the Rig and did the Lost Sector from the Damnation step. The Lost Sector can be done quickly by killing the Ogre and you can respawn the enemies by running in and out. I found this the most efficient way of doing it, rather than doing multiple Lost Sectors and travelling around.

Next up you have to get 25 revenge medals which include ‘Best Served Cold’ (killing the player who last killed you) and ‘Blood for Blood’ (killing the player who killed your teammate). You can either play this solo and be super tactical about it or just play the crucible and these medals will drop naturally as you play. This is probably best done in quick play to get it done as fast as possible. If Momentum Control is available that would be ideal as you can get kills nice and quickly.

For the next step, you’ll want to defeat 50 Hive with precision damage. You can actually combine this step with the others so you’ll get it done along the way when you’re going through Lost Sectors or in the final step for public events.

The final step is to complete three Heroic versions of the Witches Ritual Public event. Witches Ritual can be found on Titan in The Rig and on Mars in Glacial Drift.

To trigger the heroic event in The Rig you need to stand on the plates and destroy the crystals at the top. The crystals are immune to start, so stand on the left plate for a few seconds to break the immunity on the left crystal and then repeat on the right crystal. Once you’ve done that you’ll trigger the heroic version and then simply kill the boss to complete the public event.

Sorrow’s Road

Head back to the Drifter for the next step of the quest.

The Conversation

For the final step of the quest you’ll need to complete the mission The Conversation found on the Tangled Shore. There’s a few phases to the mission, run through as normal. When you get to the section with the Ogre you’ll want to kill him and then pick up the worm he drops and use that to open the door. Once through the door kill the three witches in the ritual.

Once you have completed these steps you’ll face Enkaar in the Broodhold. There’s a trick to this section where you have to use the last word to shoot the weapon out of his hands. First one will appear, then two and finally three. You’ll want to shoot them in the order that they appear. Don’t be too slow, otherwise, Enkaar will shoot you and you’ll go back to the start of the section.

Once you shoot the weapon out of his hands on the third phase, The Last Word will drop for you! Congrats! You now have your own Weapon of Sorrow. The final step now is to head back to the Drifter and see what he has to say about it.

A Darker Path

Head back to have a chat with the Drifter and show him your new Exotic Hand Cannon.

The Last Word

The Last Word is an exotic kinetic hand cannon, which has an 82 reload speed making this one very useful in PVP. Together with the base reload speed the main perk on this weapon is Fan Fire where this weapon can be fired continuously and quickly. Faster reload and increased accuracy on successive hip-fire damage.

This is a 225 rounds per minute hand cannon with 8 in the magazine, meaning you’re going to get off quick shots and this is going to make it very effective in PVP.

It is worth noting that The Last Word is getting a nerf in the upcoming Season of the Worthy. Although this is a nerf, I still think The Last Word is a great gun and worth the grind of the quest mission. Get out there in PVP and have some fun with the gun.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the Last Word in Destiny 2 and what you thought of the quest.

That’s it for this guide on how to get the Last Word in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content check out this guide for Shadowkeep, otherwise, check out more and subscribe on YouTube.

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