Destiny 2 – Osiris and Rasputin cut scene teases Season 10

Season 10 is just around the corner estimated on March 10th 2020. Today we got a new cutscene in Destiny 2 teasing content for the next season with Osiris squaring up against Rasputin, the powerful Warmind currently on Mars. The following is a breakdown of the Osiris and Rasputin cutscene teaser for Season 10 in Destiny 2.

With Destiny 2 Shadowkeep came a new type of story content. Gone were the mission drops seen in previous DLCs and a continuously evolving story was introduced in Season 9 – The Season of the Undying. Here the Vex were invading the moon and the season culminated in us killing The Undying Mind. This followed onto Season 9, the Season of Dawn, where we met up again with Osiris and ‘fixed the timeline’ by saving Osiris’ long time friend Saint-14.

Moving into next season it looks like Osiris has some serious beef with Rasputin as in the new tease for Season 10 Osiris faces up against Rasputin. Bungie gave us a fake-out with Osiris entering and saying ‘Hello, Old Man…” hinting towards Saint-14, however, the camera turns to reveal Osiris is on Mars and he’s face to face with the Warmind Rasputin.

“You know why I left the infinite forest, what I saw…” says Osiris as he walks towards Rasputin, gun in hand. Osiris states there has been a line drawn in the galaxy and there’s a clear choice between light and dark and asks which side Rasputin is on.

Up until this point, all we knew about Season 10 was Trials of Osiris was likely to return. Although not officially confirmed just yet, we’re currently building a ‘beacon’ for all Guardians and a new PVP playlist is slowly emerging. All signs point to Trials coming back in Season 10. According to data mined information, we’re going to get an in-game message saying Trials is coming back and more. The ‘more’ part has led to speculation among the community.

There’s been talk of Prison of Elders coming back in Season 10, but this is pure speculation. As Trials is likely to come back, it’s thought that there will be a PVE element to Season 10 too, as a PVP only season could prove divisive (although the PVP crowd would argue we’ve had multiple PVE focused seasons and it’s about time PVP got some love).

This latest tease does not point to Prison of Elders coming back at all, rather points to more Mars content as we got in the 2nd DLC in year 1 of Destiny 2. In Spring 2018 we got the Warmind DLC, where we got to find out more about Rasputin and were introduced to an ice variant of the Hive. We had Escalation Protocol added, which is arguably one of the best ‘horde mode like’ activities. It’s probably up there with Menagerie as the best. We got some good story content featuring Ana Bray. If you haven’t experienced this content then go to Mars right now and check it out, Mars is a great space to explore and Escalation Protocol still holds up. There are also some great weapons to farm in Escalation protocol including the Ikelos Shotgun.

The question remains what does this mean for PVE and story content for Season 10. With Osiris stating “A line has been drawn in this system” that means the darkness draws ever closer and perhaps our choice between the light and the dark draws closer too. It could be this season we’re returning to Mars, with perhaps a revamped Escalation Protocol. Or we could be getting another yet to be announced activity. At this stage, it’s too early to call, as the trailer was short and light on detail. Osiris may be rallying his powerful allies and Rasputin is just the kind of ally you need with the darkness moving ever closer.

Let me know down in the comments what you thought of the cutscene and what you think is coming next season in terms of PVE activities. How do you think Rasputin is going to be involving and is the Warmind friend or foe.

That’s it for this speculation on Osiris and Rasputin cutscene teaser for Season 10 in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 content check out this guide for Shadowkeep, otherwise, check out more and subscribe on YouTube.

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